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Beauty Defined by Society

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Through time, beauty has been catalogued as an important thing in human lives. It has been a big deal for people who are not satisfied for the way the look. Beauty can have many different concepts, however, most of the people only focus on the term of having a nice shape, and they tend to feel frustrated as they never can get the results they have ever wanted. Beauty can be defined as the personal satisfaction of looking good about various stereotypes that society has established.

Beauty can be defined as the personal satisfaction of looking good about various stereotypes that society has established. Through time, there is a strong belief that sets that attractive or beautiful people have a main characteristic which is having a good shape. People often feel comfortable having a very nice shape, for they think that only in this way they can look full of beauty. It involves not only being fit but also having extravagant parts of their body more noticeable than others. It is said that beauty has to do with how a person´s body looks like. This is a reason why most of the people like to work out to look fit and a have good shape with their extravagant parts both men and women; on the other hand, there are people with poor self-steam, and they think they are always less beauty than these people who are used to working out since they cannot show off a nice body like them. That is why it is usually said that people can find beauty not only in the person’s body but also in the person’s inside, so people can also be full of beauty inside because of their values, feelings, and actions. Undoubtedly, beauty can provide the meaning of personal gratification of looking good according to the many and different stereotypes society has set.

Fashions are in constant development since people start caring about it in order to look better. Nowadays, people care a lot about their style and try to follow the different fashions that arise day by day to fit perfectly with the stereotypes that exist in the world with the simple objective of being accepted in society. Some people are accustomed to changing their wardrobe almost every year. Consequently, they keep on track with every new trending that is released. Moreover, brands play important roles in fashions, and not only for women but also for men use them. Although men are the less fanatic of brands, they usually like to wear Nike or Adidas shoes, and Guess or Levi’s in clothes. Unlike men, women like to wear Chanel, Forever 21, or Gucci clothing in addition to Salvatore Ferragamo or Christian Louboutin in shoes. In this way, they, both men and women, tend to be attractive and call the attention of the people. Likewise, it is sometimes said that women have to wear short clothes in order that they look beautiful, as well as they need to use make up to show a beautiful face. However, they do not need to wear short clothes only and use makeup to look beautiful.

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Young people have the advantage of father time. Many are proud to show that they do not have wrinkles or dark spots. Since they are teenagers, it is supposed they do not suffer from these problems; yet, some have to deal with them due to skin problems. They show their skin is better than ever, and they are commended because of that. They take care of it by using different beauty products; besides, they follow pieces of advice of people they follow or admire. Furthermore, young ones are using their beauty the best they can now since they know it will not last forever. Some juveniles work with beauty companies to get their products for free and to show their beauty to others, however, others take advantage of their beauty to gain many followers on their social networks and post as many pictures as they can every day. In a nutshell, time is a factor that benefits young people.

Although some people care about beauty, some others do not worry if they do not meet the requirements to be beautiful or handsome. Most of the people often worry about having good shape as this is the main characteristic that people have set in order to look beautiful in this society. On the contrary, some others care about showing a good appearance by wearing very nice clothes. They usually are used to buy expensive clothes to seem cute. Furthermore, in order to look beautiful, it is said that people need to be younger as having wrinkles or grey hair makes them feel horrible. For this reason, a stereotype states that young people have an advantage as they do not have wrinkles or black spots in their skin being aware of that, people in the father time assume and show the beauty is on them.

Truly, in today’s society, beauty is defined as a three-point stereotype that includes body shape, style and age.

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