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Annotated Bibliography: Single-Sex Schools

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Annotated Bibliography

Dustmann, C, et al. (2018). Why Are Single-Sex Schools Successful? ​Labour Economics​, 54, 79-99.

The author is the World’s foremost labor economist and migration scholars and worked with the following people in the same industry. There are a total of three authors, and they all work in Labour Economics. Dustmann is a German economist who currently serves as a Professor of Economics at the University of London.

This is an article of why single-sex schools are successful, research that took place in academic high schools in Seoul, South Korea. Finding that pupils in single-sex schools outperform their counterparts in coed schools. While for boys, negative effects exposed to mixed-gender bowers are school-level is that class level exposed to mixed-gender peers that explain this disadvantage for girls. We find that within a school with the mess of single six accord conversion or negative for both boys and girls, The disadvantage for boys largely due to all the four environments whereas for girls is exposure to mixed-gender. Students were admitted to high school space on school-specific entrance exams which directly reflected in the performance and advancing graduates into universities. Only having 11 school districts in South Korea each district has 14 schools that boys can attend10 and 13 that girls can attend on average. Coed schools most likely to be public and single-sex schools tend to be larger than coed schools. Between school estimates of attendance a recall and versus a single stack school for CSAT Korean English or math for boys and girls. Private schools are most likely to be religious and have a greater understanding and choosing their teachers which may have independent effects on the achievement of people.

This article will help me with my research topic due to the fact of co-Ed and single-sex education being slightly different in the eyes of others. Such as being tested in for an exam to get into a high school to determine the success you will have in going to a university. Having statistics on the percent of boys and girls from both sides of their success on the test and rates that have dropped. I do believe that this is sufficient information for my topic but is a start from another country’s point of view.

Eliot, Lise. “Single-Sex Education and the Brain.” ​Sex Roles​, vol. 69, no. 7-8, 2011, pp. 363–381., doi:10.1007/s11199-011-0037-y.

The author works in the Department of Neuroscience at the Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science. Who had help with this article and is grateful to Peggy Signorella, Diane Halpern, Mark Liberman, and two anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments on the manuscript.

Throughout this article on the popular science versus real science of gender differences in children’s brains. Being a very popular topic in the press for many years, psychologists studied the gender differences in all manner of abilities and traits. Makes having a larger brain than females which varies from height to mass of the heart and kidney. Explaining how children’s brains don’t operate like adults and work fast paste since it isn’t fully developed for any female or male. This ties into single sex-schools advocate the gender difference in reading brain mature develop earlier with girls whereas mathematics develops earlier in boys. The study reported gender differences in the brain, not maturity. While hormones play an important role in how boys and girls behave. Boys and girls start producing adult hormones in their daily life for males or monthly for female cycles, Even after puberty hormones effects on verbal and even moved differences between genders are weak. Although motivating children to learn there are gender learning differences among single-sex schools and coed as everyone is a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner.

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This source will help me prove a valid argument towards single-sex and co-ed education Because everyone’s brain works differently. Having scientific proof of how it will distinguish how males and females use their brains. Which Hopes what they have a stronger or weaker focus on and if any distractions of her who is most likely to Regain focus in difficult situations. With this evidence given of how hearing maturity vision hormones and learning all tied together with our brains. People not knowing that all this comes from the brain and how much of a big wrote each one individually please in our life, which learning styles help with single-sex or co Ed education for teaching.

Park, Hyunjoon, et al. “Single-Sex Education: Positive Effects.” ​Science​, vol. 335, no. 6065, 2012, pp. 165–166., Accessed 27 Mar. 2020.

I could not find any valid information about this author. Based on this article being a single sex education one-sided point of you acknowledging treatment and control experiences judging the effectiveness of females and males. Based on public and Catholic school queen of the facts of gender single sex is out performance by Catholic schools for public schools in an earlier study. Being no accurate research showing single sex education improve students “academic performances” is incorrect. With the resources shown that single-sex schools produce higher for your college attendance and battery university entrance exam scores and co educational schools were both males and females. Single sex education is a choice made willingly by students and parents because of value to recognize academic and social development for their children, which benefits test scores and college admission. Gender being well balanced, as well with income, region, and education. Based on the information given to me it will give you enough information for a single six sided success. Helping single one-sided education Knowing just because you attend a single sex school does not make you less of a person, or with less information than a public school would give you. Giving great information about how a single sucks cool can give you more information and less distractions in a way to be focused into getting into a four year University. Which are a few hopes and dreams some people have. As well as gender of a female or male-based school fits best for them for their education.

Signorella, M, et al. (1996). Single-Sex Versus Mixed-Sex Classes and Gender Schemata in Children and Adolescents: ​A Longitudinal Comparison. Psychology of Women Quarterly​, 20(4), 599-607.

The authors are researchers who focus on the development and consequences of gender and other social stereotypes. There are a total of four authors and they all work in research focus on the consequences of gender. Signorella is a professor of psychology and women’s gender at Penn State Brandywine. Irene Hanson is a professor of psychology and women’s studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

This being a journal based on single-sex versus mixed-sex classes and gender schemata in children and adolescents, of positive effects that have beneficial results. Having positive effects for women and girls of all-female scores being proposed, research is based on all-female institutions. The study took advantage of a change of private, from girls to both sexes. Girls in single sucks classrooms show to be more stereotyped in the perceptions of mixed-sex Classrooms then girls who are actually in the setting of just females. Although researchers have suggested that schools may have a positive effect on women’s achievement and self-concept, judgment still finds a way to interfere as it difficult for people’s advantages of same-sex education. Two professors have argued that boys receive more attention and I asked more advanced problems than girls. As a study was shown comparing Students in single-sex or mix sex classrooms from a private, non-Catholic school. Students second through 12th grade were surveyed twice at the beginning and end of the school year, allowing time to surpass the impact of classroom overtime. To see if it had any effect, in gender stereotyping in attitudes and classroom perception.

Based on the information is given to me it is sufficient enough to argue both single-sex and co Ed Education, point of view of the advantages is given to them education-wise. As well as explaining achievements and their point of use of success for the children and how they react with the elementary to high school. How it begins at an earlier stage of either distraction or more concentration and the steps it takes to that. Giving them a survey at the beginning of the school year which is very beneficial to record data and after to end with another survey and see the decrease or increase of the gender differences in an environment they aren’t used to or used to.

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