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Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe

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Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe rely mainly on intervention from inside than from outside. Despite this reason, the book will not be for everyone; however, Aristotle’s path into maturity and self-acceptance may find compelling and inspiring.

When Dante’s father says to him, “Dante, you’re an intellectual. That’s who you are. Don’t be ashamed of that.” -Dante Quintana, Section 1, “The Different Rules of Summer” pg. 35. Comes because they were talking about religion and Ari always with his super existential questions asked Dante asking if it was bad to doubt. Dante said it was smart to do so, but Ari disagree with him.

Often, I feel lost in general, I don’t know who I am or why I am here, I feel confused. But I’ve learned like many, you do not recognize yourself now, but the more you experience life the more you know about yourself. For instance, Dante felt lost at some point in his life because he wasn’t in good terms with his sexuality and was scared of disappointing his parents. “I have to tell them Ari … I’m going to disappoint them. Just like I’ve disappointed you.” Section 4 “Remember the Rain” pg. 252.

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To speak about myself allows me to know myself. I sit and talk to myself a lot. I just thought of all that has happened during the day before I go to bed, every error I made, and all the people I spoke to. ill learned stuff I’ve never known about yourself. I’ve learned a lot about who I am from other people, because other people are the reflections of me, though I can’t really grasp how I feel from the other people’s point of view I can just connect and attempt to bring together the puzzle that’s me. Then again, it’s not about discovering myself but as much as making myself. Finding myself is a journey to discover myself. Much of that is error and misunderstandings. I hit a curve in the road more frequently than not and often I fell back on my stomach. I like to be willing to understand and agree that this is part of the process and contribute to getting back up and start right away. I just seek to be me, so that everybody respects me and approaches me with kindness.

I’m too sensitive. being sensitive or emotional is good. Yet when it begins to influence you negatively it is not healthy. When the intellectual and physical wellbeing needs to be affected. And, literally, I am that sort of a girl who gets very easily attached to someone. And when you have a bond with someone, he/she starts to share with me their things. And so, this is what happens to me. I may handle it, but I also find that I am much more impacted and physically shaken, which also even effects my personal life. I need to get to work on that. I need to be more realistic and I make every attempt to solve this issue. I wonder how long that’s going to take me. And I know I’m not the only one to have this issue, there are others like me who feel the same and seek to be rational every single day. It’s safe to be mistaken. What’s not cool is recognition of your failures and give up on yourself, and not seeking to fix what’s not good. I gradually continue to realize my sensitivity is amazing. It’s not anything to be embarrassed by, pushed down or concealed, or healed by growing in some manner or shape. I’d been in a constant state of embarrassment since. I felt my spirit was frail and evil, and I needed to be shut down. Dante and Ari having a conversation where Ari doesn’t want to show how he truly is feeling at the moment and as a consequence it makes Ari’s feeling bottle up and at some point, he explodes. Dante tells him their family is moving to Chicago and Ari only keeps saying “That’s great.” And Dante says to him, “You keep saying “that’s great … Aren’t you sad, that I’m leaving?” “why would I be sad?” Section 12, “Sparrows Falling from the Sky” pg. 106. Even though he was devasted because he was losing his one and only best friend.

Yet, in doing so, I realized that feeling less was difficult. I either leave my heart open or absolutely close closed. A damaged heart will start to grow tougher until it wants to let happiness falls back upon it. I will choose to let my heart be free to be what it was made to be, even though that includes those messy/distressing/difficult days. Or I may opt to cover my heart tightly and carry it around my neck like a locket, a beautiful show for sure, however heavy, inanimate and dead. For example, Ari’s character says in section 10, “Sparrows Falling from the Sky” pg. 95. “Reading my own words embarrassed the hell out of me.” He had a journal when younger and he wrote all the little things that happened to him during his day or passed through his mind and felt embarrassed reading them, because no that he is older. He’s not used to express himself without feeling less of a man. In his family talking about “stuff” was not something common and he felt the need to suppress all his thoughts and feelings.

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