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Animals’ Contribution to Society

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Animals can contribute to society in many ways. They can be used in combat because of their unique, strong and lethal abilities. People believed that they would be able to train animals and embrace their abilities to help people who had to deal with fighting, the needs of people with disabilities and other customs.

An example would be in the First World War. They trained horses and donkeys to carry medical supplies and food for soldiers, and carry around carriages to be filled with fallen soldiers, who lost their lives at war. The soldiers would mount onto the horses, to attack groups of armies on the battlefield. Dogs and pigeons had a role where they carried messages to other troops and other enforcements, to alert that war was afoot, in their area.

It also appeared back in the First World War, that when they dug tunnels under the battlegrounds to get easier access to their barracks, they had trained simple small canaries, to detect poisonous gases that the Germans used to fill the tunnels and kill the soldiers with. It was a hard job for the bird, but it would help the soldiers a lot in a way, and gave the bird credit. By the end of this war, it had been found out that 16 million animals had served in just the first war.

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Back then, they also used insects during the wars too. Glowworms were used because of the light that could emit from their bodies, called ‘bioluminescence’. The troops would set them into dark trenches, dark parts of their barracks, and use them in offices where they could study battle maps of sorts, or read comforting letters from their loved ones back at home. They would collect thousands, put them in glass jars, and place them anywhere they needed light.

Nowadays, animals have taken a big step in our communities in not just war, but in services. Their abilities provide local citizens help with their disabilities such as seeing eye dogs. As it seems, people still use animals to fight crime. The police unit, have a team of dogs which is known as the K-9 unit. They help their cities by sniffing out bombs, catching criminals, and detecting Illegal drugs in airports.

There are many reasons why it is possible that animals could be used in more ways than one in reality itself. Who would have known that a puppy dog could be trained to track a time-bomb from just meters away or to be eyes for someone. In war or during peace, animals can contribute to society.

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