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Beach Vacation Versus Mountain Vacation

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All of us are so excited to take vacations neither it is on the beach, outside the country or in the mountain. Yes, holidays and vacations are awesome. Some of us choose to have a beach vacation because maybe we love to feel breeze, experience waves and see white sand. But others choose to go for a mountain vacation, maybe they want a more adventurous experience.

Which is the best place to choose for having a vacation? Is it a beach or mountains? Different people have different preferences in terms of deciding the best place. Both of these two places are beautiful and full of different things to do and experience. Later on, we will know some of the differences in each place for us to decide which is best for us.

What we can experience at the beach? In any beach place, we can always feel relax. We can experience to feel the breeze of the sea touching or blowing on our face. It’s so lovable to walk on the soft and wet sand on the beach with that cool breeze. It’s so nice to gaze into the deep blue sea that stretches as fas as the eyes can see and further beyond.

When we see the sandy and salty beaches, it presents or motivate us to explore the place and experience to have fun. We can also be in touch with nature because the beach is the best place for us to be connected again with our nature. Believe it or not, when we are on the beach we love to get or collect little and gorgeous seashells. In your beach vacation, you can have many choices of things and activities to do. You can do swimming, riding in a boat, snorkeling to see beautiful fishes, playing volleyball in the sand with your friends and many more.

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At the beach, one of the best moments that we are also waiting for is the sunset. Many people love to watch the sunset and take pictures of it. It feels romantic and relaxing. In the evening, you can only sit on the rock and watch the sun sinking into the sea. In terms of our health, having a vacation at the beach can give you vitamin D. That vitamin is important for our health. It is also the reason why many people return from the beach vacation feeling so healthy and refreshed. We got this vitamin D from the sunlight, spending time in a sunny place like at the beach is so good and wonderful for our health and well-being. The sunset on the beach that we can experience is safe, welcoming and very warm, we can take time to relax. And the soothing breeze and the beautiful ocean is a treat for our eyes and soul.

How about in the mountain? What activities we can do in the mountain? On mountain vacation, we can see you can do some activities that can bring fun to you like mountain climbing, mountain biking and overnight camp at the top of the maintain. While you are in the mountain you can be a disconnect from any stress and reconnect yourself to nature. No need for air-conditioning as the air in the mountain is a fresh and little cold. We feel more refreshed because we can see more green trees and different kinds of flowers. The weather is not hot but a little cold. Les s people, this place is not crowded. Even if it so tiring to climb in the mountain but it is so fulfilling when you reach the top of the mountain. Whereas people who love to go for mountain vacations, also love to be around nature. From the top of the mountain, we can see beautiful, gorgeous and amazing landscapes. While you are watching those beautiful sceneries and standing at the top of the mountain you will feel peace and amazement. Mountain is a private place where you can have a peaceful mind.

These two places are very beautiful and awesome for vacation. They have both different and exciting activities that people can do. But if you are a person who loves to have a solo journey or wants a more peaceful place for vacation, the mountain is the best place for you. If you are a person who loves the ocean and sun, the beach is the best spot for you. If you like green places and fresh air you can choose mountain vacations but if you like water and you love swimming you can choose the beach. If you are a person who loves so many adventures you are mountain people, but if you love to just chill and have fun with simple activities you can be a beach person.

At the beach, you can meet new people, while in the mountain you have little chance to meet a new friend because only a few people are there. In the mountain, you will be more connected with nature. Some people much prefer to go to the mountain than the beach because of the calm weather and they feel that it is much prettier than the beach. The weather and temperature in the mountain are cool and comfortable but on the beach is hot.

In similarities, both of these places can give fun and refresh us. Whatever you choose, its either beach or mountains surely you will enjoy your vacation. All of us love and wanted to have a vacation, as it can help us to free from stress. Having memories in any vacation is one of the most important thing, it’s not all about which places or destination you will choose but it’s all about the time you have spent with your loved ones or it is about the chance that you have given for your self to relax and to enjoy the time without stress. Beach or mountains are both beautiful places it is up to you how you will enjoy your time and your opportunity to experience some exciting activities.

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