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Napoleon in Animal Farm Characteristics

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Animal Farm by George Orwell is a novel in which there is a character for whom we feel strong feelings of hatred. Animal farm is a story about rebel animals taking over the farm from their animal farmer but ends up being under the dictatorship of a pig called Napoleon. Napoleon is a character who is intelligent, contemptible, and cunning as the book ends with him achieving his end goal and making animal farms all his, all for his greedy little paws. This leads to a great deal of hatred towards napoleon.

One of the main reasons we have strong feelings for Napoleon is how he was corrupt by the power that he should not have had in the first place and how he took over the farm in one foul sweep. We think that Napoleon’s deceptive ways are how he took over the farm. The way that he used Squealer to manipulate the other animals to think that he is always right and to get the other animals to think that Snowball is the villain in the book was a smart move and an example of this was how he was able to get more food and luxuries than he should have got by using the other pigs to say that they needed it or else Mr. Jones would come back, which suggests that most of the other animals aren’t that smart. The luxuries are a symbol of corruption and how Napoleon is taking the most he can for himself and giving the bare minimum to the other animals. Orwell effectively uses this to develop the theme of corruption and deception.

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As well as this, Napoleon uses the commandments to take over and accomplish his main goal of being the leader of the now almost dictatorship farm. But we have to give him something for his intellect, which is highlighted with the commandments and how he uses them to his advantage. Napoleon used the commandments to cover his and the other pigs’ tracks by changing them ever so slightly whenever he breaks a rule, which happened a lot. He broke a lot of small rules, which no one thought about, like sleeping in beds but he also broke a lot of bigger rules like “.”, yet the biggest issue is that the other animals are nowhere near as smart as Napoleon and the other pigs so they never managed to remember the commandments before they were changed and if the animals had as small as a suspicion that something was happening Squealer was always there to squash their theories.

Furthermore, the way Napoleon treats the animals is very cruel. We think that the way Napoleon uses the animals almost as slaves and makes the other pigs carry whips shows that he isn’t that much different than Mr. Jones was as “him and his 4 men were carrying whips.” Napoleon uses Mr. Jones as an excuse for the food issue, yet he is no better. He also treats the other animals as peasants as if he is in charge. Additionally, he forces the other animals to work and if they don’t they will get little to no food. An example of this is when he starves the chickens when they wouldn’t give up their eggs for money. We think that this makes him hypocritical as he barely does any work for the farm and only uses the farm for money, food, and whiskey. Napoleon acts like Mr jones did, in the way that he is using the animals for his personal greed and he doesn’t even take care of them.

Additionally, Napoleon develops those strong feelings of hatred and pushes our feelings of hatred towards him over the edge as he betrayed Boxer, the most hardworking and devoted member of the animal farm, and almost betraying the whole of the animal farm by chasing Snowball out and blaming Snowball for a lot of the damage caused by his lack of intelligence. He also says “do you know who is responsible for this? SNOWBALL” which shows us that he doesn’t like to admit he is wrong and doesn’t want to admit to the damage that was caused by his greed. Boxer spent a lot of time and work on the windmill but due to Napoleon’s lack of attention, he put the windmill at risk by almost challenging a neighboring farm to a battle, the battle of which ended up destroying the windmill, but Boxer doesn’t care as he trusts Napoleon. Boxer also puts a lot of trust into Napoleon when he says that “napoleon is always right”, and proves that he wants to almost impress him by saying “I will work harder”. He also emphasizes the fact that Napoleon is always right when he blames the animals and himself for the slaughter of animals and says that it must be down to “fault of themselves” and that “the solution as I see it is to work harder.” This was the biggest turning point in the book for us as this made us feel sympathy for Boxer and the rest of the farm and it also further developed strong feelings of hate towards Napoleon. Orwell successfully uses Boxer’s blind loyalty to create sympathy for the character.

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