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Arguments in Andrew Marvell's Poems: Analysis of ''The Garden'' and ''To His Coy Mistress ''

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Marvel is a poet attracted by complexity and paradox. He refuses to oversimplify the themes and experiences he explored in his poetry, whether it is idyllic or public political work. His best poems often show ambiguity and irony. This is not just a stylistic approach, but Marvell likes to see a multifaceted reflection of seemingly simple situations. In addition, Marvell was artistically influenced by other metaphysical poets such as John Donne. He avoided cliche and poetic conventions and used clever and complicated logic and inconsistent imagery to bring traditional poetic themes such as love and death.

I have read only two poems of Andrew Marvell, one is ”The Garden” and another one is ”To his coy mistress ”. So I am going to discuss the argumentative style of these poems by Andrew Marvell.

The Garden :

Andrew Marvel’s ‘Garden’ can be said to be a unique poem; it combines the concepts of romanticism and classicism with metaphysical allusions. The poet laughs at people’s constant labor for such trivial things; as being recognized in the man-made world. Human beings are unaware of the tranquil garlands that nature weaves for mortals and pursue material pleasures. Virtues like peace and innocence do not exist in humans but are rooted in nature. Only in nature can we enjoy the delicacy of loneliness; not in the guild.

The Garden uses far-fetched images and allusions, as well as a dramatic situation. There is a balance of emotion and intellect. The romantic myths about god Apollo and Pan are changing girls and enjoying nature, and the Biblical allusion to Adam’s ‘lonely’ happiness is ‘heterogeneous ideas yoked by violence together’ within the context of the argument. There is an argument about mental and physical pleasure. The poet has an idea about the mind. According to medieval philosophy, his mind is an ocean of all the things and images of the real world. He argues that his pleasure is spiritual. He prepares for the eternal flight of salvation by creating imagery of his soul flying like a dove. The idea of spiritual pleasure is related to the comparison with Adam. The idea of the garden as a separate sundial is contained in the last line. The poem is a dramatic and emotional expression of personal feelings, which is at the same time balanced with witty and intellectual ideas and allusions.

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Peaceful life in nature is more satisfying than social life and the human company is the main theme of the poem. The poem has striking imagery, witty ideas, and a balance between romantic and classical elements.

”To his coy mistress ” :

‘To his coy mistress’ – poem the speaker tries to convince a lady of his love that she should do what he wants, and give herself up for him. In order to do that, he expresses his arguments in the poem being discussed.

The speaker in ‘To His Coy Mistress’ makes three arguments to convince his lady to have sex with him, one of which is that he is in love with her. The speaker says that he loves the woman that he’s propositioning. He says he would spend tens of thousands of years praising her beauty if he had that much time. He wants to rush because there is nothing about her that makes him want to rush. From her heart to her surface beauty, he finds her to be perfect. This is an attempt to impress her. He says that time is fleeting. If she isn’t willing to move faster, she will go to her deathbed without tasting the pleasures of love. Being with him is a limited-time offer according to this argument. She has the chance to have what he’s offering today.

The universal theme of this poem is that everyone should act upon their wishes before time runs out. The speaker in the poem is dying of old age or illness, but he is growing impatient because he believes that death may just sneak up unexpectedly. By ignoring the reasons for death and stressing the reasons to take action, the reader should receive the message and take action.

The passion for love is overshadowed by the logic in the poem ‘Young Love which has argumentative quality .’The poem has an unconventional theme. There is a grown-up man with a passion for a little girl. The lover tries to convince the young, immature to love him in return. He wants her to make up her mind quickly so she doesn’t have to wait until she’s fifteen. Now is the time for them to crown each other with their love because there is a chance that fate will stop them from loving each other. The originality of the poem lies in the way the argument is developed. The girl’s response is not a part of the poem, but we can imagine that she wouldn’t have resisted.

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