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Asthma, the Inside Attack: Opinion Essay

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Asthma is no joke, it kills, literally. People are always suffering in one way or another form asthma. But it does have to be like that for you, there are many resources, and lifestyle choices that can limit your chance of developing this life-changing disease. Asthma hits hard, take some time, read this article and protect yourself.

Jesse, a 5-year-old girl said “When I have an asthma attack, I feel like a fish with no water.”* Asthma is not just a minor breathing disorder, but serious and potentially fatal disease. Asthma is prevalent in 1 in 9 people or 11.12% of the Australian population. Unlike other lifestyle diseases, asthma has been increasing in all racial, age and gender groups. Asthma has been on the rise since the 1980s and has shown a little decline.

Asthma is a long-term disease that causes inflammation, swelling and contraction of the throat and larynx which causes difficulty breathing, Asthma is also known as Chronic Respiratory Disease (or CRD). this is a brief description a more in-depth and informative definition can be found at the national lung heart and blood foundation. (link in the bibliography)

If your family has had a history of those afflicted with asthma, you are 3 to 6 times more likely to develop asthma than someone without a family history. It has also been observed that asthma is more prevalent in obese individuals, as the fatty tissue around the lungs and throat causes stress and pressure to be put on the organs causing difficulty functioning, and leading to the development of asthma. Males are characteristically more likely to develop asthma than females. Also people who work in areas where they are constantly exposed to dust, and residue from woodworking or timber processing, are more likely to develop asthma, as the small particle can cause infections of the throat, larynx and lungs, which can lead to difficulty breathing and the development of asthma. This type of asthma occurrence can also be found in those who work with chemical fumes, in mines, around molds or harmful vapors. It can also cause scarring and damage that can lead to a vulnerability to other infections. Asthma has been steadily increasing, since its discovery

Asthma kills around 440 people a year and accounts for 0.3% of all deaths in Australia per year. People who have asthma in rural and remote areas are more likely to die of asthma due to a lack of suitable and reachable medical facilities. It has also been observed that people in rural areas are more likely to smoke, which is a lead contributor to the development of Asthma, also in places of a lower socioeconomic status. Those who are afflicted with Asthma lead very challenging lifestyles. Asthma causes inflammation of the throat and lungs, those who have asthma, especially youth, are constantly at risk when undergoing respiratory challenging activities, such as running as one would be more vulnerable to an asthma attack due to the rapid contractions of the lungs and diaphragm. If a bronchodilator is not available immediately, the person having an asthma attack is in a very dangerous situation.

Around 60% of youth with asthma limit their physical activity due to the condition, which can cause a lack of physical development. Limiting physical activity also creates less social exposure, which has been linked to depression, the development of inferiority complexes and bad mental health in general. This is because of a lack of participation and an inability to work. Asthma can cause anyone to have to take days off work or school, because of inflammation, especially in children. When the suffering individual is left out their mental health is negatively impacted, which causes depression but also insecurity, this is backed up by the fact that studies shed to light 78% of those with asthma constantly had their asthma in the back of their mind. The statistics were found in an article by the Asthma and Allergy foundation.

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There are a number of effective ways to deal with asthma, one of those ways to have an asthma plan and familiarise yourself with each step, essentially memorizing it. This will allow you to inform those nearby you in the event of an asthma attack on how to help, providing a copy of your plan to your school, or work as well. This will give your co-workers and peers clear instructions on what to do.

Another way to deal with asthma is to stay away from pets, the dander of cats and dogs is a very common cause of inflammation in those who have asthma. Staying away from these animals will lower your chances of having an asthma attack. If going near cats and/or dogs it is a good idea to keep your inhaler on hand inc case of your asthma flares up.

Having a healthy diet, and maintaining a healthy weight will lower the severity and scale of an asthma attack. Having a healthy diet, with low fats and sugars, will aid your immune system and lead to less fat buildup, which would put pressure on your lungs and throat. There are a number of diets that will be beneficial to those with asthma, high fruit and veg intake is recommended, but also vitamins a, b, and d, as well as a decent amount of magnesium. The recommendation of minerals and vitamins was derived from the Mayo clinic.

Along with having a good diet, asthmatic people should also partake in regular but easy exercise to help maintain healthy body weight. Having regular exercise patterns will allow your body to become familiar with the exercise. Aqua-aerobic is a very effective way to exercise without the risk of asthma attack, as the water allows you to work your muscles efficiently, without much respiratory strain.

I also have proposed that asthmatics commit to regular exercise, but not stray away from the physical activity with others like at school but instead take 1-3 deep breaths of their puffer to calm down their throat and lower their chance of having an asthma attack. This will allow the asthmatic to maintain an active lifestyle more freely and be more social and lower the chance of developing depression, anxiety or an inferiority Complex.

There are a number of resources and facilities available to asthmatics. All hospitals have the resources to treat an asthma attack, but there is an asthma helpline 1800 ASTHMA (278462) the hotline is open 24/7 and will help you deal with/treat an asthma attack, give advice on how to reduce the risk of an asthma attack and most likely answer any queries. This service is very useful, and practical, as anyone who needs immediate help can easily access this resource. Another resource for asthmatics is the Asthma Australia website is a resource for those who seek to learn more about asthma, its risk factors, its management and also informs you on common asthma triggers and current research going towards asthma. To access the site simply search” Asthma Australia’ and access the first link. This resource if still very useful although the accessibility is considerably lower than that of the hotline, it can also offer information at higher detail, so still a very useful and effective resource. The national asthma council of Australia, provides brochures to hospitals and general practitioners, these little booklets provide ample information on asthma and risk factors, and there are also downloadable copies available on the internet, this is a very effective resource because anyone waiting for seeing a doctor will be able to read up on asthma easily, and have the knowledge of how to treat an asthma attack in the event that someone does have one, providing one to bored people is also an effective tactic as they are more likely to read it given that they have nothing else to do.

Asthma is a serious problem that affects millions of people, but when you take the right measures, precautions, and life choices, it harms can be prevented reduced, and negated, there are many resources that can help with asthma, should it come out that, but by reading this article, hopefully, you have thought of how you can take these things into account and save yourself from asthma. The inside killer.

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