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The world is developing very fast, each task is completed through modern technology. Software and application are taking over the human labor. Software is used in every aspect of modern life like transportation, education, entertainment, construction, navy, air force, satellites and many more daily things that we are using. But always software is not successful, at some stage software gets...
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Introduction Centuries ago, when people’s perception of mental illness was bad, people who were mentally sick, and their families used to send them to places that refine people with mental illness without treating them. However, today, people care about mental health and do research on mental health treatment to find better ways to cure mental disorders. If someone has a...
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In any software development life cycle the penetration testing phase plays an important role. Penetration testing is an approach which tests the security of a web application by making a conscious attempt to compromise the security of the application. It helps in preparing for any possible malicious attacks or avoid the potential breach of data at the hands of an...
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Cryptography plays an essential role towards the construction of any secure system. If applied faultlessly, it can help us to maintain the confidentially of our data, authenticate data sources, and secure our data against any disallowed alternation. However, we often fall into the misuse of cryptography when it is inappropriately applied to our software. If not properly handled, cryptographic algorithm...
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Mobile healthcare applications are an alternative support for individuals with health issues like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure and many others. With the ongoing advancements of remote wireless systems and with a gigantic assortment of cell phones, portable healthcare applications are trending in the market. With the expanded utilization of versatile applications, quality assurance rises rapidly. Applications must have an...
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Smartphones have become one of the most central parts of our lives due to mobile apps development. Technology growth had made our lives busier so it is difficult for us to be organized while multitasking. The growth of mobile apps had made our day-to-day life easier and well organized. Starting from entertainment to business, everything became more compact, accessible and...
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