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Essays on Astronomy

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Brahmagupta And His Contributions To Astronomy

Indian mathematics can be dated all the way back to 400 AD with intelligent mathematicians who have developed the way we solve math equations in geometry and number theory today. One of the geniuses who contributed greatly to not only mathematics but astronomy as well...
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The Astronomy Of Ancient Egyptian

I address the Old Kingdom of Egypt in the lower Nile region in the following responses. As expected, astronomers observed the sky. They noted the rising and setting of celestial bodies and measured time by them (Ruiz 276). Certain religious rituals were held at specific...
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The Star Of The Show: Henrietta Swan Leavitt

Silent Sky, a play written by Lauren Gunderson, is a show about a young woman working in the Harvard Observatory where she is unable to fully express her genius brain due to her lack of rights as a woman in the early 1900’s. That woman...
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Out Of This World: Astronomer Caroline Herschel

Astronomy is, “the branch of science which deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.” (Dictionary. Com). We are so advanced in science today that we sometimes neglect to educate ourselves on the scientists who paved how. It is astonishing that...
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Ancient Astronomy Vs. Modern Astronomy

Ancient Astronomy Astronomy is the oldest of the natural sciences, dating back to historic period. Ancient astronomers had the ability to distinguish between stars and the planets. Stars remain relatively fixed over the years whereas planets move freely. Astronomy is arguably the oldest science. The...
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Historical Development Of Astronomy

What is Astronomy? Astronomy is the scientific study of matter in the external parts of the atmosphere of the Earth including stars, planets and what they are made of and lastly how they move. Early indigenous knowledge lunar calendar solar calendar constellation star lore Astronomy...
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The History Of Astronomy

Introduction In 1751, Rousseau wrote, that “Astronomy was born of superstition” [1], while this is a rational statement it does ignore other factors; such as weather, time keeping, and navigation. The early stages of astronomy, from prehistoric to ancient history, suggests religion primarily aids the...
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Astronomy As A Career Path

When you look up into the night sky you can spot thousands of stars, the moon and maybe other planets like Mars and Venus. This is the working place for astronomers and astrophysicists. Their job is it to solve the secrets of the universe, collect...
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Life Cycle Of Polaris

What is the big bang? The Big Bang Theory was introduced in 1927 by George Lemaitre. The theory explains that over 13.8 billion years ago the world started at one small point, then it started to expand and stretch. The size of the small point...
1 Page 397 Words

The Secrets Of The Universe by Aristotle And Dante

There are many numberless stories of science and till to date most of them are demystifying, and out, darkness is one. So far, no one can decide what is darkness and from where it continues to exist and why rights are overbearing to remove darkness....
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A Debate At Its Finest: Space Exploration

Space. A topic that often comes up in government discussions and is ALL over the news. The debate that has been recently going around in meetings and get-togethers, is if we should spend valuable resources on space exploration. So I ask you. Should the U.S....
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Voluntarily Saving The Planet

Humans are highly intelligent beings capable of generating ideas and stimulating impossible dreams into reality. Ever since Thomas Alva Edison invented the first commercially practical incandescent light in the form of a light bulb in 1879, to the twenty-first century when people carry around smartphones...
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Pluto Argument: Is It A Planet??

I think Pluto, in my opinion, is a planet. That might be an unpopular opinion. Here is my reasoning, and here is my argument.Pluto has been classified as a planet since 1930 when Clyde Tombaugh discovered it. As well as it fits a description of...
1 Page 475 Words

The Existence Of Water On Mars

Why is earth the only planet that is suitable for living? After several researches and operations that has been sent to other planets to see whether if it’s possible for us human beings to live on them, but result are still vague. Since, other planets...
1 Page 650 Words

Why Is Mars A Red Planet?

For this Investigation we are trying to figure out what turned Mars red/how did it turn red. All BU had to create their own experiment with some of the teacher’s help. This experiment was called the “Her Deshar the Fire Star”. For the experiment we...
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Space Exploration In The Simple Terms

Space exploration involves using the capabilities of humans and robots to investigate beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. It is the physical exploration of outer space stemming from scientist’s compulsion to know more about the Universe. Development of rockets, electronics and technologies in recent years has made...
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The Decisive Reason For Exploring Space

Why do people keep trying to go into space, and explore space? Today, many countries try to explore and study space. Many people argue that space exploration is dangerous, so should not be done anymore, but why do people still explore space? There are three...
1 Page 620 Words

The Significance Of Solar Eclipse In Science

As a tremendous natural phenomenon, solar eclipse holds great significance in many scientific approaches. Normally, Sun, the most efficient energy source for the whole solar system, emits light that is too powerful and therefore blocks light reflected from other stars nearby, nor corona, the outermost...
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Lunar And Solar Eclipse Meanings In Different Cultures

Introduction “The moon deserted her course and the sun at once veiled his beam threatening, no longer to give you light, if Cleon became general…” [8] This was the first western written record of the lunar eclipse by Aristophanes. Before that, people usually misunderstood it...
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