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Analytical Essay on Ancient Egypt: Political System, Social Life, Culture and Architecture

What is an ancient civilisation?. An historic civilisation is any complex human society strongly associated with agricultural development and urban organization and have certain characteristics of cultural and technological development. The word civilization comes from the Latin civilis, meaning civil, related to the Latin civis, meaning citizen, and civitas, meaning city or city-state. Civilizations are usually also characterized by an intricate social hierarchy, commonly structured according to specific skills such as farming, trading, or defending their settlements and ultimately the...
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How Did the Nile Shape Ancient Egypt: Essay

Herodotus was known as the `Father of History.` And he was born in Halicarnassus in Ionia in the 5th century B.C., He wrote a book called `The Histories.` In his book that the modern historian derives the meaning of history and called it a fact of history. He was the first person who started to collect and systematically document events and creates an account for them. He was able to compile these accounts into his single major work called THE...
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Cleopatra as a Significant Figure of Ancient Egypt

In this essay I will examine the historical context, early life and achievements of Cleopatra VII, a significant figure from ancient Egypt. Cleopatra was born in Egypt in the year 69B.C. into the Ptolemy dynasty, who at the time were the rulers of Egypt and were founded by Ptolemy I, in 305 B.C. Cleopatra rose to power around the 1st century B.C. alongside her younger brother Ptolemy XIII (all boy children in the dynasty were called Ptolemy). After several years...
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Art, Architecture, and Beliefs of Ancient Egypt: Analytical Essay

The art, architecture, and beliefs of Ancient Egypt have a very influential impact on shaping today’s modern world. Although when many think about Ancient Egypt, they don’t think about its influence, it’s very prominent. The art, architecture, and beliefs were also just generally a huge part of Ancient Egyptian culture. These three aspects shaped much of the culture, and still do shape much of Egypt’s modern culture. All Ancient Egyptian art served a purpose because they believed that practical purpose...
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Science and Technology in Ancient Egypt: Analytical Essay

From anciеnt timеs till today, an еnormous amount of discovеriеs and invеntions wеrе madе by humans to makе thеir lifе much еasiеr. In ordеr to аchiеvе thе goаl of improving thеir living stаndаrds, аnciеnt civilizаtions focusеd on thе dеvеlopmеnt of sciеncе аnd tеchnology. Onе of thеsе civilizаtions is аncient Egypt sociеty. Thеir knowlеdgе and tеchnology wеrе so dееp and complеx that thеy could build gorgеous structurеs callеd pyramids which is еvеn nеarly impossiblе to build with today’s tеchnology. This sociеty...
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Beginning of Medicine in Ancient Egypt: Analytical Essay

As it is apparent to everyone, if human beings and other living organisms born, grow and die, in order to survive, they need water, air, food, and as one of main necessities medicine. Since humans exist, they face different types of illnesses, pains, wounds and they search for solutions to these. In ancient Egypt, people used to have medical treatment that was learned from Ancient Mesopotamian civilization. But due to geographical changes and different living standards, they needed to develop...
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Prominence of Ancient Landmarks and Religious Spaces of Power in Ancient Egypt: Analytical Essay

1.0 Introduction Historical spaces are significant as they allow individuals to thoroughly comprehend and make sense of current spaces. Kevin McCloud, a British designer states, “I cannot look at modern buildings without thinking of historical ones” (Brainy Quote, 2002). Ancient monumental spaces can be discerned from 2600 BCE in Egypt, where the first identified architect in history was located (Benge, 2017). Ancient Greece and Egypt invented practices, techniques, and more specifically, the underlining of the development of structures that can...
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Critical Analysis of Artifacts from Ancient Egypt

Section 1 (Single Artefact) The Scorpion macehead, from the Horus temple at Hierakonpolis (Dynasty 0, Protodynastic period). Limestone. You never noticed that interesting antique lamp in your relative’s house before… Thanks to your College studies, you are able to identify this object as the famous Scorpion macehead recently stolen from Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum. Explain to her what the meaning and historical importance of the iconography is. Connect the iconography to the function of the object and its connection with Horus....
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Analytical Essay on Ancient Egypt: Events, Architecture, Technology and Culture

It was an ordinary 1820 day for Jean-Francois Chamoolillom, that was until he had cracked the code to finding many secrets, in Ancient Egypt. The knowledge that had been locked away now was open. That is how they found out about Ancient Egypt culture, Architecture, technology, events, and the environment. Reading this text will hopefully give you a bit more background and will help you understand Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt Events Early Dynastic and The Old KingdomThe Early Dynastic and...
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Why Is Egypt Considered the 'Gift of the Nile': Essay

The Nile river provided Egypt with fertile land. Most parts of Egypt were and even still are a desert, but there was rich soil along the Nile river that was good for growing crops. They took advantage of this to grow wheat and sell them throughout the Middle East which helped them to become rich. As time went by, the Nile river would overflow every August and the dry desert land was becoming more and more fertile to support farming...
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Why Was the Nile River So Important to Ancient Egyptian Society: Essay

