Being Afraid To Making Mistake As The Difficulty To Learning Speaking

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The ability to speak is one of the English language skills that any foreign language learner will master. The main question coming from someone who wants to learn their foreign language skill is whether or not they can speak English. In Webster New World Dictionary, speaking is to say words orally, to communicate as by talking, to make a request, and to make a speech (Nunan, 1995). At the school or college level. When students learn speaking, many difficulties they face. Which makes them think that learning to speak is not easy. There are some problems for learning speaking, One of them is feel afraid of making mistakes.

For students, it is very influential in the process of learning speaking. Most people don't want to make mistakes in learning languages, but they do serve an important learning purpose that can't actually be prevented. As James Joyce said, 'Discovery portals are failures.' They guide us to what we are doing wrong and therefore what we need to improve on in order to make progress. We need to know that there are different stages of language learning to better understand this. One stage is to be able to say what you mean so that others will be able to understand you the way you wanted to be understood. Another stage is to say it in a similar fashion if not like a native speaker would do it. Many people also say feel afraid in making mistakes is very negative influence in the process of learning speaking. “The fear of making mistakes has resulted in failure in speaking the English language with other people.” (Muhammad Adil, 2019). You can't really be blamed for fear of errors with these negative connotations. However, there are also figures who oppose it.

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Talk about making mistakes, especially in learning speaking. These difficulties were supported by a research finding by Taiqin (1995) about non- language factors, which showed that ninety-five percent of students said that they had difficulty speaking because they were afraid of making errors in class, they had no idea what to say, they were not confident and comfortable if they made mistakes, and they were not interested with the topics that are given by the lecturers. Gulam Mustaka Ali Khan (2015) says that Most students hesitate to speak English because what others may think if they find the mistake. They can laugh at them or insult them. To be on safe side, they prefer to keep quiet or speak as little as possible. It is true that it can make students feel they don't want to try to learn speaking again. But if it can be controlled, mistakes like that can be made as a generator of the level of confidence. Because when he made a mistake in front of his friends and then laughed at, if he is able to overcome this with the confident attitude he has, he can divert the error with something else. “Here’s the truth: making mistakes is something we all do. A mistake is unintentional. It doesn’t have to be tied up in emotion or self criticism.

And making mistakes certainly doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.” (Benny Lewis, 2019). The only way in a new language to be good is never to use it. And if you don't speak your target language, two things are happening: you never build trust in your abilities, and you never get input about where you need to change. Let me say a letter to you. Mistakes are made even by native speakers, teachers, and skilled speakers. Yet, they're correcting or asking for help from others.

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