Artificial Intelligence: Critique Analysis

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It is undeniably true that technology has modified both people and the world. Over the years, technology continuously evolves (Melanie, 2019). These innovations paved way for the development of more advanced technology that makes people be prescience (Evans, 2019). From telephones, computers and smartphones, modern technology is now introducing strong artificial intelligence (Saeed, 2017).

As stated by McCarthy (2007), “Artificial intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially computer programs”. According to Kumar (2019), artificial intelligence is used to describe the capability of a program to think and learn. It is innovated systems of computer that is capable of performing tasks like humans. Examples are speech recognition, visual perception and decision making (Nones, Palipu & Wallace, n.d.).

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Artificial intelligence is classified into two: the weak AI and the strong AI. Weak artificial intelligence is the type of AI that is currently being used. These weak AI’s are pre-programmed to do a specific task (James, 2019). Siri is one of the best examples of weak artificial intelligence. It became popular because it assists users on their daily routine such as sending messages, getting directions, and finding information (Saeed, 2017). Weak artificial intelligence may look smart, but in reality, they were just fed with some information they are programmed to.

Strong artificial intelligence is the classification of AI that is being introduced today. According to the study of Nones, Palepu, & Wallace (n.d.) and an article written by James (2019), strong artificial intelligence was made to mimic the things a human being can do. Currently, there is no strong artificial intelligence existing, but that is what the scientist aims to create. Strong artificial intelligence, if successfully created, would indubitably be favorable but would also be hostile if not properly used.

According to Kumar (2019) and Nones et. al., artificial intelligence would cause both advantages and disadvantages. It would be advantageous in a way that errors made by humans will be downgraded and reduction of human causalities such as accidents and disasters would be achieved. Aside from the things mentioned, using artificial intelligence would be useful in different areas. This could be used in the field of medicine, engineering, and more.

The Age of AI: An Overview

On December 19, 2019 YouTube Originals published a series entitled ‘The Age of AI’. This basically tackles about artificial intelligence and its functions. It is subdivided into 8 episodes which are: 1) How Far Is Too Far?; 2) Healed Through AI; 3) Using AI to Build a Better Human; 4) Love, Art and Stories: Decoded; 5) The ‘Space Architects’ of Mars; 6) Will Robot Take My Job?; 7) Saving the World One Algorithm at a Time; 8) How AI Is Searching for Aliens. This paper focuses on few episodes: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 6 and Episode 7. Episodes will be discussed in general.

It has been observed that different episodes were interrelated. Episode 1, 2, and 3 focuses on how artificial intelligence will fill in the flaws and imperfections of humans and how it will act alike, while other episodes mainly focus on how artificial intelligence affect the society in general. The series focuses more on the positive side of having an artificial intelligence but it is already a common knowledge that everything has a pros and cons. Will artificial intelligence be a threat to human?

Base on the first episode of ‘The Age of AI’ entitled ‘How Far Is Too Far?’ machines, robots or AI is basically a reflection of human intelligence. They copy what or how human beings do are doing and they will do it as well. While doing an intelligent system or program there are a lot of risks or unexpected things that people have to expect to happen. This is because it is not easy to deal with machines or robots unlike human that have instinct or different languages used to communicate with each other. In machines, codes are being used like music, movements and body language for them to understand what people are trying to tell them. Though it is hard using this because humans are trying to evolve or innovate every creation, people also have to innovate as well by using computations or numbers to make the system or program of the machine function well. It's very difficult for a researcher or inventor to produce an artificial intelligence that can imitate what human beings are doing. It must look like exactly like the human that it has to copy, and every movement of it must be monitored and calculated because it might distinction any time.

The second episode discussed how artificial intelligence would help human fill in their imperfections. Human with disabilities would benefit to this. This is because artificial intelligence would help them do what a normal people do. The example shown in the video was the ‘speech recognition’. According to de Jesus (2019), artificial intelligence for speech recognition is programmed to convert the spoken words into text. This would really help a person struggling to speak to be understood. As included in this episode, healing through artificial intelligence has been also emphasized. Through artificial intelligence, diseases and disabilities would be studied. Since this technology has high accuracy, accurate data will be gathered that would lead to the cure or treatment for the specific problem in human health. This would probably be advantageous since this would lessen the burden of finding cure that the doctor’s or scientist could not.

In this AI episode, ‘Using AI to Build Better Humans’, Dr. Dowey, Jr. interview people who experience life changing accidents, where they experience losing some parts of their body, paralyzed or hurting them so bad because of their accidents. AI invented modern technology to become a 'modern superhero'. They help human beings to find ways to rebuild one another so that we can be better, faster and stronger than ever of course with the help of AI. They did this to end human disability. Hugh Herr lost his leg because of mountain climbing, he dedicated his self to redesign his first own leg and to design the legs of many people around the world. Hugh launched the prosthetic industry into the bionic future. They build prosthetic legs that have brain which is a small computer that is a size of a thumbnail and that brain receives sensory information that makes signals on the bionic limbs and make decisions on how to actuate its self. There is a man that have been amputated his legs and decided to try the AI inventions. They create little biological joints by linking the muscle together in pairs so that if the person thinks and moves the limbs that have been amputated away, the muscle move and send sensations that can directly link to a biological limb, so that they can feel the synthetic movement within their own nervous system. They also use electrodes to drive the virtual muscle and send sensation to the brain. Their goal is to extend human capabilities beyond physiological function. Bionics is not only seeking to achieve normative function in humans, but also to extend human expression beyond what people were born with. AI technology introduce us the transformation of society with this people can enjoy life especially those persons with disabilities. They are just tools that can make people stronger, smarter and faster.

