Animals Have Demand and Inference

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In animal zoo, there are all kinds of performances about animals that animals can follow people’s instructing to do a lot of things and those are very interesting. Parents always like to bring their children to see those performances. When kids saw those performances, they may ask their parents a question: “Do these animals can understand what people say?”. In other words, the question is do animals have cognition that can help them to do many things? Animals have the ability that can comprehend things and inference things that suit for them to survive.

First of all, animals can clearly understand what they need and get a reasonable way to solve themselves problems. Dukas (2004) mentions that animals have evolved cognitive traits, including perception, learning, memory and attention, and certain traits suggest that much of the information comes from humans. For many people who have had a pet, they can feel the situation more intuitively. When people first brought their pets to home, pets didn't know what they were supposed to do. That's when they need their master to teach them what they should do, such as where to go to the bathroom, where to drink, where to eat food. However, these things pets can learn quickly because they know what they need to do in this home, or what they need to do for themselves. Shimizu (1989) states that animals have ability to understand and adapt the undecided information that come from environment and they also can flexibility adapt the changes in the environment. That means animals can through the information that come from their all around to judge what they should to adjust and they are very clearly to know what they need to do help them live or life better and they always can use different ways to improve these problems. Paul mentions that in the minds of animals, they have a cognition director to oversee the resolution of their thoughts or problems.

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Secondly, animals will use their inference ability to find the best way to help them to exist. Krushinsky (1965) says that animals are able to extrapolate changes in the most elementary laws, which underlie the relationships between the environmental elements, for accomplishing adaptive behavioral acts. That means animals can use the current situation to do decisions to deal with. When people walk on the street, they often can see many animals that no one feed them or when they travel on the wild, the always can see some wild animals. These animals have very high vigilance and even they do not see people, but when humans close to them, they will tun rapidly. The reason is those animals can use many information that come from them around, like winds or voices to infer there are something nearby them and maybe dangerous, so they will leave before people going there. Allen et. al. (2006) point out that there is transitive reasoning between animals. That means although some animals do not see other new animal members, they can through other animals’ attitude or something else to inference that what other new animal members like be. For animals, this information is very useful for them because they can use this information to gain dominance in the group. That means they can achieve more food and obtain many chances to get other resources. If they cannot inference that what other new animal members like be, maybe they will produce fights in their relationships and that means they will get hurts.

All in all, animals can use all kinds if ways to help them to life include comprehend things and inference things that all around them. Animals have ability of understand things that to help them living better and they can use information that come from the situations that all around them to protect themselves. Nowadays, there still some people do not trust that animals have thinking and can thought many things like humans. Some people have doubt attitude about animals have cognition, but one day, animals or animal scientists will prove that.

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