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Belbin Team And Teamwork Role

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Working as a team takes a lot of effort from every individual. Each person associated with the team needs to work efficiently as well as effectively to survive better in the competitive environment. The report made for the evaluation of self-skills in making a project as a team is discussed. The report talks about the Dukes University and making its courses available online to facilitate students in every way. It starts by giving a brief introduction about the university and then started discussing the online courses available for the university. It discusses steps that are taken into account for making the courses available online to be availed by students while it also discusses some pieces of literature that are related to the management of the project and completion of the same in time.

Overview of the organization and project selected for teamwork

Duke’s education is an education providing institute providing nurseries, schools as well as colleges. The family of education is present in the UK and provides all the facilities related to education. With day time education the family also provides some complementary education too that includes camps for kids, summer schools as well as consultancies for university application. The process is followed by the family serves the children as well as their families at day time as well as after completion of the day time. Their needs to be taken special precautions for the schools that are combined in Dukes, as the organization is small with dedicated members to provide quality education to children (Moorefield-Lang,, 2016). The family providing education shares a large amount of education as well as expertise in the field to achieve things that are beyond the level and extraordinary in nature. All the ideas are welcomed in the institute and people who bring new ideas to reform the whole education process are also welcomed but they encourage people to learn new as well as different things from each other. So the process of selection of the organization is easier as it is a combination of selecting people having their hearts as well as minds at the right place indeed. This combination is essentially required for the people who work for the organization. The organization s active from the year 2015 and is successfully presenting outstanding results throughout (Dukes Education, 2020).

The students studying in the school also get benefits for sharing best practices with other students studying in the school. These students who study in the school are handled by experienced senior leaders who have experienced in the particular subjects and courses taught by them. The students studying in the institute develop several skills with academic skills that include social skills, education fun, laughter, and others. The organization also works harder for every child to evolve some features that would contribute to the world in one way or another (Edwards and Boyd, 2018).

The organization has several levels of schooling including schools for children as well as nurseries for small kids as well. The Colleges which are listed in the family have students who are carefully chosen for their academic excellence as well as with their character and beliefs. The students studying in the college provide a dynamic environment. They offer various academic options to students. While they also ensure that the students who are chosen are working in a friendly environment, who are provided with the family-scale environment, with seniors or the teachers who give freedom as well as autonomy to meet the current needs of the students studying in the school (McCabe and González-Flores, 2017).

Making courses available is an essential task that needs to be done for the universities. This is a new concept of providing facilities to students. The process has gained much importance as this process facilitates the students as well as the parents of students to learn easily in the competitive environment. I have participated in making online courses for the school as this is the process that could help to make a good business for the organization (Rice, 2018).

Steps that were taken by my team and I in making the courses available online included several steps including:

1. Creation of ideas and committing to creating a course:

This is the first and foremost step that is taken by me and my team to start the course. In this, all our team members were welcomed by several ideas that could be used to start and commence with an online course for the organization. My skill of planting in the new course as well as being a successful resource investigator helped me to be outgoing, enthusiastic as well as communicative with other members of the team. I am good at exploring opportunities as well as developing contacts that could be used to make courses available for the organization. I also have a skill of planting in new courses that helped to define my role as being creative, Imaginative as well I was also able to generate new ideas regarding the project while solving problems that might come in the way (Cruz, 2018).

2. Make profitable courses:

Making courses that are in demand is a key feature that needs to be undertaken. Making courses that are not required by any student and do not have any market value is useless and should not be done in any way. In this step, my skill that was being a good coordinator was used as with using this skill I am mature as well as confident to identify talents and clarify goals. This would make the goals of the organization clearer and would help to make my contribution larger than before (Cifuentes,, 2016).

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3. Testing of the made idea:

Testing of courses while making them is an essential task that needs to be done. This is because if I would be getting ideas from people other than my family and friends for the commencement of courses. Then it would be good to get more sort of ideas for the courses. This would allow encouraging clients who need the courses to buy them from me and my team. Testing of my course was done by preselling the course which would generate feedbacks about it and would improve it in one way or another. In this step, my role that plays an important part in developing the course was to shape the idea. As a shaper, I am challenging and dynamic in nature who can thrive on pressure which comes in the way (Baldwin and Ching, 2019). I can also overcome all sorts of obstacles that come in my or my team’s way. But I lack this ability and I some time offend people with my views on certain topics.

4. Outlining the ideas:

In this step, the main work was to shape the ideas that are built for the courses to be available online. The outline that is made for the making the courses includes studying the courses that need to be discussed and making a smaller start at the initial level so as if any mishappening occurs in the starting then it would be corrected afterwards on nan shorter scale. In this my skill of monitor evaluating needed to be used. But as I lack in this skill as I lack in driving and inspiring other people in my team. I am overly critical in nature and have an abstract view on a topic that might not be understood by all of the members of my team (Social Triggers, 2020).

