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Argumentative Essay on Legalizing Weed

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Marijuana’s banning is as useless as the prohibition of alcohol in the U.S. because money is wasted to control what the government has almost no real control over because the transport and use go underground with other illegal actions like human trafficking. The ban on marijuana is also not just a waste of money and time it also harms those that the medical use can benefit greatly.

The laws and sentencing when they are broken tear families apart, allowing for great organized crime to flourish the way it did in the 1930s prohibition. The decriminalization of the drug federally would help lower crime rates everywhere, all the while making more tax money. It also helps that the law was a biased law passed on racism in America, leaving the bill outdated. If weed was legalized federally, states would have an easier time making it legal in their area, still raising taxes in other areas that already passed the bill.

This would make the states that have not legalized it an area with poor roads and education compared to other states. The states that have legalized it have made enough in taxes to “build trumps wall” 2 to 3 times over. And that is only 13 out of 50 states. Imagine what America can do if it straight up legalized weed and taxed it like tobacco or alcohol.

At this point, America and its Congress have to realize that the ban on weed is as useless as prohibition was in the 1920s. Also weed is not the street drug anymore, there is little news of drug dealers getting picked up off the street anymore because almost over 75% of the drug trade now takes place on the dark web, where people use IP, the internet address of your computer, addresses that change every minute and are impossible to track.

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This makes the drug enforcement agency useless a rare slip-up happens but is unlikely like the stolen weapons sold online. It is impossible to track these deals that go over the internet because they are shipped without any return address through the mail, and untraceable microtransactions.

“The FY 2017 budget request for DEA totals $2,103 million” is the amount of money that goes into stopping maharaja, a drug that has more committees to prove it is worse than there are colleges in the US, has proven to be more helpful than a hazard.

The 2 million standard budget for the DEA is planning on an increase, making the “free college” dream shrivel. The cost would lower greatly if weed was not a part of the budget, allowing the agency to focus on more harmful drugs, and more budget for Veterans benefits raised health care for US citizens and better schools.

At this point, the illegalization of weed is a very pointless issue that is a spark bringing government quality in other areas lower. Legalizing weed would help America climb out of the small patch of racial bias that influences its laws. A large amount of the supporters of illegalizing weed did so because of racial reasons, one of the most notable is Nixon blaming all medical “cover-ups” of the harm of marijuana on Jews.

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