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Argumentative Essay on Fast Food Nation

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Everyone knows that fast food is unhealthy but Eric Schlosser has a strong hatred toward fast food. He hates fast food with all of his heart. He sees it as poison. He thinks fast food is evil. There is even proof showing his hatred towards fast food.

Eric Schlosser is an American journalist who is most famous for his book, “Fast Food Nation”. The book is about how Eric Schlosser views fast food. Before reading the book most people would think that the book is simply just about how fast food is unhealthy. Something that most people have heard before. When you start to read the book you discover that is not what the book is about. The book shows Eric Schlosser’s hatred of fast food. According to an article, “Hundreds of millions of people buy fast food every day without giving it much thought...They rarely consider where this food comes from, how it was made, what it is doing to the community around them.” Schlosser, Eric. “Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 7 Apr. 2001, The article helps understand Schlosser’s hatred toward fast food. The phrases he uses such as “ it much thought” or “...what it is doing to the community around them.” really show his hatred.

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Eric Schlosser tries to persuade people into thinking fast food is evil as well. He successfully does that to some of his readers as they start to see the cons in fast food. Although some readers see his point of view, many do not. According to Katz, Emily Tess. “'Fast Food Nation' Author Explains Why Americans Still Aren't Eating Healthfully.” HuffPost, HuffPost, 29 Aug. 2014, Fast food is only getting more popular. He starts to explain why he does not understand why no one listened to his words. If his hatred was not strong, he would have given up, but he still sticks with his views. This shows his views are true to him and he will not change because people do not listen to his guidance.

The man believes his statements are very accurate. Despite people not listening to his guidance, he still continues to make his point clear. According to “Fast Food Nation Interview: Eric Schlosser On Obesity, Kids, and Fast Food PR.” PR Watch, 25 Feb. 2013,, kids were tested and it was shown positively that obesity rates are only increasing. Eric Schlosser continues to find evidence to prove his point.

In conclusion, Eric Schlosser has a strong hatred toward fast food. He continues to prove his point of how evil it is. This shows that his hatred is real and he will not give up on his point. If he simply saw it as unhealthy like the rest of us, he would keep it to himself and not eat it. Instead, he protests against it. His hatred is strong.

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