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Introduction YouTube is a platform where YouTubers share their videos and earn money. There are many countries where people are choosing YouTube as a career. But there are so many people who can’t think youtube can be a profession. They don’t know about it. Especially in Bangladesh, people can’t think about it. There are many YouTubers in Bangladesh. Bangladesh YouTubers are not choosing YouTubing as a career. Even they can’t think about it. There are many reasons behind this. In...
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About 32% of the population in Bangladesh does not have the minimum amount of income required for a person to afford basic necessities, hence they would fall under the absolute poverty category (Imam, Islam & Hossin, 2017). There is also a further 19% of the population falls into extreme or chronic poverty (Imam, Islam & Hossin, 2017). However, Bangladesh continues to amaze with its incredible economic growth and development (Rajan, 2018). Despite this, half the population of the country continues...
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The Constitution of Bangladesh provides most of the essential elements of good governance and their implement can ensure the functions properly. Yet it is not practiced fully in developing right policies, environment, institutions, capacity and practice of good governance. Nowadays it constitutes a major challenge for Bangladesh. Its underperformance is evident in many areas of national life. Governance and development have close proximity in the context of Bangladesh as the country has attained a tremendous growth rate over the last...
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Antibiotic was working as magic bullet against infection causing bacteria since discovery in 1928. By evolution, some bacteria fight back against antibiotic and become resistant. In 21st century, antimicrobial resistance is one of the biggest threats for the world. All over the world, antibiotic resistant bacteria infect a huge number of people and cause death of a certain number of them. Due to resistance to antibiotics, it is very tough to treat these infections. Abuse of antibiotics is proved a...
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Nowadays one of the most highlighted topics for Bangladesh is blue economy. Blue economy refers to the economic activity based on maritime resources. The blue economy is the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improve livelihoods, and jobs while preserving the health of ocean ecosystem (WB). Blue Economy was considered at the RIO+20 UNITED NATION conference on sustainable development, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 2012. The sea is the best sources of energy utilization. Now...
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Bangladesh has currently 3025 newspapers in total. This total number includes 1078 daily newspaper, 1947 weekly newspaper and fortnightlies and monthlies. The newspaper media industry had its best time where the circulation of newspaper and the rate of newspaper reader were increasing until 2013. As the literacy rate increased, the number of newspaper reader increased as well. People would wake up and they would read the newspaper while having a cup of coffee; they would read the newspaper while going...
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I focus on establishing a career as a marine environmental expert. Thus, following returning, I intend to continue my job at the Department of Fisheries. This is a unique public organization to achieve my career goals, to work intimately with both government and development partners. Subsequent to going along with, I need to present my Individual Activity Plan (IAP) to the ministry with subtleties of my procured information and its applied territory. As per the FAO report, Bangladesh is 3rd...
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Tokyo is the world’s most popular metropolitan area and the heart of the Japanese culture. Tokyo is the capital and financial city of Japan. Tokyo is a major transportation hub and world economic and industrial center. The population of Tokyo is a massive 14 million and a population density of 6,158 people per square kilometer. It located in Japan on the island of Honshu. Japan is on the east of the world surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Sea of...
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‘Freedom’ it’s not just a word that’s written on paper but it itself a whole different world that everyone thrives for to live in it. Where it’s like ‘Eutopia’; everyone dreams for it in real life to really exist but in reality it doesn’t exist. Where everybody should get the same privilege as it showed to the showcase in our country basing on different perspectives but reality is a bit different combining all the contexts and situations we have today....
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