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Essay of Foundational Psychology: Evaluation of the Operant Conditioning Theory and Reinforcement

Introduction and Thesis Various type of behaviors will be performed by the secondary school student in the classroom and these behaviors can be explained by developmental theories, such as Piaget’s cognitive development theory and Erikson’s psychosocial development theory. All this behavior can cause positive and negative impact in the classroom. Majority of the students often perform a negative behavior which lack of motivation, lose focus and lose track of the purpose being at school mainly because of the transition from...
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The Role And Benefits Of Consumer Perception

The process of perception is as follows: Exposure— Exposure happens when a stimulus arrives within the range of someone’s sensory receptor — sight, scent, or contact. Consumers may either tend to focus on certain information while being completely unaware of others, or they may even go out of their way to ignore those signals. Awareness–Attention refers to the degree to which the sensory task is devoted to a given stimuli. Remember, for example, the idea of having to sit through...
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Perception And Decision Making In Work Organisation

Introduction What is perception? Perception can be characterized as a perplexing procedure by which individuals select, compose, and translate sensory stimulation into an important and sound image of the world (Davison, Berelson & Steiner, 1964). In a similar vein, perception is tied in with getting, choosing, securing, changing and sorting out the data provided by our senses (Goldstein, Barber & Legge, 1978). The other significant idea regarding perception is ‘action.’ Action alludes to one’s activity, for example, moving the body...
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Psychological Factors Influence Pain Perception

Introduction Psychological factors influence pain perception, factors as coping, social support, personality, and control. Pain became understood as a perception instead of a sensation as a result of observations like the difference in treatment effectiveness between acute and chronic pain, the positive or negative meaning of the pain experience and the phantom limb theory. These observations created the bases for the gate control theory of pain (GCT) which on the early 20th century adds psychological factors to previous models that...
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Perception Of Pain In The Chinese Culture

Since time immemorial, the nature of science fears the idea of subjective data due to its capricious and unpredictable characteristics. Wherein science is ultimately based on empirical evidence of cause and effect relationships, the nature of pain is highly dependent on physical, psychological and environmental factors. A pioneer in pain management once said, “pain is whatever the person experiencing it says it is and exists whenever he says it does” (1999, p. 98). Margo McCaffery meant to say that pain...
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The Theme Of Perception In The Novels The Great Gatsby And Atonement

In the novels ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald and the ‘Atonement’ by Ian McEwan, the theme of perception is crucial to the unfolding tragedies that occur. The novels are based on the perspectives of Briony and Nick, both of which demonstrate a foolish sense of immaturity at the beginning of their stories. As their stories progress, so do Briony and Nick’s ability to acknowledge hindsight. Hindsight is the understanding of an event, but only after it has happened...
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Language And Perception

Have you ever wondered what languages in our world today use gender pronouns? Well, in this essay you will get a glimpse of some languages that use gender pronouns and some that do not use gender pronouns from interviews that were conducted along with tables that were created from those interviews and other sources. Also, I will be talking about the history of where these languages came from and how they became to be. Some questions will be answered here...
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Perception Of Prison Recreation Club Members On The Factors Affecting The Implementation Of Recreational And Sports Activities

Introduction/Rationale It is well established that the effective utilization of human resources is a key element in the management of any custodial institution. The manner in which prison staff are recruited, trained and rewarded, as well as their sports and recreation activities, will have a major impact on their health, the manner in which they conduct their duties, as well as the commitment and professionalism they bring to their work [IDD],n.d) Sports and leisure activities of convicts had been a...
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The Perception Of Tattooed People In Hospitality Sphere

Tattoos have been around for a long time. They are a form of individual, cultural, and artistic expression. Recently, there has been a large disconnect with tattoo culture. Many negatively perceive individuals with tattoos because they have learned and carried on adverse stereotypes. The researchers wanted to observe the changes in perception when an individual has tattoos. Does people’s perceptions of an individual change depending on the amount of tattoos on the individual? The researchers hypothesized that (H1) participants will...
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Student Perception And The Value Of Studying And Working Abroad

Introduction The world is narrowing down. Nations, previously accustomed to a high degree of disunity, have now become closer than ever, as a result of rapid technological progress, improved infrastructure and ever-expanding communication networks. Due to the enhanced interaction between completely different societies and the rapidly growing orientation to the global market, the acquisition of international experience in cultivating a broad cultural perspective is not only becoming increasingly important in the interests of tolerance and understanding, but also plays an...
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Public Perception On Climate Change: Apathy In The Anthropocene

