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Are Ray Bradbury's Predictions the Basis of our Society?

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Do you think we live in a lazy, callous society these days? According/comparing to Ray Bradbury’s predictions, we are! I believe that we have, which way accurately predicted by Ray Bradbury. His vision of the future became a reality to quite a large extent and his predictions for how society would be were very close to true. We surround ourselves with material objects and quite a few people have become self-absorbed and ungrateful. There are people that find important things such as health and caring for others trivial. A large emphasis on today's society is “fitting in”, which was demonstrated throughout much of Fahrenheit 451 particularly with the actions of Mildred (she wanted to fit in with the other women in the neighbourhood). Often, those who are different or outcasts are looked down upon, made fun of or belittled like Clarisse was in the book. In saying this, Bradbury’s predictions of society were more intense and dystopian than modern-day society.

Today, we have grown into a more technological society, which depends on this commodity/luxury to go by our daily lives. People don't just want more technology, they also want them to be quicker. Quicker computers, quicker televisions, more efficient internet access. This is due to the fact that we have grown impatient and highlights the fact that we are growing into a more selfish, impatient society. We want things to take less time, however, even with this time, we neglect to find ourselves time for true happiness and time for our family and friends. These were all factors that were exampled/predicted in Ray Bradbury’s prediction of the future in Fahrenheit 451. An physical example of the relationship between Bradbury’s future and our present is the “seashells” that Mildred had in her ears to listen to people and music. A fairly similar object to this are earphones, which are extremely popular technological devices these days used for the listening os music, TV shows or videos.

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The advancement of technology in Fahrenheit 451 and the neglect of books brings about destruction and conflict in society. Technology allows people to be able to stay inside and watch television and not have to leave the house as much. The consequence of this is that people have less social interactions with the real world/reality and other people and it does not help that the media is filtering all of the information that the people receive. Furthermore, the scarcity of books in Fahrenheit 451 caused people to become lazier and less intelligent or creative. These days many people do not read books by choice, not because they are forbidden, I believe this mixed with the advancements of technology have made society gradually less imaginative and energised. Both the societies depend on technology and many are addicted to it.

Another aspect of similarity between the society that Bradbury alluded to and our modern society is the way that the Government is run. Like in the book, the government has some control over us and they show us what they want us to see and cover certain things up that they don’t want the public to see. Many people today live in a bubble of ignorance and like the people in the book, do not want to know any different or change our perspective. For example, if you live in a developed country you will most likely have access to food and water, which we take for granted and often do not think much about the fact that there are starving people in the world.

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