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Argumentative Essay: Warren Buffett As an Influential Leader

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Leadership, when handled properly, has the potential to influence the way people perceive. It encourages some to pursue the footsteps of others who have shown themselves that they are worthy of bringing progress in matters they are enthusiastic about. This develops the ever-changing topic that leadership is and the ripple impact it generates spreads and changes the life of numerous organizations and individuals all over the globe. This brings out the aim of this article, which is to dissect the leadership style of the incredible Warren Buffet, who is reportedly worth 82.2 billion even after giving away 3.4 billion dollars to charity (Forbes, 2019) USD and has amassed over 100 billion USD worth of stock throughout his whole lifetime. This paper would explore how his upbringing plays a role in his popularity, the attributes he embodies that made him an influential leader, and where he draws his influence.

  • How did Warren Buffett’s background prepare him to be the leader he is today?
  • Would you describe Warren Buffett as an influential leader? Please explain why or why not.
  • What are his major sources of power?
  • Which sources of power are used most frequently? Why?

Warren Buffett had problems speaking public at a young age and did not think it his best point. But even when he was young, he knew that overcoming this obstacle was necessary for him to better himself, and that turned out to be the individual, chief, he is today. He took a public-speaking course and created a significant shift in public speaking by the fourth week. He identifies it as one of the most critical obstacles to be met, and his commitment to self-improvement reflects strongly in his performance (Chuang and Kunhardt, 2017).

Warren Buffett is likewise viewed as a powerful pioneer due to how he speaks with everybody around him particularly his representatives. He is known for giving everybody regard and dealing with his representatives like family and extremely transparent about everything in regards to his organizations and circumstances. This is a typical characteristic in a portion of the world’s best business tycoon, for example, Richard Branson, the originator of Virgin Group. He ensures that his regard for other people and genuineness resounds in his work. A fascinating thing to note is that Warren Buffet has no formal and set structure for the jobs allowed at his workplace. Representatives are completely observed as a group and work together as such to arrive at set objectives, which is typically a far-fetched approach with organizations. He once depicted his business as constructed precisely to go for whatever he might prefer.

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Additionally, his straightforwardness and genuineness have built up a profoundly established trust inside his friends, representatives, family, and all partners which make them remain by him in any event, when things get troublesome. Quiet mien and being happy during troublesome circumstances truly quiet devotees and investors and the capacity to work however it and discover an answer assembles validity and trust (Radcliffe, 2019).

One point that all the people who met him identified was that Warren was still wondering and that kept him present but alone in his head. Warren has often concentrated on his job and how to utilize the knowledge he receives, develops his company, and make important choices. Warren Buffet invests enormous time working on his job, measuring danger when collecting knowledge from reputable outlets including newspapers and annual reports.

Another source of influence that Warren Buffet had, I think, was the prestige he established himself through hard work and commitment to his art. Reputation requires years and years of effort to make people care for you. In his terms, ‘Building your credibility takes 30 years and destroying it takes 5 minutes. When you consider, you’ll do it differently ‘(Chuang and Kunhardt, 2017). One of the many factors I think credibility is a great source of his influence is that he constantly depended on confidence and contact to create the reputation Warren had. Trust in himself and his ability certainly brought him self-confidence and stability, making him both effective in his endeavors and the leader he is today.


Today’s administrators and future executives will benefit from Warren Buffett’s acts. He showed strong leadership by self-improvement, learning from his failures, developing a reputation as a trustworthy companion, accepting accountability for his mistakes, and knowing that there was an answer to any dilemma that still held him moving and never gave up. He was polite, committed, and concentrated on his objectives. He viewed people with dignity and guided by instances. That is why Warren Buffett is still recognized not only as a billionaire philanthropist and investment consultant but also as a positive active leader.

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