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Art As Not Vandalism In The Novel Graffiti Moon

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Anyone living in a big city knows that graffiti is becoming more and more popular. When it comes to graffiti themes, most of us will readily agree that this is an emerging art. However, the argument usually ends with graffiti art. Some people think it is vandalism, others think it is a crime. Most people agree that graffiti is a way for artists to express emotions that can attract the attention of contemporary people and be used by the public.

In 2011, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford launched the ‘Graffiti Elimination Operation’ to end all vandalism in Toronto. Ford believes that graffiti can damage the health, safety and security of the community. Ford said: ‘This is not art, it’s rubbish, it’s graffiti, it’s bullshit.’ (2011, Pat). In other words, Ford believes that graffiti is not art. Ford does not agree that you must treat graffiti as art because art is defined as the expression or application of human creativity and imagination. Graffiti is art. Painting is art. Most people agree that graffiti is an art, artists can express their feelings, inspire young people today, and apply it to the public.

Artists view art as a form of self-expression. Art can show the artist’s feelings and also bring emotions to the audience. Usually people regard art as a picture and use it as decoration, but there are many different ways to explain the beauty of art. Artists use different techniques to express their feelings. In painting, the most expressive form is color. Dark colors are used to express depression, sadness, depression and more negative emotions. On the contrary, bright colors show joy, softness, joy and a more positive feeling. Bridget Riley ’s point of view is: “In the end, all paintings are about the relationship between color, shape and line, whether abstract or figurative.” (Higgins, 2012) . Bridget is correct about the relationship between color, shape and line between paintings, because people may not know that graffiti allows artists to express themselves in unconventional ways.

Graffiti provides a way for modern people to express themselves without following traditional art. Graffiti artists can use this modern art form and help express the feeling they want to show to the public. Usually, art is bright, rigorous and colorful to attract the attention of others. However, other graffiti artists express themselves by creating political declarations, ideas, or opinions that convey information or have an impact on society.

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Art has a powerful way of imparting skills that other skills cannot teach. Art can enhance creativity, which is an important skill that the school takes away. For some students, it helps improve self-esteem, motivation, and ability to succeed in the program. Art can help you open your imagination and change your worldview.

People who succeed in art may disagree with traditional methods of artistic creation. However, they may graffiti in other ways. Graffiti helps promote individualism, rather than putting other people’s ideas into practice. The canvas is a wall, which means they can use their imagination to create. Since prehistoric times, graffiti has become an art. At the time, cavemen marked stories on the walls of the cave. It is now considered a modern crime. If graffiti is taught in art education, it may inspire more people to learn art and transform it into a traditional art form. If children grow up in art, then there is no doubt that they will be affected. Graffiti artist Atek84 said: ‘If the art of your age is still very young, then you will grow up and want to play art. I eventually tried graffiti, which I really like.’ Atek84’s point of view is that if you grow up, you will be inspired Try various arts. Although some people do not like artwork, it is publicly available.

The public can enter many art venues. From your leisure park to the nearest art gallery. The purpose of the public to obtain artwork is to face the public and place it in an accessible location. For example, the museum focuses on collecting and displaying the art history of artists around the world. It can also help collude with artists and the public.

However, this generation of young people is not interested in visiting art galleries, so they will not be exposed to art. The artist brings graffiti directly to the public, making it a city decoration, and can make this artistic method arouse people’s interest. The carefully crafted graffiti works are creative, colorful and rare. It turned boring buildings and plain walls into masterpieces, attracting the attention of others. Usually this is positive because graffiti attracts tourists

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