Introduction It has been years since the alarm of the climate crisis has been ringing, a cascade of catastrophes following in its wake while civilization remains either aware and alert but also unaffected. There is a constant discussion in media about the alarming trends that speak for themselves; the rising global temperatures, warming of oceans, rising sea levels, shrinking of ice sheets, increase in extreme events, population growth and many other global phenomena, the prove evidence for climate change is...
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A Study on the Perception of Consumer Towards Branded Versus Local Product

Abstract The purpose of the study of original research work is to understand and explore the consumer perception of local and branded product in India. The purpose of this research is to enrich our knowledge of the Indian markets and provide insights in to how local vs. branded product usage rate creates an impact on the mind of consumers The main objective of the research is to study the variation in the perception of the consumer. The intention is to...
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Perceptions of Illusions through Personalities in A Midsummer Night's Dream

Shakespeare’s objective of illusions and reality play upon the context of his play and the management of liminal spaces throughout his work. ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ composed by William Shakespeare was written in 1595/1596 and published in 1600 (this was during the Renaissance) explores the liminal distance between reality and illusions through literary materials such as characterisation and setting. In this Analytic study, I will review these components and how they will illustrate the process of liminal spaces and their...
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Perception of the World and Information in the Allegory of the Cave

Plato was born 428/427 BCE, Athens, Greece—died 348/347, Athens, and a loyal student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle. Plato was raised during the Peloponnesian war and reached adolescence around the time of Sparta’s final defeat on Athens. Unlike Socrates, Plato was of respected Athenian lineage, although, he left his wealth and social respect once he devoted his life to his love of wisdom. Plato was educated in philosophy, poetry and gymnastics, allowing him to become a teacher in these...
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An Empirical Study on Gender Perception towards Solar Energy Products

Abstract— In India, Solar energy devices are launched mainly with the objective to sustain the environment and to create awareness among the public regarding solar energy devices. Solar energy is growing in India because of its location between the tropic of cancer, and the equator. India has an average annual temperature that ranges from 25°C-27.5°C. So, solar energy can also be produced easily in most of the parts of India. Therefore, this paper aims to understand the gender perception towards...
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Questions of Perception: Phenomenology of Architecture

Architecture and Urbanism journal entitled Questions of Perception, is a combination of three separate essays by the architectural scholars, Steven Holl, Juhani Pallasmaa and Alberto Pérez Gómez. The three essays are thematically linked and each one tries to explain the role of man’s perception plays in architecture and also explores phenomenal accounts. Their combined articles and precedents in the content, work to help the reader to remember the significance of a generative imagination, an ethical world‐view and encourage a phenomenological...
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Perception and Global Processing Bias

Introduction The nature of perception has been a long-debated topic in psychology. Gregory (1966), as cited in Holt, 2002) argued that people’s perceptions of an object is basically a hypothesis of its nature. The prominent question in this debate is whether perception is analytic or holistic? Gestalt theorists were of the first psychologists to study perception arguing that our instantaneous perception of an object is as a whole before we perceive its individual feature. Navon’s (1977)’s global precedence hypothesis is...
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The Extent Press and Media Influence and Shape Public Perceptions of Crime

Social media was created in 1997 and since then it has been one of the most pervasive forms of control over the public’s perceptions of crime. The press has shaped and influenced the public’s perceptions of crime for decades now as the public learns about crimes from many different sources, such as: the news/newspapers, magazines, movies, TV shows, books and many other forms. Usually these sources don’t present the complete reality of those crimes. ( Media, Process and the Social...
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Critical Analysis of the Article: Research of Perceptions and Experiences of Community First Responders on Their Role and Relationships

As previously stated in the introduction the article I have chosen to critically analyse with the guide of Coughlan, Cronin, and Ryan (2007) critiquing framework is the article ‘Perceptions and experiences of community first responders on their role and relationships: a qualitative interview study. This article was written by Viet-Hai Phung, Ian Trueman, Fiona Togher, Roderick Ormer and Aloysius Niroshan Siriwardena. For Critiquing purposes, I will use CCR (2007) when referring to Coughlan, Cronin, and Ryan (2007). Writing Style CCR...
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Association Between LSD Use and an Increased Likelihood of Developing HPPD

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, in 2016 more than 3 million Australian’s used illicit drugs and the statistics are continuing to increase (“Illicit use of drugs Overview – Australian Institute of Health and Welfare”, 2019). The serious consequences of using drugs continues to rise as 1 in 10 people had been victimized due to drug related incidents. It further explained that this continued abuse of drugs was causing disabilities, disorders and in the worst cases, death....
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Circles Are Better Than Squares

