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Apple Demographic Market Segmentation Overview

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Ever since Apple was founded in 1976, they have been able to establish their presence worldwide. When it comes to their demographic segmentation, Apple have laid out different products and services for their different age groups. Apple PC with games and latest software and Apple iPods for the younger generations, Apple iPads for teenagers and office workers to work on their assignments, and Apple digital watches with the function of checking pulse rates designed for the elderly generations.When it comes to gender, Apple have different options of phone designs, and covers available based on the preferred choice of both male and female customers. But the main demographic segmentation that is of the highest importance to Apple company was the income of the buyers. It is of noted fact that Apple targeted high income consumers based on the high prices they put upon their products. But the fact that the Apple company have established themselves as a successful brand worldwide, even the middle class tend to overspend to buy Apple products. Meanwhile, Apple's geographic segmentation included almost all the countries around the world. Due to their brand popularity and attributes, their products were easily welcomed worldwide. But their retail stores were situated only in cities which were highly populated and hosted high income earning citizens such as Zurich, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi etc.

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One of the greatest accomplishment of Apple was to create a strong brand image that was easily recognized globally. This eased Apple's pathway of segmenting buyers based on their behaviour. By advertising on social media platforms, news ads etc. the company was able communicate about its product and services and hence increase consumer's knowledge and idea about Apple. Furthermore, the company's strong position in the market alongside their advertising, the company persistently create new and innovative products that allure more consumers to buy and use their product. Among Apple company's many products, their iPhone was the most sold and appreciated by their consumers.So much so that Apple iPhones are the most used and bought phones around the globe. The usage rate of their iPhones are very high. This prompted the company to come with innovative and newer versions of their iPhone almost every year including the latest one iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apple brand perception is so strong that they have been able to attract many loyal customers for their iPhones who are willing to buy the latest eventhough they might already have the previous year's version of iPhone. Hence Apple don't need to worry attracting new consumers for their product.

It is of no secret that consumers are always on the lookout for products which are unique,high quality, long serving and with endless features. We are living in a generation where consumers are always vary of their choices when it comes to electronic and digital devices after lots of research and knowledge. So much so that once a consumer opts for a device of certain company and it impresses them, they tend to stay loyal to that particluar brand. Apple over the years have been so succesful in creating their brand identity that consumers are willing to pay a high value to obtain their products. Hence one of the reason why Apple have chosen this as their target market. They are very open when it comes to their product prices. Generally the prices are very high and with the intention of not only targeting consumers who come mostly from an affluent background, but also of other backgrounds who keep savings just to buy Apple's product due to their strong position in the market.

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