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Intercultural Communications Contemporary Tensions Intercultural communication is communication between two individuals or groups of different cultural origins or social groups and how culture affects communication between the two individuals or groups. It can be defined as a concept and competence that individuals or groups should acquire to facilitate better communication. Acquiring intercultural competence equips one with qualities that can enhance intercultural communication. It means having skills, knowledge, and attitudes towards understanding intercultural communication. Intercultural communication not only studies the interaction...
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Two different ethnic groups that experience the color of culture concept that is described by Martinez in Seeing More than Black and White are Latinos or Chicanos and Asians. Both groups do not fit in either category of black or white, and yet the cultures of both groups are forced into the different molds that society holds for them. The attributes of the cultures of both groups are perceived a certain way and this is largely because of the perception...
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In the United States today, Asian Americans are seen as “model minorities” that prove minorities in the US can succeed. While Asian Americans today do tend to be very successful, there was a period in American history where they were one of the most discriminated groups in the United States. Natalie Ong, a Japanese American, has experienced both discrimination and success. Though she now lives a comfortable life and has been a part of the Houston City Council, as a...
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“Affirmative action alleviates symptom, not kills the disease”. Could JFK predict that two specific words from the order he signed would spur a social turmoil that would last for decades? The words are 'affirmative action', and their meaning depends on the current political regime as well as on the motivation of a person that juggles with them. The original intention behind the affirmative action was to provide qualified underrepresented minorities with government job positions and to ensure that they are...
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If Asian Americans are to assume the role of bridge builders across the Pacific, what are the opportunities, the risks, the promises, the perils? Have you ever heard of the saying, “the nation was built on the backs of immigrants”? Immigrants has sometimes brought out the worst in our nation. Other times it has brought out the best as we have remembered what kind of country we claim and aspire to be. People most of the time think by just...
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The primary focus of New Right Criminology (NRC) is on the prevention and control of criminal behavior. This is our current system in which the criminals are to be prevented from breaking the criminal law and punished if they do. With origins in Classical Theory, NRC accepts rational choice theory in which people act fails to consider why people may choose to break the law; or the concepts of power and structures in society (Haines, White, & Asquith, 2017)....
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During the 1900s, there were lots of controversy between America and other axis countries. There is so many reasons why the Japs and Americans were at each other necks. First, the Japs had attacked Pearl Harbor and this was one of the brutalist attacks that has ever happened. The Americans didn’t react fast enough and didn’t know what to do once it had happened. All they could do is try and fight for their country and their lives. At that...
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The issue of diversity has been present for a very long time and it has been subject to many debates with various leaders taking a different position regarding the matter. The world today as it was many decades ago is a diverse place with people coming from diverse backgrounds in terms of their culture, political and religious views, race and ethnicity and diversity of thoughts among others. Several strides have been made over the years in trying to promote diversity....
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