Being American: What Does It Mean

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Different people have varied perspectives on what it really means to be an American. Most of these perspectives are informed by an innate desire to aspire for greater and to use all the opportunities that life presents to make the most out of everything that life gives. Americans are born in a land full of opportunities and this alone gives them an advantage over other people especially when it comes to pursuing their dreams. This paper seeks insight on what it really means to be American.

Being American means being aware of one’s capabilities and limitations within the confines of the law. In essence, the constitution of the Bill of Rights is the basis through which the American dream comes to life (Epstein & Walker 112). The concept gives Americans the platform to explore and let nothing hold them back as long as they do everything with the awareness of the punishments that might come with disregarding the law. Thus, being American is being free and using this freedom to explore individual potential to the extent possible.

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Being American also means making good changes and embracing innovative ideas that bring forth similar changes. The nation is at an advanced stage and this means that there are numerous opportunities that must be tapped for everyone to be on the same page. In line with this, that single concept that describes Americans is tied to the idea of being the change that one wants to be and embracing change as it comes (Gottdiener 75). The concept has made many Americans to create opportunities for the improvement of various spheres including health, educating, finance, disaster management among others. Being American means always being on the move and using every experience to foster change. In the process, there are various challenges that are encountered including the need to compete with other immigrants who love the country because of what it offers. Thus, the American spirit creates that desire to chase opportunities but also accommodate like-minded people in pursuit of similar opportunities.

Being Americans also means letting your life be guided by the trends. Americans are known to follow trends in fashion, education, technology among other things. No one wants to be left behind and it is not uncommon to find people always on the Internet trying to keep up with what their favorite public figures are up to. Thus, people strive to not only emulate the lifestyle but also incorporate details like food preferences, parenting styles, latest fashion, makeup, and the entire perception of life from these public figures’ view.

It is also important to note that being American means always being conscious of time. Americans are fast and they love when they see things moving (Gleason 84). To an extent, the concept has helped to shape many decisions including the quest to always go for fast food and technologies that make life easier by availing things fast. Maybe this is why Americans love the convenience of online shopping in availing their desired products fast.

The American life is viewed by many through the lens of the American dream which many people desire. Actually, most people who come to the country are led into it by the desire of the American dream. However, being American means being free and doing things without interference as long as it is within what is acceptable by law. It also means being a lover of fast things, technology, and everything else that will help one to save time. Being Americans also means not only embracing change but also being on the lookout for opportunities through which change can be realized.

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