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Analytical Essay on the Murder of John F. Kennedy

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The assassination of the US President John F. Kennedy is a major event for the United States. The murder shocked people all over the world. There were many conspiracy theories about how the murder went down.

Area of research

I have chosen to work on the murder of John F. Kennedy because I did not know anything about him and after I got some more information I wanted to write about it. I want to know how he was as president, if he was loved or hated by the people. Above all, I want to know why he was murdered


John F. Kennedy was born May 27, 1914 in Brookline, Massachusetts and died November 22

1963 in Dallas, Texas. JFK was the 35th President in US the years 1961-1963. As president, he was a member of the Democratic Party, House of Representatives and the Senate.

John Kennedy belongs to the Kennedy family. He was the son of Joseph Kennedy, who was one American businessman, civil servant and diplomat. John had three brothers and four sisters, Robert, Edward and Joseph Patrik Kennedy Jr. Both Edward Kennedy and Robert Kennedy was politicians in the Democratic Party, Robert was also murdered during his campaign to become democratic candidate in the presidential election in 1968. Joseph Patrik Kennedy Jr. was the eldest son to Joseph Kennedy, he was an American war hero and perished in World War II. JFK graduated from Harvard in 1940 with studies in international relations. John attended US military service during World War II in the Pacific Ocean fleet. The big events during John F Kennedy's time as president was the invasion of the Gulf of Pigs, the Cuban crisis, The Berlin Wall, the space race, the early years of the Vietnam War and the struggle for the Blacks rights.

The pike bay is the name of the event when 1500 exile cubes invaded Cuba's coast, to overthrow the Castro regime. Everything failed because they were expected help from the US in the form of bomber, as it was shot down by Castro's troops. 100 of the exile cubes were killed and the rest ended up in jail. The US didn't want to be involved in the event but they bought back exile cubes from Castro's prison.

The murder of John F. Kennedy

John was murdered during a drive through downtown Dallas in an open limousine, the 22nd November 1963. This event shocked the whole world. The accused for the murder was Lee Harvey Oswald, who was murdered two days after the incident by the nightclub owner Jack Ruby before Lee would be charged.

There are uncertainties about the murder, so conspiracy theories have been created, such as the film JFK and Oliver Stone. Nowadays, John F. Kennedy has become a great icon for many Americans, next to Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King.

The investigation of the murder

The sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository the police found a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle with a telescopic sight and three bullets. It turned out that the fingerprints belonged to Lee Harvey Oswald, who turned out to be one of the employees in the building. He was arrested for an hour After the incident, he had been seen going into the movie theater Texas Theater. When he was arrested they found him with two ID cards. One with his real name and one with the name 'Alek Hidell '. He had planned this so. It is said that he first went home to get a revolver and then when he walked in the city he stopped and shot some innocent police officer.


John F. Kennedy was a member of the famous Kennedy clan. He was a great model for young people and the elderly. He was elected president very young and he inspired people to break all old in politics and he wanted to show that he could control the country in a better way. He was loved by many young people for JFK showed that young people could have dreams of becoming president one day. Kennedy was a good speaker and he got what he wanted to say. After the American civil war, society was divided.

The Democrats ruled over the southern states and the republicans ruled the northern part. There were, however, some democrats in the north but there was always a difference. JFK was said to be a communist and enemy for many in the states like Dallas. He was warned not to go to Dallas because the people didn't liked his political views.

On November 22, Kennedy went with his wife to travel to Dallas for the next election campaign. He thought he had a great chance of being re-elected, but he knew he wasn't popular in the southern states. At the Texas airport, many people were there to get a view of the US President. They travelled through the city in an open car with the bulletproof roof removed, along with Texas governor and his wife.

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People stood in dense lines. When Kennedy would lift his hand to wave at the crowd, he got a shot in the back of the head. The governor had also been shot. A Tv reporter saw where the shot came from, from the sixth floor on one building that was across the street.

Kennedy was unconscious running to a hospital but his life could not be saved. Early in the afternoon, Kennedy was declared dead by the doctors It spread shortly across the world that Kennedy had died and the people were crying in the streets. It is said that the schoolchildren in Dallas cheered over the event. Children with Kennedy as their picture made memory books and people lost hope for a better world when Kennedy died.

The prosecutor for the murder was Lee Harvey Oswald. They found his fingerprints on the rifle, which was in the building where the shots came from which the FBI believes that JFK was shot with. They later find out that Lee Oswald was one of the employees in the building and had two ID cards in the wallet, one that was probably false. He was arrested the same day outside the Texas Theater.

Oswald was led through the basement to the police headquarters, then a man rushed to him and shot him in his stomach. The man was quickly arrested by police and Oswald died shortly thereafter. The man is identified later as Jack Ruby, an American nightclub owner in Dallas. The murder received more than 10 million TV viewers because it was broadcast live by NBC. It is said that nightclub owner Jack Ruby murdered Oswald because he felt sorry for JFK.

Some sources says that just after the murder Oswald went home to his wife and spent five minutes in his home until he was arrested outside his house. It is the most famous sources that wrote that he fled to a Texas Theatre immediately after the murder where he was seen by the people there and then was arrested outside the theater. The most likely theory was that he fled to the theatre because there were witnesses who had seen him there.

Some sources write that John F. Kennedy was murdered by his driver in the open limousine, William Greer. By a video from the event, one sees that the driver, William Greer turns 30 seconds before Kennedy gets shot. Some people claim to see William carrying a gun and that was where the shots came from.

Kennedy's body was sent to a military hospital where none of the doctors who were present were Any good. When the doctors were to investigate the body, they made many mistakes. For example, no one had searched through Kennedy's clothes and the most famous was that Kennedy's brain disappeared after examination


Part of the US population believes that John F. Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy, not by one lone killer. Even some of the people believe that aliens had something to do with it. So, there are a lot of theories about the murder. The murder is still unresolved. There is no exact explanation of what happened that day, what is truth and what is false, because there are still new theories about what happened that day.

Through the video from the event, people have seen the driver in JFK's limousine carried a gun and shoot JFK. But that's just another of all conspiracies. Some believe that all three shots were different people. But Oswald was a good shooter and could meet JFK above a building.

The Socialists were after John F. Kennedy because they had theories that he was a communist. It believes people even today. The people of Dallas did not like JFK to help the blacks in the United States. People from other parts of the world were shocked by the incident.

At the time when JFK was president, he was loved by many. He wanted to make society good and that all people could socialize and be right in society. If you were black or white did not matter to Kennedy.

Source critics

It is difficult to find credible sources with truth in. There are sources where anyone can change the factual texts. One must be careful to read through the text and compare the text with real websites like and written by experts and teachers.

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