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Look at Infant Development in the Documentary 'Babies'

The documentary ‘Babies’ documents the development of four newborns from different parts of the world ranging from Namibia to Mongolia, Japan and America. It depicts the child’s development processes and how cultural, social, emotional, and family ties play a crucial role. The documentary has no voice over narration, but we see sparse dialogue throughout its duration, which allowed the audience to pay close attention to the development of the babies and their interactions with the surroundings. It can be observed...
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Demonstration of the Baby's Development in the Movie 'Babies'

The movie ‘Babies’ allows us to view different developmental emergences of motor, perceptual, and intellectual capacities of four different babies. A major milestone that is demonstrated is the motor movement of each baby. In the first few months of a baby’s life, they will prone, lift head to prone chest up and use arms for support (Church-Lang, Lecture 7). This was demonstrated in the movie by mostly Ponijao, Hattie, and Mari. Bayar was more swaddled laying on his back instead...
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Review of Thomas Balmès' Documentary 'Babies'

Thomas Balmès documents the early phases of the lives of four culturally different newborns from birth until infancy in the documentary ‘Babies’. The experiences of Ponijao from Namibia, Bayanchandmachi (Bayar) from Mongolia, Mari from Japan and Hattie from California, provide insight into the influences culture has on cognitive development in the first years of life. This movie did not include narration nor subtitles which allows the focus to be on the infants and their interaction with their surroundings and allows...
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Close Analysis Essay: ‘Babies’ and ‘Kony 2012’

Childhood experiences are defined through the environments in which they are raised in. Regardless of their environment, a child will thrive through natural survival instincts, coping skills, and will exhibit resiliency characteristics throughout their childhood. Throughout the films ‘Kony 2012’ and ‘Babies’, it displays childhood from two very different views, and how childhood can manifest differently according to geographical habitus. ‘Kony 2012’ was a film produced by the organization Invisible Children, and was made to create awareness about a Lord’s...
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Babies': Child Rearing across Cultures

The movie ‘Babies’, produced by Thomas Balmes (2010), is a documentary that follows the lives of four babies from different parts of the world as they interact with their surroundings for the first year of their existence: Ponijao from Namibia, Mari (Japan), Bayar (Mongolia), and Hattie (America). Although there is no narrative in this movie, the similarities and differences in both the parenting practices and children’s development is apparent. The movie utilizes a naturalistic observation approach, choosing to stand back...
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Analysis of the Movie 'Babies' through John Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development and Bowlby’s Evolutionary Theory of Attachment

The movie ‘Babies’ by Thomas Balmès takes us on a trip around the world to observe four newborn babies for the first two years of their lives. The movie looks at the relationship infants have with their parents and compares their development through a series of vignettes when each child accomplishes certain milestones. Throughout this paper I will discuss two theories that I felt were evident in the movie ‘Babies’. John Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and Bowlby’s evolutionary theory...
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Essay on 'Babies': Documentary about Development of Babies in Different Cultures

In the documentary ‘Babies’ by Thomas Balmès, four newborns who live in different cultures and the environment from various regions of the world—Ponijao (Namibia), Bayarjargal (Mongolia), Mari (Japan), and Hattie (USA). The documentary visually shows each child’s developments with respect to perceptual, motor and cognitive perspectives which may be diversely influenced by diversified cultures and environments during their infancy. Ponijao and Bayar interacted with natural resources with the natural environment, whereas Mari and Hattie have accessibility to innovative technological resources....
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