Background Checks as a Way to Reduce Gun Violence in Today's Society

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About 393 million people in the US own a gun that's 46% of people worldwide which makes us the most armed country in the world. One gun can be made without a single problem but that one gun can also kill thousands with no hesitation. Gun violence has impacted our society in such a bad way which is why it needs to be stopped. Gun violence is bad because because hundreds of people can die with guns and that's only firearms because there is a lot more ways to kill people.gun violence has had a big impact on our society. The only reasonable way to decrease gun violence is not to take their guns away from them but to not let people with mental health issues get a hold of them or have better background checks.

Gun violence one of the most common problems in the U.S not only common but extremely horrifying, but as scary as they are the way they start is almost as scary. The way guns are just handed out to anyone these days is crazy literally a kid can get in touch of one but it's no surprise for the U.S because ”We have by far the most handguns - and the weakest gun laws - of any high-income country' (Laura, 2020). This proves how its not only the people that own the guns that create or start gun violence but the guns themselves being there in the first place to create a thought in them to start something like that. This also shows us how laws really don't matter in this country when it comes to guns even though they complain how bad of a problem this is, but still no one really does anything about it when it comes to laws for firearms. Even if someone did try to do something about it “The right to own firearms is protected by the Second Amendment to the Constitution”, so you really cant stop someone from owning one, but this law was written years ago we are in a new age 2020 everything is so much different not everyone today supports this idea which is why something needs to be done about it.

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Something that we can do about this problem without taking guns away which we really should, but it’s not possible because of the second amendment which we can’t change. But what we can do is reduce the amount of guns that are given out to people by giving requirements like background checks to obtain a gun and not just get one out of just nowhere. For example when the mass shooting happened by the ”Twenty-one year-old Patrick Crusius who bought the AK-47-style assault rifle he used to kill twenty-two people at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, on August 3 on the Internet, without a background check” (Sharon, 2019).This shows how extremely easy it is for anyone to obtain a gun without having a background check without single person finding out or even caring what the consequences are for this. This also shows how the second amendment is still a big problems because it lets people own a gun and sell it online without a background check in the black market.

Some may say that guns are not the problem, it's the people that own the guns that create the problem. Those who support the idea may refer to the idea that states that most shootings happen because of mental health or illness people think of this because most shootings have happened mostly because of mentally ill people but if that person didn't have a gun in the first place an incident like death wouldn't occur. About “twenty two percent of U.S. gun owners who acquired their most recent firearm within the previous two years did so without a background check” (Johnson, 2019); this shows how easy it is for someone like that with mental health issues get a hold of a gun and that's where gun violence starts.

Gun violence has had a big impact on our society, but the only way to get rid of or try and decrease gun violence might not be taking guns away but not let people with mental health problems get a hold of him. Letting people like them with mental health issues or anyone without a background check this is what creates gun violence and ruins the society we live in today. Also not getting a gun for protection purposes really makes the whole point of owning a gun for protection sound dumb this again makes the second amendemnet of constitution look like its useless. All though guns can help you defend yourself against danger it's not so smart for them to be giving them out like flyers on the streets.

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