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Analyzing the Effectiveness of Black Lives Matter's Protest Marches

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The protest group black lives matter was founded on july 13th 2013 subsequent to when the young 17 year old, trayvon martin was shot and killed by a local police officer, Geroge Zimmerman on february 26th 2012. There are based on the majority of us, because America is where most black people police related deaths are located. The statistics show that 7.13 million people out of the 18.26 million people that were killed wrongfully by the police were black in 2014.

The issue they are concerned about is racial bias, prejudice and police brutality against black people in U.S. This is because america has the most black people being killed and abuse wrongfully in the world. In 2017 the amount of people that died by police brutality were 1,100 and majority of those people were black. The founders had felt that they have had enough that being treated differently because of your race was wrong so they decided to diminish the amount racial prejudice in america to create a safe and welcoming environment in U.S.

The Founders Of BLM are Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors. Alicia Garza is as an editorial writer and civil activist. She has organized protests for/against student services, racism, rights for domestic workers and putting an end to police brutality. Opal Tometi is a writer and human rights activist. She tries to build an organized community where race is not a factor for any decision which is what she does with the BLM group. She is co-founder of BLM where she focuses on racial inequities faced by black people. Patrisse Cullors is a activist, artist. She advocates prison abolition. She is also a co-founder of BLM.

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The methods of protest were marches. They went for a nonviolent approach because they would be no better than the oppressors who at the time had already shown traits of violence. For example when trayvon martin was shot by his local police officer the BLM group didn’t do a destructive demonstration they blocked the roads with a march on March 31 2012. When Eric Garner was choked to death they did a march on staten island, next to a store where Eric was choked by police officer, Daniel Pantaleo.

I don’t think the methods were very effective, because the amount of police killing black people went higher since they started in 2013. In 2017 the numbers were 1,100 but in 2018 a whole 3 years after the groups was founded the numbers were 1,502. This means that their goal of lowering the amount of black people dying from the police isnt happening for the number of people dying is going higher instead of lower.

No idea of a hopeful future would be a future with no police brutality or police killing people wrongfully. The idea is nowhere near reality and that means that the BLM protests were not enough to help the black people in america, which was BLM’s goal. I think if their protests were more forceful the police departments would look at them as a threat and not as a phase. I think they should try to get people to say we need to do something instead of don’t worry they’ll stop eventually which is what i believe the police departments and the government are saying. For example when the police department drop cases like the Trayvon Martin one, or when they do things like only firing the guy who choked eric garner these aren’t serious threats i think they aren’t protesting enough.

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