Essays on Behavior

The Motivations Behind The Holy Wars

The Holy Wars, also known as the Crusades have been long debated amongst historians as to what the pure motivation is to be. The commencement of the Crusades began with Pope Urban II calling the people to arms with his sermon at Clermont. The motives...
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Courage And Perseverance

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Meaning you have the opportunity to have the courage to do something so great, no matter if it’s selfless. It can either open new opportunities or it can go south. Either way true courage comes with...
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Religion And Its Relation To Morality

In regards to religion determining morality, it is not necessarily true for all people. Atheists who don’t believe in a higher force, still have morals. It is an assumption that your morals come from religion. But some argue it comes from the teaching of parents...
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The Perception Of Tattooed People In Hospitality Sphere

Tattoos have been around for a long time. They are a form of individual, cultural, and artistic expression. Recently, there has been a large disconnect with tattoo culture. Many negatively perceive individuals with tattoos because they have learned and carried on adverse stereotypes. The researchers...
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Immanuel Kant: Ethics And Morality

Beyond the phenomenological understanding of the world, human ethics and morals are as fermented in human reason as our need for oxygen to breathe. Most discussions about ethics and morals seem synonymous with one association in particular: God. Divine Command Theory argues that what’s good,...
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The Issue Of Racial Bias In Police Training

The journal article Understanding Police and Expert Performance: When Training Attenuates (vs. Exacerbates) Stereotypic Bias in the Decision to Shoot by Jessica J. Sim, Joshua Correll, and Melody S. Sadler discusses several studies that were done to address problems police officers are facing where they...
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