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Have you ever heard of a gorilla that can use sign language? Or understand human language. I believe that animals are intelligent. Animals are intelligent because they know how to interact or may even be as smart as a human. For example, an elephants neurons measures to the human brain amount, but they are still not the smartest, that means...
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Insight into the relationship between cleverness and social behavior (SB) in animals provides a window to understanding the dominant and complex sociality of humans. Cooperation and conflict are crucial to surviving in a complex social world. Cleverness can be defined as behavioral flexibility, referring to the adaptive behavioral change of animals, to internal or external environmental challenges (Brown & Tait,...
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In animal zoo, there are all kinds of performances about animals that animals can follow people’s instructing to do a lot of things and those are very interesting. Parents always like to bring their children to see those performances. When kids saw those performances, they may ask their parents a question: “Do these animals can understand what people say?”. In...
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Dreams can be explained as subconscious imaginings that is projected with sounds, images, and sensations while a person is asleep. For humans’ beings, this is a very common experience, but humans are not the only ones to sense it. Dogs also may twitch their legs or even bark in their sleep, but does that mean a dog is actually dreaming?...
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