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Attachment Theory And Its Role In Child Development

Many developmental psychologists claim that a person’s childhood can be fundamental for their afterwards role in society and relationships. Developmental psychology is the study of changes in conduct and mental procedures during one’s life stages and the components that impact the course of these progressions. A critical extent of theories focus on the development that happens during childhood, which is considered the most important stage of life when relationships develop and the attachment style is shaped. Firstly, one of the...
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Parenting, Attachment Theory And Moral Development

ABSTRACT This research paper explores about socioemotional processes and theories of developmental psychology. Parenting styles, Theory of attachment, Kohlberg’s moral development and their strengths and weaknesses literature reviews and how the theories can be applicable to real life situations. INTRODUTION Socioemotional process consists of variations that occurs in an individual’s personality, emotions, and relationships with others during one’s lifetime (Santrock, 2007). Developmental psychology was initially targeted on studying how adolescents strengthen to develop into youngsters and then adults, but contemporary...
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Effects Of Attachment Theory On Children's Relationship Development

The idea of Attachment Theory is that ​as an infant we form these attachments with our caregivers that will later affect how the child behaviorally and emotionally develops into adulthood. These attachments the child makes with their caregiver from the very beginning can affect their relationships in the future; this concept lately has become a big debate on whether or not these attachments you form as an infant really do determine the kind of relationships you’ll have in the future....
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Attachment Theory Versus Attribution Theory, Politeness Theory Versus Face Theory: Comparative Analysis

The detailed study of language, usually interpersonal communication, came in the history of humanity and we consciously or unconsciously interpret what the body of the other says to give meaning to words. However, interpersonal communication is defined by the exchange of messages and codes between two individuals. The implication of the notion of distance constitutes an important point of communication because it identifies what kind of communication the interlocutors are granted. The concept of proximity refers to this interpersonal distance...
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Review Of Attachment Theory And Perspective To Challenges Of Clinical Work With Adolescent Mothers And Their Children

Introduction The roots of attachment theory were first established in the 1930s and 1940s when a number of clinicians observed the negative effects of maternal separations early in life. The theory of attachment was first proposed by John Bowlby who described it as a ‘lasting psychological connectedness between human beings in 1988. Attachment theory is the joint work of John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth. Attachment refers to the special bond and the lasting relationships that young children form with one...
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Attachment Theory: Secure and Insecure Attachments In Children And Adults

“Secure attachment was once viewed as important for infant development. More recently, it has been deemed the most important ingredient for successful relationship formation, strong self-identity & confidence to function and achieve in our lifetime.” Introduction A child’s experience in their early formative years largely influences their later development. The influence largely accounts for the development of their cognitive skills, emotional stability, personality, and social skills. According to Bawdy (1977), attachment is the emotional bond that individual forms towards another...
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Multidimensional Approach to Human Development Versus Attachment Theory

Introduction The purpose of this study is to review relevant literature surrounding the topic of John Bowlby’s Attachment theory. Firstly we will be highlighting the key principles of Louise Harms Multidimensional approach to human development and how an individuals inner and outer worlds are interconnected, followed by an examination of what Bowlby’s Attachment theory is and how it is used in practice. With the use of pertinent research we will explore Attachment theories strengths in understanding an individuals behaviours from...
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Attachment Theory: Concept Of Attachment In Relation To Social Workers

Describe and critically analyse the concept of ‘attachment’ in relation to social work with either (a) children and families or (b) adults. Given an example of how this theory is used in social work practice today. Social work is a profession which aims to improve the lives of people by supporting them with social needs, personal difficulties, promoting human rights and wellbeing. Social workers also protect vulnerable people from harm. (BASW 2015) In this essay, I will be illustrating how...
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The Influence Of Attachment On Childhood And Adulthood

Childhood has played a critical role in human’s life. It constructs the enormous rest portion of people’s life which involve in relationships with an intimate partner, reactions with an unfamiliar stranger or even the using the approach, experiences once receive in childhood and to pass it to the next generation. Although it is quite essential to form a secure type of attachment but having an Insecure and ambivalence child can still be frame into a secure type of adult after...
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Analysis of the Movie 'Babies' through John Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development and Bowlby’s Evolutionary Theory of Attachment

The movie ‘Babies’ by Thomas Balmès takes us on a trip around the world to observe four newborn babies for the first two years of their lives. The movie looks at the relationship infants have with their parents and compares their development through a series of vignettes when each child accomplishes certain milestones. Throughout this paper I will discuss two theories that I felt were evident in the movie ‘Babies’. John Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and Bowlby’s evolutionary theory...
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Social Principles Of Behavior: Anxiety-Attachment Theory

In a time that has many individuals on edge, anxiety personality is common in today’s social norm. A way that many individuals have been able to overcome their panic attacks have been by attaching themselves to someone or something that makes them feel comfortable or at ease. Generally, these behavioral traits are triggered through cultural or environmental traits that have been infused in them pre-birth and post-birth. As individuals get older, anxiety-attachment personality can resonate and becomes less manageable, this...
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Attachment Styles & Their Influence On Later Life

The parental interaction towards children during their development is what shapes their further development into later life. This review of secure-attachment, sensitive parenting and later social-emotional development will examine literature that supports the hypothesis that secure-attachment in infancy predicts a positive development and benefits compared to other attachment styles. Bowlby (1973; 1980) notes that attachments between caretakers and children begin at infancy. Children learn how to maximise and maintain proximity and elicit protection and care through their own perception of...
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