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Body Composition And Flexibility In Badminton

Introduction Badminton is a famous sport in the world. It is a sport depends on speed, power and skills. Although you didn’t play this sport before. However, you also will hear Lin Dan or Lee Chong Wei those top players in the world before. Before the badminton appear. They have another sport like badminton, it’s call cricket. The rules still be keeping the ball in the air. It’s an original from for the badminton. Until 1890s, the England badminton association...
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Personal Tactical Strategy In Badminton Performance

Introduction In this folio, I will be devising one personal tactical strategy to enhance my personal performance in Badminton. Furthermore, I will be evaluating and justifying my performance in Badminton based on my chosen movement strategies and position which is setting up an attack in a rear court position. In my personal performance in Badminton when playing my objectives were to set up a perfect strike attack to score a point. Unfortunately, my performance in Badminton did not meet the...
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The Effects Of Australian Badminton Sporting Culture On Funding

Introduction This essay will show that the Australian Sporting Culture affects the impact on funding, and this impacts the participation and access of Badminton. To prove this, I will be using stages of Figueroa’s Framework. The Australian Government has formed people’s attitudes and beliefs towards badminton? Through the funding and support they proved for badminton. Compared to Australia, China focuses greatly on badminton than any other sport. China has an estimate of 100 million human beings taking part in badminton...
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Aspects And Characteristics Of Badminton

The characteristics of badminton, badminton is a racket sport played by two opposing players (singles) or two opposing pairs (doubles), each person takes a position on the opposite halves of the badminton court, with a net separating the opponents. Players are to score points by hitting a shuttlecock with their racket so that it passes over the net and lands in the opponent’s half of the badminton court. The shuttle can only be hit once by each side before it...
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Rate Limiters in Motor Development: Concepts and Mechanisms of Badminton Skills

Introduction Task and Context Throughout this unit of physical education, various motor learning concepts have been explored and integrated within badminton performances. A personal motor learning strategy was developed, based on rate limiters, experience, practice, feedback and reflection. This strategy was then incorporated with a specialised movement sequence in order to advance and optimise personal performance in badminton. This task requires the performer to analyse and justify the effectiveness of the strategy, recommendations and modifications to improve the motor learning...
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The Features Of Badminton Tactical Strategy

Introduction In this folio, I will devise a tactical strategy to modify my performance based on the selected task, learner and the environmental constraints and the principals of decision-making. My tactical strategy which is variation of pace from the rear court will focus on the outcome, limitation and the implications of the constraints of my movement. My tactical awareness allows me to understand the interaction of the constraints such as organize myself in response to the learner, task and environmental...
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Personal Motor Strategy To Optimise Badminton Performance

Introduction Over the past five weeks I have been gathering data on my performance in badminton, determining which are my strongest and weakest shots and my shot trajectory, to see if I am moving the shuttle around the court make it harder for my opponents or if I am hitting it in the same spot. I have also been learning about different types of practice to use when wanting to improve your performance and types of feedback that is best...
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History And Rules Of Badminton

History of badminton The name Badminton originates from Badminton House of the Duke of Beaufort in the English district of Gloucestershire. The hereditary bequest is currently better known for chasing and steed preliminaries, it is credited as the formal origin of the racquet sport. Yet, badminton’s underlying foundations go back 1000’s of years. It was concocted in India by Britishers. Sports played with racquets and a shuttlecock in all likelihood created in old Greece around two thousand years prior but...
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The Basic Techniques Of Badminton

Unlike tennis, the shuttlecock and racket of badminton is lighter so the players don’t get tired easily as when they play other sports. Despite the fact that badminton is not an endurance sport, it requires the understanding of how to control their speed and strength when using different techniques to defend yourself and attack the opponent. Here are some of the most common techniques in badminton. Smash Smash is the most powerful shot in badminton. Because of the pace and...
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A Comparative Biomechanical Analysis Of Three Different Badminton Forehand Overhead Shot

ABSTRACT The purpose of the study was to find out whether there is any differences of Badminton Forehand shot. Badminton is one of the most popular racket sports in the World. Many types of researches are going on around the globes for enhancement of performance of badminton Players. Only three forehand shot were taken in consideration namely Forehand Smash Clear and Drop. Two Biomechanical Investigation was done. For the investigation of the research total [N = 10] subjects were randomly...
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The Learning Styles And Techniques Of Perfect Badminton Performance

Intro In badminton I aim to be able to optimise my personal performance. In this folio, I will do this by devising a tactical strategy to enhance my gameplay. I will also implement two movement strategies into my gameplay; ‘force the opponent to the baseline or net at the start of a rally’ and ‘hit the shuttle from the attackers front court into the rear court of the opponent’, to provide further gameplay strategy. In this folio, I will also...
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