Episode 4 explains that AI starts to become an alternative for companions and artists all by itself. Questions and desires that have made men wonder for centuries are now possible to answer with an AI companion or artist. Using artistry psychological insight and some innovative AI a creator in California is trying to decode the crazy thing called love.

There is an application that uses several kinds of machine learning. First voice recognition converts speech into text, then a chat box matches user input to pre-programmed response, this focuses in conversation of a person and the app. The build AI system that is similar to a human level conversation. The technology can fill the gap where another human is not. They did a study where patients were more forth coming with the avatar than they did with the human doctor because it was perceived to be less judgmental. They build a doll that people can talk to and can fill the love that they want. With AI technology they are trying to create a doll that can be like human, a doll that can talk, have a real conversation, can feel and see to read emotion and to recognize. They trained a machine or an algorithm to become a face reader because of these the dolls can be like humans in the future. AI is today’s most powerful technology, and in the next few decades it will change everything about the nature of being human. Understanding what it is, how it works, and something about its promise and its peril will increasingly be basic literacy for citizens. This is a well-made, well-informed show that will get many more people up to speed, and that is greatly to be welcomed.

As viewed in the sixth episode of the series, it is more likely to be artificial intelligence replacing humans in doing their jobs. They say machines are better than humans when it comes to workforce because machines never get tired but on the other hand machine doesn't have a lot of characteristics that a human being has. According to Jessica Barden, a technologist, business consultant and blogger, “we can predict that robots are soon going to replace many jobs that are today performed by humans”. Work where in instead of people are working to produce a product the machines will replace them. The advantage of technology when it comes to workforce is that, there are a lot of characteristics that a human being has, but a robot doesn't. One of those characteristics is common sense, conscience and emotions. Because doing a certain job, work or profession is not for money or salary it is about us doing our job with love and passion. And robot does not have that kind of affection or emotion when it comes to work. Thus, robots are program to have knowledge about their surroundings but it doesn't mean that they are intelligent as human being is. The knowledge that they have are limited and robots cannot be fiction without the help of humans. Robots can also be easily manipulated by other people by changing their 'mother chip' that they have in their body to function unlike human beings we don't have micro ship or mother ship that's why we can't be easily manipulated by other people.

Lastly, the series, specifically episode 7, also tackles on how artificial intelligence would help in amelioration of the world. Wildlife is very important to everyone because it is like a home for our animals most especially wild animals that people cannot afford to adopt. It is very crucial state at this moment because of modernization time wherein wild rift and animals are being take advantage. In this episode, the age of AI saving the world one algorithm at a time. What is algorithm? It is a step-by-step procedure used in solving different problems. They see the wildlife endangered because of dying animals like elephants and another maybe because of scarcity, some natural attacks and maybe the invasion of human to them. The Mara Elephant Project team has invented a device that will help them track, monitor, even know when there are humans that will invade or kill wild animals including elephants. It is a camera that snaps or capture photos when there are motions detected like just a move whether it is people or animals and it can capture thousands of pictures to also know if there are unidentified species in the wildlife. As I see they created it without knowing whether it will work or not because that’s the reality of a technology being invented. A doctor in the Mara Elephant Project in Africa where the investigation starts and the main setting of the episode states that the problem within this technology is they don’t know if it will work in the field and I agree with it same us other technologies being invented and created, the only problem is not the technicality because it can be repair and adjust but the problem is that is it going to work when we release it or it is in the field. When they tested the camera with their fingers crossed, luckily the demo mode works the camera captures a guy walking at night and as a conclusion it is alright to use in the field. The other hand another alternative invention is being tested, instead of using meat as a daily food and lifestyle, they propose a technology that will use plans as alternatives. The technology created by NotCo is called Guiseppe. The main work of this is aiming to have and tell us how to reproduce an animal food just by using plants. Instead of using the original taste and texture, the Guiseppe will reproduce and use the components of the original to the components of the plants to create the same taste and texture. How unimaginable it is right? What is the main purpose why they doing this? As stated earlier it is to reduce the use of animal meat or to lessen the consumption of animals that helps us and has a major role to in this world and also a big factor in the climate. One last episode is by inventing a device that replicates rocks and granites to lessen the use of the earth’s solid portions.

As a conclusion to this, technology nowadays really makes sense. This helps reduce man’s works, replicate some originals to be able to have a great alternative at it. As the world continuously age, people should realize that it is possible for humans to make a change to the decreasing value of the planet. Difference can be made just by believing that people can combine ideas for change to happen. Yes, there are always disadvantaged in everything, every invention most commonly in technology but the important thing is it has solutions and humans were the only solution, the only way to save the world to destruction, people’s ideas and works are a great impact. It is possible to make the world into the better future.

Artificial Intelligence: The Critique

Artificial Intelligence would be a great help in every aspect of human life. Thus, when abused, could lead to hostile and disasters. Artificial intelligence was created basically to lessen the burden to human life. But just like all the other technology that people currently have, this could lead to human’s own danger. There are literally pros and cons of having this. Almost all the positive impact of having an artificial intelligence has already been stated in the overview. Alluring, right? Who would not want to have a technology like that? But do people realize its negative effect? Proper understanding of what an artificial intelligence is should be further discussed. Everyone should be aware of how it is used and the limitations of people on using it. Not any of the technology has been a problem. The real problem is the human who uses it. Human tends to be self-centered most of the time. People want everything to be easy leading to abuse and improper use of whatever thing this generation currently has. The bottom line here is, nothing is bad if used moderately. Nothing should go over nor should go less. Moderation and discipline are the key to the success of achieving the goal almost everyone wanted which is change.


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