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Application & Success Of Biotechnology In Pakistan

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Biotechnology is commonly characterized as use of living frameworks based on innovations to create business procedures and aimed to enhance the quality of human life. By using this “technology” the business or biological procedures can be improved, modified, for developing an effective pharmaceuticals, bioenergy, disease-resistant and high-yield crops as well as animals, and microbes for remediation in an efficient, cost-effective and ethically responsible the course of the most recent couple of decades, a few basic revelations in life sciences have offered ascend to Modern Biotechnology which is currently one of the quickest developing zones of science; subsequently this century has properly been named as ‘Century of Biology’, trusting that such advances in life sciences will yield changes more earth shattering than those of power and PCs. In perspective of these advancements, Biotechnology was incorporated among the six need zones of Science and Technology by the National Commission of Science and Technology.

Planning Commission of Pakistan has developed action plan and considered biotechnology as a part of midterm development (2005-2010). Ministry of Science & Technology and Ministry of Agriculture Pakistan developing infrastructure in various institutes of Pakistan to ensure the promotion the culture of research & development on various field of biotechnology. Thus hundreds of deserving students sent abroad to pursue their various degrees in the field of biotechnology.

Applications & success of Biotechnology

Pakistan has in recent times started projects on the utilizations of biotechnology, particularly in agribusiness for creating microbe safe and high return crops, vaccine generation, material, textile and concoction businesses, health, chemical industries bioinformatics and natural biotechnology. The Government of Pakistan has put over US$ 20 million in biotechnology research and many researchers are working in excess of 31 open and private part biotechnology examine focuses. There are different subsidizing components currently set up to help innovative work in various orders of biotechnology. Numerous global establishments including Asian Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank, World Bank, USAID, Rockefeller Foundation and Australian Center for International Agriculture Research additionally give money related help to chosen biotech ventures.

National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE) and National Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology (NCEMB), are actively involved in project whose R&D department is developing Cotton Leaf Curl Virus (CLCV) resistant cotton varieties. Cotton is one of the most important cash crop for Pakistan. This crop consumes nearly 80% of the pesticide. Therefore pest resistance is one of the most desirable traits in cotton. Following all the requirements of Biosafety Guidelines, in 2010 some varieties of Bt-Cotton were released for commercial cultivation. Some of these varieties were developed by private sector seed companies. It is estimated that nearly 2.4 million ha is under Bt-Cotton varieties. Work on several approaches involving recombinant Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid (DNA) technology is being carried out resulting in some success. Hopefully, in near future CLCV resistant cultivars will be available for commercial cultivation.

Furthermore the biotech engineering in done on several crops namely wheat, sugarcane, potato, tomato, chickpea and some vegetable. Importance is also given on the improvement of the nutritional quality of our staple crops, especially wheat to overcome the nutritional deficiencies of zinc and iron in our diet.

In the area of health & wellbeing most of the struggles have gone into defining the frequency of some human diseases, and scoring the type and nature of mutations (both somatic and genetic) in genes directly or indirectly involved in specific human diseases and genetic disorders, such as partial or complete hearing or vision loss, skin diseases, polydactyly, mental retardation, different types of cancers, etc.

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NIBGE and NCEMB working on developing PCR based diagnostic protocols for various diseases such as Tuberculosis (TB), Typhoid, Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), and some of the cancers.

NCEMB and SBS at University of the Punjab have been able to produce Interferon, Human Growth Hormones and Insulin at laboratory scale. A mega project funded by the Planning Commission was initiated on “Production of Bioenergy from Plant Biomass”. It is being executed at the School of Biological Sciences (SBS) of University of the Punjab, the Industrial Biotechnology Institute of Government College University, Lahore, and Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR), Lahore.

Biotechnology is also a main contributor to Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development by encouraging establishment of Start Up companies.

Development in the ethanol business offers huge potential for by and large financial improvement and extra work in these littler networks. In Pakistan it is assessed that 400 million liters ethanol generation office can make 5000 – 6000 neighborhood employments. The handling of grains for ethanol generation can give an imperative esteem included market for Pakistani agriculturists, raising the estimation of wares they create. Pakistani agribusiness faces the absolute hardest occasions in ongoing history.

Biotechnology will provide answers through modified enzymes and microorgamisms that can turn abundant biomass into feedstocks for the production of synthetics, plastics, polymers and bio-fuels like Ethanol. Production of ethanol can spark new capital investment and economic development in rural communities across Pakistan as well.

Biotechnology has would in general support the industrialized world, where a large portion of the examination is concentrated.

In Pakistan number of ‘Mujahads’ like – Dr Anwar Nasim, Chairman National Commission on Bio-Technology, Dr Kausar A Malik Bioscience Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Sheik Riazuddin Director of Center of Excellence in Molecular Biology, Dr, Zahoor Ahmad CEMB, and Dr Yusuf Zafar of National Institute of Bio Technology and Genetic Engineering (Nibge) are taking an interest in this jihad since 1990’s and striving to put biotech tracks in the nation. Lamentably advance in Pakistan is blocked by number of reasons like deficient subsidizing/absence of HR, confined data, poor advanced education, feeble connections among colleges and research establishments, absence of suitable legitimate routines, minimal private division contribution, while the significant hamper which is restricting biotechnology to prosper in our nation is ‘The Ministry of Environment’ which is holding bill of Biosafety rules from over one year. Such a block will stop coordinate remote venture and advancement in our nation while our nation would be stay for behind in this developing innovation.

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