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Artificial Intelligent System for Efficient Swine Flu Prediction Using Naive Bayesian Classifier: Analytical Essay

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Swine Flu cases are rarely observed but are to be found subsequently increasing in Countries like India. They can be treated if it is detected in early stage. However many times it is difficult to predict as the symptoms are almost similar to other viral fevers. In this paper we propose Artificial Intelligent System for Efficient Swine Flu Detection (ESFD) using Naive Bayesian Classifier on SFdataset created from Knowledge based system. The ESFD is first trained by using training set with symptoms observed in Swine Flu cases and Naive Bayesian Classifier and then test set is applied to predict the if the disease if prevailing or not.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligent System, Efficient Swine Flu Detection (ESFD), Naive Bayesian Classifier, Swine Flu

1. Introduction

The subclass of Influenza A Virus is a virus Influenza a HIN1 causing Swine Flu and was foremost frequent reason behind human influenza also called flu in the year 2009. H1N1 leaves a few strains that are prevalent in human that creates a slight part of every influenza- resembling sickness and a little part of entire influenza that are seasonal. Additional strains of specified virus of other types are also observed in birds and in pigs[1].

The Swine flu is originally generated by viruses related to influenza that are disease related to respiration that affect respiratory organs in pigs, leading to listless actions, nasal secretions, decreased hunger and barking cough. The same types of symptoms are observed in people affected by Human flu as in pigs affected by Swine flu [2, 3].

In USA the Swine Influenza flu was initially in around 1930 seduded in pigs. A lot of investigations were being done. However, the Swine Flu if first observed in few places in Mexico and is then coined as H1N1. Later in USA the same H1N1 virus is observed in people and drastically that has spread a lot and more than 10000 persons are badly affected in over forty plus countries. In 2011 the lastest one is specified to be H3N2v with an influenza A H3N2v. [5,6].

1.1 Existing System

Flu viruses are spread mostly from an individual to another individual using any medium either by sneezing or direct cough from patients suffering from this virus. This can sometimes be affected even by touching the surfaces such as furniture or walls which are touched by the patient by which some people will be hospitalized. If specified virus is not detected on time and eradication then diseases like Swine Flu will be spread rapidly. The manual approaches are time taking [7].

1.2 Proposed System

The proposed System on Artificial Intelligent System is used for efficient Swine Flu Detection which is reliable. This requires a proper training set and test set for training the system. Once the system is trained the test set is used for verifying the system [8].

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2. Efficient Swine Flu Detection using Naive Bayesian Classifier

2.1. Swine Flu Symptoms

The symptoms such as headache, Joint Pains, Muscle Pains, Chills, running nose, dry cough and fatigue in any influenzas and they are similar in Swine Flu. However few cases have been reporting that include Diarrhea, fever, Vomiting, and neurological issues.

The high risk is observed in individual with severe complications include elderly age group, kids less than five year of age, children with neurodevelopment anomalies, women who are pregnant and such people who are prone with medical conditions that are abnormal and underlying such as diabetic patients, people suffering from asthma or cardiac patients and such people who are immune suppressed, people suffering from obesity in any age group [2,9].

2.1.1. Severe case Symptoms

It is stated by WHO so as to medical image in stern case patients is strictly completely variant in Swine Flu compared to disease pattern observed throughout epidemics. If the people with sick medical history are pretended and expected headed for high risk, numerous critical cases are also observed in hale and hearty people with good medical history. Though research is presently going on the influencing factors that amplify the drastic danger of rigorous unhealthiness don’t seem to be presently understood. Patients with severe health condition are found to be okay initially. But around three to five days generally they begin to get worse after the onset of symptoms. Fast deterioration is being observed with failure in respiration in several patients within twenty four hours. Immediate Respiratory Support and Intensive Care Unit support is required with mechanical ventilation in case of most patients [5].

Immediate medical attention is recommended by CDC if any experience of warning signs of emergency is observed in person attacked with swine flu [7].

In adults they embody problem in respiratory or squatness of breath, pressure and pain within abdomen or chest, confusion, fast giddiness, , severe vomiting persistently and temperature.

In kids they include difficulty in breathing or speed breathing, skin color turns blue, not accepting fluids, feeling lazy and sleepy, non-interacting, behaves irritable that the children usually don’t hold, symptoms related to other flu that recover but eventually turns to worst cough and high temperature, high temperature with a rash, not eating, having no tear when crying.

2.2.2. Complications

In Swine Flu attacked healthy patients who are suffering from obesity complications are being observed and who are attacked with prior respiratory disease and as principally they are infected by pneumonia disease. This happens most usually in adults who may be required to place under ventilation in ICT due to acute respiratory organ injury. Infections due to bacteria are more commonly observed in children. The prominent cause of secondary bacterial pneumonia is due to Staphylococcus aurous, along with MRSA with a higher mortality rate. Cardiac complications and Neuromuscular are uncommon but there’s an opportunity of occurrence. Fulminate myocarditis and pulmonary emboli were other complications detected [4].

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