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Asian Americans: Japanese American as One of the Most Discriminated Minorities in US

In the United States today, Asian Americans are seen as “model minorities” that prove minorities in the US can succeed. While Asian Americans today do tend to be very successful, there was a period in American history where they were one of the most discriminated groups in the United States. Natalie Ong, a Japanese American, has experienced both discrimination and success. Though she now lives a comfortable life and has been a part of the Houston City Council, as a...
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Perception of Illness and Treatment Among Asian Americans

Asian Americans are one of the diverse ethnic groups in US. There are 20 million Asian Americans in United State which represent 6% of US population (Yi, S. S.,2020). They are the fastest growing minority in the US. Research shows that Asian Americans are at high risk for hepatitis B, Liver Cancer, Tuberculosis and lung cancer among other condition. Compared with the low-risk group, the odds of having an unmet healthcare need was 1.52 times greater in the moderate-risk group...
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Analytical Essay on Asian American Culture: Multidimensional Acculturation Scale

For the past few decades, acculturalization has emerged to be one of the most investigative topics in multicultural research, according to Kang (2006). As such, the increased interest of exploring the complicated process of acculturation process from the empirical viewpoint has paved way for the development of numerous measures closely related to two fundamental acculturation models: Unidimensional and Bidimensional. According to the United States 2010 Census Bureau, Asian American population represents 5% of the total American population. Consequently, based on...
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Essay on Asian American Culture: Analysis of Mental Health in Asian American Women

Mental Health in Asian American Women Throughout the subpopulation of Asian American women, many of them suffer from mental health challenges, however, this is a population that is often overlooked in society due to their reputation of being over-achievers and highly successful academically. Asian American women suffer from numerous mental health disorders and this population requires more attention due to the underutilization of mental health services that are sought out by them compared to other ethnic groups in America. This...
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Cultural Variations Related to Death, Dying and Terminal Illness in the Asian American Community

Our America is full of diversity and multiple ethnic groups, this is what makes us unique. How does this help us, if we do not understand the basics about each other? Everyone in healthcare needs to establish and understand their own cultural beliefs before trying to understand those of a different ethnic group. The purpose of this paper is to discuss cultural variations related to terminal illness, death and dying in the Asian American community. The paper discusses my beliefs...
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Asian American Parenting Features

Asian American culture is dissimilar from Western culture. Many of the families come to the United States to improve their life, especially for their children. Asian immigrant parents are portrayed as strict and controlling in the media. They can create an impression of having a lack of empathy for their kids. These cultural factors can impact the mental health of children. Many immigrant parents either come from poverty, fleeing wars, or sacrificed everything from their home country including their houses,...
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Essay on Asian American Culture: Critical Review of “Chan is Missing”

The first scene of “Chan is Missing” is a close-up shot that highlights Jo in the cab picking up a rider. The cinematography choice of someone entering the cab gives the audience a feeling of being brought through a journey that encounters the different possibilities of being Asian in America. The film’s general focus was to find Chan, but his search was used as a metaphor to discover the different ideals and stereotypes that people have for the Chinese community....
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Color of Culture: Unacknowledged Marginalization and Discrimination of Latin American and Asian American in US

Two different ethnic groups that experience the color of culture concept that is described by Martinez in Seeing More than Black and White are Latinos or Chicanos and Asians. Both groups do not fit in either category of black or white, and yet the cultures of both groups are forced into the different molds that society holds for them. The attributes of the cultures of both groups are perceived a certain way and this is largely because of the perception...
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Descriptive Essay on Asian American Culture: The Living Lie of Asian Americans

The Living Lie of Asian Americans Did you know that there is a common stereotype about how if you are an Asian American, you are smarter and have a better life than the rest of the races in society? This stereotype is what Ronald Takaki proves wrong in his essay, The Harmful Myth of Asian Superiority. The title of Takaki’s essay has a dark meaning to it. My understanding of this title is that the dominance of the Asian American...
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Mental Health As an Issue in Asian American Culture: Analytical Essay

The core of this article is identifying the mental health needs of people based on their nationality. In general, when people are going through tough times or stressful events, most people tend to reach out for help with people they trust and feel cared for, usually family or friends. Studies recently made, showed that Asian Americans do not usually tend to seek or reach out for help, compared to European Americans. Having mentioned this, we can identify some of the...
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East Asian Influence on U.S. Culture

The idea of the term ‘culture’ was first conceived in 106 BC, by Marcus Tullius Cicero, a Roman lawyer, philosopher, and orator. In his work ‘Tusculanes’, he describes culture as the creation and maturity of the soul and mind, through the phrase ‘Cultura Animi’. Over time, the idea of culture has been shifted and perceived differently by the people of their times. The earliest modern example of the description of today’s definition of culture is from Edward Burnett Tylor, English...
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Immigration Legislation: Discrimination and Risks Which Asian Americans Faced

If Asian Americans are to assume the role of bridge builders across the Pacific, what are the opportunities, the risks, the promises, the perils? Have you ever heard of the saying, “the nation was built on the backs of immigrants”? Immigrants has sometimes brought out the worst in our nation. Other times it has brought out the best as we have remembered what kind of country we claim and aspire to be. People most of the time think by just...
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