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Animal Abuse Is Very Common In Both Rural And Urban Areas

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Animal abuse is never acceptable, all animals have souls just like humans and should be treated with respect and love. It’s true. Animals can feel pain, they can feel emotion. Just because they don’t look like a human, doesn’t mean they aren’t the same as us. Animals should not be treated the way they are. They deserve a caring home and habitat to live in, and we should stop destroying their natural habitats. Animals are people too, they just look different and speak different languages.

Animal abuse is very common in both rural and urban areas, spread out within so many different animal species. From chickens in factories to just dogs and cats at home. There are animals all over the world being abused and beaten, starved, and killed. It’s not okay for these animals to be treated like this, for animals are basically humans, just different looks.

Farm animals and livestock are other animals that suffer from animal abuse. In many different rural places of Ohio, cases of animal abuse go unseen or ignored. Cows, pigs, chickens, goats, dogs, horses, and other stock animals do not receive proper food, water, and vet care. They are beaten and abused, in ways that shouldn’t be allowed. However, the community can change the lives of these animals for the better if they implement change. Education and awareness should be spread through the community and then through the action of reporting it to the proper authorities, the animals will get a better life. It's not just up to the legal system to make sure and enforce that communities throughout the country are aware and educated about animal abuse. There are plenty of things that just a regular day people can do. The best, but not the only, action is for people to take care of their own pets and learn to respect the facts so they can educate others on proper animal care. Another easy way to help is by donating to or volunteering at a local animal shelter.

Contrary to popular belief, volunteering doesn't require a lot of time; simply going in a few hours a week helps tremendously. By writing letters you can remind your local lawmakers that animal abuse is a real problem that needs to be addressed. Taking a few minutes to support this worthy cause not only helps animals but also allows you to feel proud about standing up for something so important to society. There are many ways that these animals suffer, some not really known about.

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While dogfighting is a barbaric, terrible offense, it is spreading, which does not help eliminate the problem, so the issue is far from over. Millions of dogs are still subjected to the torture of dogfighting and they are deemed unadoptable because of the qualities ingrained in them from birth. The efforts being made are valiant, but they are only the beginning. While it may take years, or even decades, to eliminate dog fighting totally, the effort put into the fight is worth it to protect the innocent, both human and canine.

Another bad way of animal abuse is mutilation. This is when any animal has harm or injury inflicted upon it. This is the most common type of animal abuse, happening in so many homes across the world. Humans decide to beat and attack these animals, whether it be in anger, frustration, or even for fun. Being able to stand up for these animals will help give these innocent creatures the lives that they deserve, being happy and loved, as all living things should be.

Another major way that animals are abused, is captivity. From zoos to circuses, these animals don't deserve to be held “prisoner”. These animals are beaten and abused and used for our own entertainment when the animals are being hurt. Humans come from all over, to whip tigers, or trip elephants for comedy, all of this just for laughs. Being able to stand up and stop going to zoos or circuses, is just a small step that someone can take to help stop the abuse of these animals.

Another type of animal abuse is testing or using animals in experiments. This happens all the time in labs, whether it be rats, monkeys, dogs, cats, etc. Using these poor animals for cure testing, inflicting them with a deadly disease and then seeing if they get cured, only to find out that they die. This animal cruelty needs to stop. According to, “Each year, more than 100 million animals—including mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish, and birds—are killed in U.S. laboratories for biology lessons, medical training, curiosity-driven experimentation, and chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing.”. Testing these animals so much decreases their population, and causes more and more to be tested upon.

In conclusion, animals should not be treated as they are. These poor and innocent animals are basically people as well. They have souls and they feel pain. They have emotions and they can sense other animal’s emotions, as well as people. These animals have helped us in our wars and with people who need extra help. These animals need to be treated with love and respect, just as we treat people we love. These animals can become our family because all animals have souls. Stand up to the animal abuse. Start now.

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