Aristotle Views On The Soul And Body

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With the different philosophies and 12 philosophers that were discussed, Aristotle was the one who caught my attention. I was drawn to his idea of philosophy because of how he said that the soul and body are embedded in each other and that the body will not work without the soul. Aristotle was a brilliant man, and his view of philosophy is extraordinary. For him, philosophy is logic with observation. He also said that without the soul, the body has no life. For him, there are three kinds of souls. First, the Vegetative Soul; it’s the soul of plants and trees and it has the powers of reproduction and assimilation. Second, the Locomotive Soul; it is the soul of animals, and just like Vegetative Soul it also has powers of reproduction and assimilation, locomotion, and sensation. Lastly, the Rational Soul; is the soul of man and it has the powers of reproduction, assimilation, locomotion, sensation, and reason.

The first thing that came to my mind was, why is Aristotle’s views in life and philosophy correlated to mine? Why am I drawn to his idea? How can I say that we both have the same views? Well, I can say that the views and reflections in the life of Aristotle and mine are most likely, alike. With him claiming that man is not solely a soul but a body endowed with life, I can say that I agree with him because I believe that we do not own this body and we are just in this body to have a physical form. When we die, our souls leave our body so our body doesn’t have a life anymore. The soul keeps our body awake, our soul and body are united with each other. The soul is the giver of life, anything that has life must have a soul. Our body will not work without the soul and our soul will not work without the body. It needs each other to work properly, just like with our minds and body. Without our bodies, our minds are useless, and without the mind; the body is useless too. When we die, our souls leave our bodies; we do not know what happens after. The universe is so complex and leaves many mysteries. Seeking wisdom is a bit hard but when you understand how things work, you will eventually understand.

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Therefore, my reflections and experiences in life are correlated to the views of Aristotle himself. For me, our soul is the life of our body and without it, we wouldn’t exist. God gave me life and formed in his own image. He is the giver of Life. We do not own this body but we inhabit this body and our soul is united with it. I conclude that my views and Aristotle are correlated in a way that we experienced the same thing. It is how our soul body is attached to each other, so our body will not work without the soul and vice versa.

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