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Batman: Original and the Biggest Change of His Character

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Batman is a fictional hero that has been altered many times throughout history, though I will only discuss the original and the biggest change of his character. Batman has always been a very dark hero/vigilantly that takes down thugs and villains. He’s known to be a millionaire socialite with bat themed props and a bat themed costume.

In 1939, Bob Kane, born on October 1915, New York, invented Batman. Bill Finger joined him shortly after and they published Batman’s first appearance in detective comics #27, ‘The Batman’. Bill Finger has not been given the same credit that Bob has and was considered F-4 (unfit for service) in World War II. Possibly the only person to know why is Alvin Schwartz, born 1916 but he won’t tell anyone. He says, “That’s really private”. This may have influenced Batman wanting to rid the world of evil and him being neglected and disliked. Lots of movies and comic strips back then, made fun of the Nazis and the war. I believe this supported Batman’s self-righteousness. Impacting the text, on the 1st of September 1939, the Nazi’s of Germany invaded Poland, this is the act that really started World War II. America would have had lots of hate for bad people such as Hitler. This could be why Batman was portrayed as cold and unforgiving. The Batman comics were mainly meant for male Americans in World War II who couldn’t afford to watch movies. Women were expected to stay home so they could clean and cook but they were allowed to read books in their spare time. There was love crime and adventure for adults but was still inappropriate for children.

Bruce Wayne (Batman) values family as he devoted his life to get rid of bad people after his parents (Dr. Tomas Wayne, and his wife Martha Wayne) were gunned down by a criminal named Joe Hill when Bruce was only eight years old. When Batman was first introduced, he wore a regular yellow belt with a round buckle on top of a grey, black and blue disguise with a black and blue cape and black and blue boots. He had a bat on his chest and long bat-like ears on his head. From Batman pushing the Joker into a tub of acid then stating, “A fitting end to his kind”, we can gather that he is merciless. Batman didn’t speak a lot in the original because he had no one to talk to. Detective comics had Bruce Wayne adopt Dick Grayson, an acrobat from the circus, so Batman would have more dialogue because “it got a little tiresome always having him thinking”. Shortly after the young man became robin the boy wonder. Batman was only known to reveal his identity to Alfred, his legal guardian and butler (also his father figure and best friend).

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79 years later, Christopher Nolan, born 30 July 1970, directed the movie phenomena, ‘The Dark Night’. People who have worked with him call him brooding and cold, which meant that he was the right man for the job. Batman tripled in body size compared to the original comics. His costume was fully black with a silver belt, and as for his props, they changed because timed changed. As time advances, people become more aware of technology, and are only mesmerized by the best. Therefore, Batman’s props changed from basic to hi-tech. He had ejecting spikes on his arms, and a bat car that can turn itself into a motor bike. He spoke in a very low voice, and valued justice and peace. One of the reasons for his values would be because most people in 2008 realized that war is not a good way to live and that peace and justice is the best policy in life. I feel like people in America lost hope for peace, and harmony when the Nazi’s invaded Poland. Robin was not in ‘The Dark Knight’, and as far as the movie informs us Alfred was just Bruce Wayne’s butler. The main setting of ‘The Dark Night’ is the night because if Batman fights crime in the day he will be spotted by the police and hunted down. He will also look less intimidating to thugs. The movie involves violence, and disturbing content which is why it rated M (mature) in the classification category. It is recommended that people under 15 don’t watch this movie, but it’s not illegal.

The new Batman made over $500,000,000. It won 30 awards including three Oscars. Some say it was successful because it was Heath Ledger’s (the Joker) last movie before he took his life. Others know that this is not true and that his last movie was ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’. I believe it was a combination of Heath Ledger’s amazing acting and the changes Christopher Nolan made to Batman’s costume and his props. Christopher Nolan knows that you must adapt to age that you live in.

Whether the adaptation is more interesting or less interesting is down to perspective. Someone born in the 2000’s onwards would probably not enjoy the 1940 comics, but in World War II they were one of the no.1 forms of entertainment. I think the comics would have been very entertaining as novels. As for ‘The Dark Knight’, I wouldn’t change any of it.

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