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Reflection on Beauty and The Beast: Opinion Essay

Beauty and the beast has several messages going on during the movie. The first one being that the girl does not always pick the handsome, muscular guy like every other movie out there. The second one being that people will do anything to get with a person no matter how much money or effort it will take to be with them. Lastly, that not every horrifying person is bad. The filmmakers made sure to incorporate certain colors into the movie...
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Infusing the Old and the New: Innovation in Animation in Beauty and the Beast

Animation is not a new art form. The origins of the discipline date back to the late, 19th and early 20th century. For example, one of the earliest animations recorded ‘Humorous Phases of Funny Faces’, released in 1906 heralded the introduction of basic stop motion ideas and successfully captured the illusion of movement. Nonetheless, scholars regard Walt Disney’s 1937 first full animated feature film as a watershed moment in the history of animation taking the concept to a new level...
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Feminism’s Impact In Movie Beauty And The Beast

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was released in 1991 and is based on the fairytale La Belle et la Bête by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont (“Beauty and the Beast”). It tells the story of a prince who is transformed into a Beast after becoming cursed by an enchantress who believes that his heart cannot fathom love and a young village woman named Belle who is longing for adventure and freedom from her daily life (“Beauty and the Beast”). To become...
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Beauty and the Beast Characters

Author Description: About the Author Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, born in Paris in 1695, is considered to be the original author of the tale known as “Beauty and the Beast.” The story was drawn from fairy tales and folklore and was first published in 1740. The original book was 362 pages long, but it was later abridged and republished by Jeanne Marie Leprince de Beaumont. Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont was a French author best known for her version of “The...
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Stockholm Syndrome In Beauty And The Beast

Tale as old as time, true as it can be barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly, is the infamous beginning of the opening song that introduces the classic love story of Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast is a tale about a young woman held captive by a beast in his castle after taking her father’s place and later becomes his one true love. To the viewers of the 1991 film, many saw Beauty and the Beast...
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Animation As Media Genre (On The Examples Of Aladdin, The Lion King, And Beauty And The Beast)

Genre and film in itself, is greatly influenced by the culture and time of production. Its an integral part of the media itself and can’t be ignored when viewing genre through a critical lens. Although genre is an encompassing mode of identification for films and media, it is fluid and constantly changing through different eras and cultures. A single piece of media, with a preconceived plot can produced with many vastly varying outcomes depending on the time of creation and...
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Tale of Tulia and Beauty and the Beast: Comparative Essay

It is remarkably evident that there are many similarities in ancient and modern works. This essay provides a comparison between the modern 2017 Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, and ancient work the Tale of Tulisa. Both works share the themes and ideas of finding beauty, love, and purity. The two stories focus on different minor details, characters, and relationships, but are centered on the same main themes, including romance, curse, and poverty, changing to wealth as well as the...
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Themes And Ideas In Beauty And The Beast

The plot of Beauty and the Beast is about a young country girl who lives in a small town with her father called Maurice. Gaston is a handsome man who wants to marry Belle because of her looks, however, she is not interested in him. Near the town, in a castle, lives the Beast. He used to be a Prince but was turned into a terrifying beast by an enchantress because he was selfish. The enchantress gave the Beast a...
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Beauty And The Beast Movie Comparison: 1991 Vs 2017

Beauty and the Beast is an adjustment of the classic fairy-tale about a monstrous prince and a young woman who fall in love. It is based on the 1991 version of Disney Beauty and the Beast and was released in March 2017. In this live-action re-imagining of the fairy tale, a young woman takes her father’s place as a prisoner in a beast’s castle, only to fall in love with her monstrous incarcerator, who turns out to be a prince....
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Symbolism in Beauty and the Beast: Analytical Essay

Critically examine any two versions of a myth/ fairy tale/ folktale of your choice. Consider their intended audience, theses and motifs they have in common as well as distinguishing features of each version. According to Bruno Bettelheim (1989) Fairy Tales are essential in the development of children’s evolution from immaturity to maturity/ He also suggests how many fairy tales can support children and “help them cope with their dreams and inner turmoil” (Bettelheim, 1989) Bettelheim argues that fairy tales provide...
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