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Anxiety Illness Disorder in the United Sates

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This paper will cover the numerous areas mainly talked about ranging from definition to treatment and will be covered in either what society has to say along with medical professionals’ input. Information gathered was very similar however there were differences in treatment based on the event that causes Anxiety. This paper will strongly examine what the best forms of sings and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment are for everyday individuals that aren’t well experienced in the medical field.

In the article “America really is in the midst of a rising anxiety epidemic” we see how anxiety rates for Americans is rising and some statistics to show what is happening provided by author Peter Dockrill.

In today’s society the number of individuals that are being diagnosed with anxiety has increased 36 percent in the US from 2016 and 2017(Dockrill, Peter 2018) meanwhile the age of individuals affected is getting younger and younger. Dockrill also mentions that people in the US main concerns that causes them to be anxious is health, safety and financial status, and if we look at what people I general care about those three things will always be in the top 5 it just how we think now, is it bad not necessarily if anything it is good to worry about that if you didn’t then you might have a problem but people are stressing about it a lot more than previous years.

Dockrill goes into further depth about those three, and the one that stood out and outweighs the other two was health and how a survey that was taken place 68 percent reported feeling extreme or somewhat anxious when this topic was brought up in their survey. Following in second was Safety with 67 percent felt extreme or somewhat anxious, finally third was financial with 65 percent reported felt extreme or somewhat anxious (Dockrill, Peter 2018). Increases in in anxiety was common in both men and women and was gathered, by people from different race/ethnicities along with ages.

Millennials scored higher in being more anxious than people born in the baby boomer section. However, when comparing the two side by side the baby boomers were not far off only by 7 percent in the financial aspect which is very close when comparing the other two factors which where 21 percent for health and 18 percent for safety.

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In the article “Illness Anxiety Disorder” Dr. Joel E Dimsdale discusses the three main parts of IAD (Illness Anxiety Disorder). Identifying, diagnosing and treatment, First to better understand what IAD is, previously called hypochondriasis or health anxiety is defined as worrying excessively that you are or may become seriously ill (Joel E Dimsdale,2019). This seems straight forward however anxiety alone is more of a general term defined as feelings of tension, worried thoughts or even increased blood pressure about something that could happen rather than IAD is more along the lines of they are anxious they are going to get sick, physically or mentally these are the symptoms patients may have, if they do their main concern is about what possible implications there is rather than the symptoms alone. (e.g., looking in the mirror at their throat, checking their skin for marks, sores or lesions).

What tends to happen is people become so preoccupied with the thought that they are or could possibly become or be ill which is an indicator, now this doesn’t mean for sure they are going to develop IAD but it is a good indication and should be monitored from there on. Other signs/symptoms are social interactions are limited by either lack of detailed responses mainly closed ended with no room for a follow up. And or always visiting doctors or physicians frequently which makes up majority of the people diagnosed about 84 percent meanwhile the other 16 percent rarely seek medical care (Dimsdale, 2019). In order in for an individual to be diagnosed with IAD and any other disorder listed in the DSM 5, there has to be an occurrence time of at least 6 months of consistent evidence that a person is demonstrating the symptoms of IAD and or any disorder listed in the DSM 5 (DSM-5, 2019).

What brings a lot of attention to people in society and has been a controversial topic for a couple years now, is the rate of increasing reports of mental illness more so IAD really accurate as in people genuinely have it either being hereditary or people developing it because of the increased number of cases reported and subconsciously “having it”. Now it is in no one’s right to judge if someone is mentally ill other than people of qualified education and/or trained individuals, if we look back and compare statistics over 20 years ago e.g. in 1982-83 there were 189,517 total reports of people visiting hospitals in Canada with related reasons to mental illness for both sexes, 34,256 individuals ended up in a psychiatric hospital being diagnosed with a mental disorder (Stats Canada, 1996). In 2017 645,898 people visited a hospital in Canada claiming to have a mental health illness 505,390 were diagnosed from DSM-5 that is more than 10 times the amount of people willingly going to seek help (Stats Canada, 2018).

More facts about IAD, Illness Anxiety Disorder is a long-term illness that could fluctuate in severity, some factors are age and amount of stress. What seems to limit us in finding a cure that accommodates everyone is how different every individual is ranging in severity of their illness. Another point that limits us is not everyone is very well trained in dealing with people with mental illness. E.g. for those who have tried to help someone in crisis and failed the result is typically escalating the situation by using trigger words that could set that person off and cause them to put either themselves or others life in danger.

In order to completely understand IAD and its true effects on the individual, it is crucial to conduct studies that examine all aspects of IAD. This includes a start to finish case as in detailed evidence over months at a time to fully understand how and why illness’s like this occur ad what causes them. As each day goes on mental illness becomes more prevalent in Canadian and American lives, it is important to examine the impact of IAD directly and indirectly.

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