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Are Professional Athletes Overpaid Essay

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Why Professional athletes are overpaid?

To most people, a million dollars is a lot of money, but to some, it is an insignificant amount. Many people will see it hard to believe that such an abundant amount means nothing to them. When it comes to athletes who play professional sports such as football, who are making large amounts of money and many people don’t realize the actual amount of their income. Although these athletes are talented men that play sports and get paid so much money. Throughout the years the amount they earn is absurd, these wages have risen dramatically, the cost to own a team, and how average jobs are paid less compare to how athletes make today. Over the past decade’s wages have significantly increased by 3.2% throughout the years (Ben Casselman) and the lowest unemployment rate at 3.6% (Bureau of Labor).

Jobs have changed dramatically throughout the years and the sports entertainment industry has become a big business. NFL owners’ pay is enormous, the same as the players. Owners get their money from becoming successful businessmen (Tom Huddleston jr.) and the reason why people buy a sports team is because allows people to spend money in order to make more money. With many risks involved, owners will pay their players millions of dollars and hopefully will win games to generate more revenue for the team. The risk of having a football team in cities has consequences. Taxpayers want money to end up for the right purposes and when comes to building an NFL stadium can cost $1.2B (Economic Review). Making taxpayers confused and feel their money is being put towards unnecessary projects. Having franchises in cities can create economic growth, jobs and civic pride (Wallace Maxwell) meaning city revenue increases, working in the sports franchise provide jobs and players’ success off the field can boost civic pride by volunteering at charities and community programs.

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Players raise millions of dollars to donate to charities, schools, and hospitals making them known for large quantifications of donations toward a foundation. Making them feel good about themselves and giving back to their communities. Chris Long a defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles donated all of his entire 2017 salary of $1 million for education equality. Long has spent playing in the NFL 10 years playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, and the St. Louis Rams. Long said “In my 10th year, I want to celebrate the awesome opportunity I’ve had to play football by giving back to the communities that have given me that gift (Martin Frank). Long said in the statement “Educational opportunity and equality are the best gateways to a better tomorrow for everyone in America. (Martin Frank).” Mr. Long donated his entire contract to help his community and he is not thinking about himself, he is changing people’s live not many players would donate their all of their salary, but Mr. Long is a brave man who wants others to succeed and help the next generation. While most Americans, work jobs from Monday through Friday working 40 hrs a week and getting paid $60,336 yearly (US Household income).

Athletes today get paid on average $2.1 million yearly (Kurt Badenhausen) to practice and play football, while in the 1950s players often worked secondary jobs to make ends meet. The average player at that time was getting less than $6,000 per season (David Thyberg). Some people disagree on why athletes are overpaid rather than teachers who shape our futures, military troops who protect our country, and doctors who save people’s lives. Haleigh Lovell says, “I think a man with a helmet defending his country should make more than a man with a helmet defending a football, don’t you think” (Haleigh Lovell). This quote shows that people who have important jobs that help save people’s lives should get paid more rather than athletes who play football for 60 minutes. Many Americans are struggling to pay bills payment, student debt, and find jobs to support families. “Hard to say players who make millions playing football games and demand more money and get it” (Chris Mueller). In conclusion, football has changed since the 1950s and is now the most successful sport in the United States. Most people like to watch football, because of the competition to fight and win, but behind the scenes, there is so much going on. Owners want to make more money, Players getting paid millions to play and important figures getting paid less than athletes which is unfair. Owners should make players donate a significant amount of their salary and should be required to volunteer a huge number of hours and give back to the communities. Many people will appreciate this and will change many lives forever.

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