The ancient Egyptians are well renowned for their obsession with death and the unique preservation of the human body through mummification. It is very clear that death was a central point of society during ancient Egyptian times, through the building of tombs as well as the daily rituals that followed the death of a person, both essential to the deceased reaching the afterlife. However, it can also be argued that the ancient Egyptians were also obsessed with the River Nile...
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Comparison between the Egyptian Sculpture of Menkaure and the Greek Kouros

There are many similarities and dissimilarities between the sculpture of the Kouros and the sculpture of Menkaure. The Kouros (plural, the Kouri) is an ancient sculpture which represents a “large scale, hard stone, freestanding, nude” Greek man from the Archaic period (650 BCE- 480 BCE) (Dunham, 1). The Menkaure is a greywacke dyad statue representing King Menkaure and a woman from the Old Kingdom of Egypt (2490 BCE- 2472 BCE). This woman’s identity is uncertain, but she is thought to...
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GPMP's Exploration of the Pyramid Builders Settlement

During 2550 and 2470 BC, Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, the Egyptian pharaohs erected their mammoth pyramids and temples on the Giza plateau to leave a lasting impact on the land. The Giza Plateau Mapping Project (GPMP), is observing the living quarters of these people and their way of life. GPMP located the settlement, and is investigating the debris left by the pyramid builders to better understand how the pyramid building process was supported. These investigations by the GPMP have revealed...
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Astounding Egyptian and Roman Architectures

Architecture… Is an extremely interesting to see, how it develops over time, how each region of the world has its own type, and the amazing effort they took to construct. Some of these edifices is nothing short of amazing. For example, the Pyramids of Giza, the Roman Calcium, and the Great Wall of China are all pieces of architecture that are astounding in their design and structure. I choose to write about Egyptian architecture and Roman architecture. The Egyptians are...
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Architectural Precedents in Historical Practice

This study focuses on the architectural precedents in practice and academic setting as a form of research on the history, processes, and theories as well as the strategies that can be re-interpreted or referenced in the current works. In this case, the ancient Egyptian pyramids in the past are used as precedents to inform the manner of solving certain issues; perhaps in the organization of a plan, detail development, review the existing relationships or strategy advancement for site comparison. Construction...
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A Look at the Mummification Process of the Ancient Egyptians

‘The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb’, ‘Dawn of the Mummy’, ‘The Mummy’s Shroud’. These are all names of famous movies involving stories about Egyptian Mummies that have held interest of people around the world. People love to watch a great mummy movie, yet what actually goes on behind all the body-wrapping and how someone can become a mummy is not as easy as it looks. So, let us discuss how and why this is done by looking at the definition...
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Critical Analysis of the Role of Queen Cleopatra in History of Egypt

Ever of 4000 years, just a single lady was ever sufficiently intense, scholarly and sufficiently incredible to seize control of the royally honored position in China, known as Wu. This makes her special contrasted with her female partner the Cleopatra. Cleopatra was one of thirteen Queens to effortlessness the Egyptian crown. She was the first of her line to take the inconvenience to become familiar with the Egyptian dialect (Highet, 2011). From birth she had been distinguished as the girl...
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The Underrated Role Cleopatra Played in Egypt

Cleopatra was not acknowledged for the role that she played for Egypt. She was powerful wealthy, intelligent and a successful female leader that intimidated most men during her prosperous years of ruling over Egypt, from 51BC to 30BC. She was by men as a ‘tart’, ‘whore’ and many other degrading names. As summed by Cicero, ‘…her (Cleopatra’s) way of walking, her clothes, her free way of talking, her embraces and kisses, her beach-parties and dinner-parties, all show her to be...
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The Idea of Irrigation in Achieving Food Surplus in Ancient Civilization

In the beginning man used to be a hunter and forager. But slowly as time passed, the cultivation of food became a more preferred method of obtaining food and these hunters began to settle down. These settlements occurred around large rivers which had fertile land and abundant food resources. Man began to cultivate these lands, developing farmlands followed by the growth of agriculture began. As these small settlements grew in number, they formed cities which further grew to form civilizations....
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Egypt to Greece Architectural Theory and History: Analytical Essay

The experience of Ancient Egypt was one of the greatest at human history. So some designs in science, mathematics, architecture etc. It was because of Egypt’s timeline that Greece and Rome grew into strength then exhibited some affection. After all it would be entertaining to find these Pyramids which were the tallest structures in the timeline all the way to the dark ages. The Egyptians had a great influence on Greek art and architecture. The Greeks used their knowledge of...
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Critical Essay on Creation Myths in Ancient Cultures

Creation myths are used to explain ideas about religion, social structure, cultural values, and beliefs, as well as events in the natural world. In ancient cultures, they are often an accumulation of ideas about the world that people were seeing and experiencing. These myths can have similar themes and influences over each other, especially with regard to biblical and Near Eastern examples. Myths at their simplest are ancient stories. Oral traditions that have been passed down and performed, with no...
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