Circles are better than squares. This is a fact, not a statement. Through research, the concept that circles are superior to squares has been proven. The circle found throughout the domain of the human experience. Whether it be nature, architecture, religion, design or spirituality, circles are a key part of human civilisation and obviously the greatest shape of all time. What are the reasons for why circles are so much greater than squares? There are several reasons for the superiority...
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The Prospects for Pharmacological and Psychopharmacological Researches on LSD

The pharmacology of LSD is inadvertently complex, even in today’s entrenched, incessant research, its mechanisms of action remain unclear to this day. LSD is physiologically well tolerated and there is no evidence of its virulency for long-lasting debacles to the brain and other comer parts of the human organism. The review of pharmacology, psychopharmacology, related preclinical research, as well as basic studies with human subjects are gleaned from the incessant research that was for the most part conducted in the...
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Public’s Perception of Lawyers and the Legal System

Introduction A. Orient your Reader to Time, Place, and Issue Hollywood has long used the cinematic courtroom as a tool to make social and political statements or to manipulate public perception. The trial film genre has tried to explain the relationship between popular culture and law from the beginning of the film in 1895 to the present day. Does this paper seek to explore what kind of community legal popular culture creates? How do the law and film shape our...
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Educational Trip of Mother and Son to the New York’s Museum of Modern Art: Perception of Beauty for Claude Monet's Artworks

It is not easy to judge or have an opinion about the works of art. Whether people consider something as beautiful is often determined by their particular background, culture or life experiences. What is beautiful in one culture might not be beautiful in another (O’ Brien, W. 2019). How people judge and reason about things that are around them vary greatly by individual’s understanding of what can be consider beautiful, their taste or the purpose the particular artwork have. For...
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Disney's Impact on Children's Perception of the World

In this media content review, I’m going to talk about Disney princesses. My form of media I chose along with my topic is gender. The reason I chose this topic was because I love Disney and as a little girl, my favorite Disney princess was always Cinderella. This paper I chose discusses Disney’s way to feminism and how cartoons have a positive or negative impact on children as they influence a child’s perception of the world. Cartoons can have an...
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Indian Horse Essay

Eradicating racism and removing barriers to inclusion is not straightforward, however, it can be accomplished with perseverance. Although perseverance is a difficult attribute for one to possess, it is the most essential trait when it comes to achieving success. An example of perseverance is represented in Richard Wagamese’s award-winning novel, Indian Horse, through his main character, Saul Indian Horse. Indian Horse is a novel presented in Saul’s perspective of a Canadian First Nations boy living in the early 1960s who...
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The Theme Of Perseverance In The Works Of Art

What is perseverance? Perseverance means to never give up and always keep trying your very best. The theme of perseverance is showcased in the following pieces; the short story “To Build A Fire” by Jack London, Miley Cyrus’ song, “The Climb” and the painting, “Washington Crossing the Delaware,” by Emanuel Leutze. “To Build A Fire” by Jack London is about a newcomer from the Yukon territory who senselessly goes out into the cold despite warnings not to. He plans to...
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Courage And Perseverance As The Factors To Success

Like Thomas Edison once said, Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. It’s not about the amount of courage and perseverance someone has, it’s about what and how they use it. Perseverance is accomplishing a task successfully despite how difficult it was. For example in Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag(protagonist) goes through some obstacles throughout his life. Guy Montag lives in the future where books are illegal. It’s...
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Perseverance And Determination As The Key Characteristics Of Jesus

A true hero is seen as someone who possess strong characteristics of bravery, courage, determination, dedication, endurance, perseverance, valour, selflessness, sacrifice and humility. History has produced many of people who have fit this criterion, however, one person in particular is seen by many Christians and non-Christians as our true hero. Throughout his time on Earth, Jesus was viewed as a hero by many, however, his relevance as a hero in present society is beginning to be questionable. Jesus’s selfless and...
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Film Mao’s Last Dancer: Perseverance Is The Key To Success

Often success is overtly demonstrated in seemingly naturally talented or gifted people. Overnight successes are celebrated in athletes, performers, authors and artists, scientists and even students. But how did these people really achieve their success? Are they smart? Are they talented? Maybe. But more than likely, success is achieved through years of perseverance and grit. Traits that can be found in all of us but are often left untapped. “Success is the child of perseverance, It cannot be coaxed or...
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