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Are We Really In Control Of Our Own Lives?

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Every single person has their own life, but are we really in control of our own? Most of us think that we are in control of our own lives, but that isn’t the case. We can control most of our life decisions and our actions, but we can not control what happens around us. For example do you remember back in 1940-1973 when they had military drafts? Men that were picked had no choice but to be sent off into fighting for our country when there were no volunteers left. Those men had no control over weather or not they wanted to be sent off. There are many different examples and reasons as to why we might not be in control of our lives.

Religions is a good example of how you are in control of your decision on what religion, but not the rules you have to follow by. Being a part of a religion, depending on what religion, can hide your true personality and your true self. Most children are apart of a religion before they fully understand what that religion even is which forces them to grow up around things they are supposed to believe in, but maybe they do not agree with things the religion’s beliefs. For instance in the article The Salem (and other) Witch Hunts, a girl named Bridget Bishop was supposed to live a puritan life, but that is not what others thought. “Bishop was accused of not living a puritan lifestyle’’ because she wore black clothing. Her coat had been found to be oddly “cut or torn in two ways”, and her behavior was regarded an “immoral”” (Kubic, Mike. “The Salem (and Other) Witch Hunts.” CommonLit, 2016, She was convicted of witchcraft after that and was hung the same day she was tried, June 10,1692. Bishop had no control or say as to why she is getting punished for being who she really is.

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Think of a time when you felt like you were in control of doing something simple, maybe something as simple as hitting a crosswalk button. Well you could be wrong, some of the buttons for crosswalks do not actually work. “In New York City, only about 100 of the 1,000 crosswalk buttons actually function,…That number has steadily decreased in recent years: When the New York Times revealed that the majority of New York’s buttons didn’t work in 2004, about 750 were still operational.” (Prisco, Jacopo. “Do These Buttons Actually Work?” CNN, Cable News Network, 3 Sept. 2018,

Pressing the button tricks our minds into thinking that the walk light will turn on faster when in reality you are waiting for the light the same amount of time you would when you do not press the button. Another ticky little button we think works all the time is the close door button in an elevator. Studies are proven in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. “This legislation required that an elevator’s doors remain open long enough for anyone with disability or mobility issues, such as using crutches or a wheelchair, to get on board the cab safely,” said Brinkman.”(Prisco, Jacopo. “Do These Buttons Actually Work?” CNN, Cable News Network, 3 Sept. 2018, As a result of the act elevator close door buttons do not work and are controlling our minds into thinking they work.

In conclusion, we might feel like we are being controlled sometimes, but we are the ones in control of the life decisions we make for ourselves. Making our own personal decisions can somewhat also change people around you’s lives. Say you take a new job offer, you could be taking someone else’s offer and that could force them to change their living ways. We are all forced to abide by the laws that control our country and keep it safe. Parents control their children, teachers control their students, bosses control employees. Being controlled can sometimes make you feel useless and not in charge, but being controlled is not a bad thing all the time. We are controlled for reasons. Your boss controls you at the place of work but you get something out of it in return. We all make our own choices in life, but that does not mean we are in full control.

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