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Athletes Who Dope Should Forfeit Their Titles And Medals

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Should Athletes Who dope forfeit their Titles and Medals? Some people think that they should not, because the athletes work hard to keep their reputation, they are expected to be good at any sports, and that puts pressure on them that they have to be better and that leads to serious matters, they want something that can come to their nerves and be good at the sports activities they play, and the only thing to do is to dope.

I disagree. They need to have their medal forfeited especially if it was found out and supported, evidenced that they were under drugs when they go to them. Drugs for whatever reason may take them is medically proven to enhance one’s physical attributes. So, it is unfair to other athletes who also trained and work hard for the sport’s competition. In addition, certain sports events have requirements and screening like a contestant should not be qualified if he or she is with drugs, So that is a clear violation of the rules. They need to surrender their recognition because in the first place they are not meant to be qualified, right?

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It’s essentially cheating inside the game they play. Performance improving steroids are unfair in all sports, they are unfair due to the fact it offers the consumer a higher hand on the relaxation of the competition, making the consumer bigger, faster, and stronger. That’s no longer true to the relaxation of the competition. All sports activities ought to be herbal coaching athletes going head-to-head with equal odds of who wins and who loses. Not “super athletes” who use capsules towards natural, felony athletes. Steroid use in sports activities needs to permit the person of the capsules to be stripped of every title they gained whilst the use of the drugs. I mean What’s the factor of competition if nothing is fair? The entire factor of the Olympics of its all about breaking records? If that was the case, “then“ all athletes would use dope, there would be motors for bicycles, all due to the fact it is about breaking records. But that is no longer the case, it’s the competitive, tremendous strength it creates in the surroundings of the sport. Breaking all types of exceptional archives is exciting harming capsules is now not how they ought to be broken.

For all of this reason, the use of steroids or any different performance-enhancing capsules in all aggressive activity ought to be unlawful from the Olympics football, weightlifting to golf. Doping ought to by no means be allowed, and all athletes who use dope to beautify their overall performance ought to be stripped of their titles. Whether it is a man or woman activity or if one character in a crew is using. All doping instances ought to have their awards taken away as if they have been by no means received in the first place.

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