5. Creating content of the courses:

Making content for the course that would be visible to the audience or the student for which it is made is a core step that needs to be undertaken. In this step, I start creating the videos about the course that I and my team has listed to be shoot by an experienced teacher. As I am a good implementer of the work that is given to me. This skill helped me to be practical, reliable as well as efficient for the team. My efficient skill is to turn ideas into actions as well as organize works that need to be done by the end of the day. I also lack in inflexibility while I am slower in responding to newer possibilities that come in the way (Acosta and Luján-Mora, 2016).

6. Make courses available online:

The next step that we took place is to make the courses available online (Vai and Sosulski, 2015). This was in reach of people who wanted to see our courses and want to learn about subjects that were shot in the videos. The site that we made provided control on the site as well as courses published in the videos. This also gave us a proper control on the courses that were uploaded, its prices, designing of the course, students taking part in the understanding of the video and other features related to the making of the videos and making online courses available for people. In this step, my skill of being a complete finisher was used as by being a complete finisher I was being painstaking, anxious to search about errors about the project. While I was some time at finishing the project was indulged to worry unduly while I was reluctant to delegate in any way indeed.

7. Setting up prices for the courses:

In this step, a particular price for the courses needs to be made to make them available for students. A price needs to be made for the course such that it is not difficult to be affordable by students who wish to learn courses online and are unable to pay for the courses. In this process, my skill in being a specialist was tested. But as I lack in this skill I contributed only on a narrow front and dwelled much more on technicalities available for the making of the course (Learnworlds, 2020).

Literature review

According to (Delisle, 2019) Modern world is facing problems in managing the projects due to increasing pressure of time, acceleration and scarcity. Talking about time which is a critical factor for projects. Having a limited time for making of the project is an obvious thing that is prevailed in the society. Time management has become a key component to manage the projects. It includes three key components including time, budget as well as scope. Time has its importance in the field of making projects for the company, but this is still neglected by companies that work on a smaller scale. Time as well as temporal issues can be approached in several ways including study about the project before starting them as soon as possible. The importance of time can be studied in two ways including making a guide for managing the project or it could be following a standard portfolio made for the management of the projects. Studying both the ways around can lead to the making of a successful project in the end. The research discusses the study about both the projects that can lead to fruitful results in the end. In knowledge management, the important role most, crucial role is played by the practice of project management during any project completion. Standard practices that are made should be practised regularly to obtain fruitful results in time. Also, standards made for the project manager defines the scope as well as areas where the practitioners need to show their expertise knowledge about the subject. With these, they also need to show some certificates related to the study. People having certification related to project management are motivated by several factors including an increase in knowledge as well as an evolving person as an individual to manage the projects. Certificates of a person signifies person as a standard of knowledge as well as gaining recognition as a professional. The research highlighted several elements including the objective view of the time as well as temporal tension that is indeed necessary for the management of the project. The study also provided a study of the phenomena’s that are temporal in nature including the supremacy of the clock time, acceleration of the time, instantaneity as well as scarcity is managing the project. It also signified time as an important and complex notion which can cover several dimensions including representation of the objectives, subjective representation of the project that needs to made for the same.

But according to (Špundak, 2014) Project management method can be defined as a set of methods, techniques, tasks and the procedures that can be used easily while making a project. The approach taken for the management of project defines a set of principles and the guidelines that could help to define the project in a better way. Agile approach has gained much importance in the field of project management as this is easier to be used in projects while it highly differs from the traditional technique to manage the project. The research talks about the mixing of two processes and approaches to use methods that are fruitful and provide better results. In a case of making a software, it would be best if both of the approaches are used as it would get advantages of both the approaches in the end. Making a unique methodology for a project is also essential as it would result in a better project in end. The management of the project must also proceed in a way that it must be get customized as per the need of the customers or the environment of the project in which it needs to be built. So, it is clear that the management of the project is indeed necessary to be used for making of a project while a proper methodology needs to be covered for the management of the project. The traditional approach used to manage the project has its advantage but with time their needs to be up-gradation of approaches that can be used for the management of the project. Agile approach for the management of the project has gained much importance in recent times as it is easier to be used a provide the best results for the project. So, the methodology of management of the project depends on the challenges that needs to be undertaken for the project while defining characteristics that are indeed necessary to be included in the project. The project approach that is chosen should also be such that it must be made customizable according to the needs of the customer from the final product. The making of the methodology also needs some elements that are specified in project making, these elements must be listed and must be used to obtain the desired project in the end.


Teamwork is essential and persons involved in the team to make the project needs to do their part effectively and efficiently to complete the project efficiently. The report made defining skills of me and the use of these skills while commencing as a team associate is discussed. It also discussed the use of these particular skills for making courses available online to be used by students and facilitate them. It also discussed some associated works of literature with the management of the project and completing the project successfully.


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