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Argumentative Essay on the Necessity of Limitations to the Freedom of Speech

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How has most part of the world changed since freedom of speech was allowed? The freeness of expression allows people to communicate more and made a lot of changes and developments. This paragraph will discuss why freedom of speech should be allowed. First of all, it maintains the right equality since people are able to give speech. As we know that we our appearances are different from one to one another; consequently, our perception couldn’t be the same at all due to the verities of the culture around the world. According to Arman J. Britton, “that do not necessarily coincide with the next person’s.

Should one person’s beliefs be discounted or prohibited because it offends someone else? I do not believe so. That goes against what the First Amendment to the constitution guarantees” (Arman, 2010). Based on Ross Walsh, beside this claim, he said that “Freedom of speech is an integral part of the foundation for democratic society. After all, how can the people hold the power if they can’t even hold a debate?” (Walsh, 2017).

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Speech can be given to changes what going to be wrong. Sometimes, we have already seen it isn’t right but people don’t dear to talk or they don’t even have right to say but what if it affects their live? In the past it can be seen differently from nowadays. Regarding to Josie “free speech has always been important throughout history because it has been used to fight for change. When we talk about rights today they wouldn’t have been achieved without free speech. Think about a time from the past – women not being allowed the vote, or terrible working conditions in the mines – free speech is important as it helped change these things” (Josie, 2016). Since UN’s official haven’t changed the 30 sustainable goals we chose an article which was in 60th Anniversary of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) of United Nation (UN) claiming that “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers” (UN, 2008).

Although freedom of speech could lead to offenses toward some community or the leader of a country, however, it lets people debate freely. Regardless of who a person is, freedom of speech allows debates among people to find right and wrong idea. People is not simply right all the time. For instance, it would be helpful if a person speaks to one another honestly and openly then learns that his or her idea was wrong because of particular logical reason and this applies to every circumstances.


In conclusion, freedom of speech should be allowed because it has given rights to people to express ideas and made a lot of changes in the world and individuals. It should be suggested that freedom of speech is used respectfully and carefully.


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