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Benefits And Challenges Of Growth Mindset

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Pros of Growth Mindset
  3. Challenges
  4. Conclusion


This is a term that was first used by Carol Dweck a researcher from Stanford University. The term growth mindset has a very vast meaning in itself which is basically that your abilities are something that can be cultivated through constant effort, perseverance, dedication, and hard work towards are certain goal. However, there is another term called “fixed mindset” it’s the polar opposite of what the growth mindset explains; that you are born with a certain amount of intelligence and aptitude and your talent decides everything moreover there is no capacity for failure if you do you are not capable of performing that specific task. However, growth mindset explains that people differ greatly in all of their attributes and as time passes they can increase them through experience and application. Along with these and a bit of encouragement from people around you who should praise your hard work and the effort that you put in rather than discouraging if you make mistakes would make us strive more and face new challenges head on without the fear of failure. This would cause a certain change in the brain as it is more malleable causing the number of neurons inside to increase thus causing neural networks to grow and strengthening the already existing ones.

Pros of Growth Mindset

There are many advantages of practicing growth mindset for example:

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  1. This helps us to abandon the image of the perfect human being rather it makes us work hard towards a certain goal and produces satisfying results which is as close as being perfect and creates a sense of euphoria.
  2. Carol Dweck has a favorite phrase “not yet” which implies that for example you have failed an exam or you can’t understand a concept, don’t be fazed by it but think about it that we haven’t mastered it yet and there is always room for improvement. Adding to it, you should never compare yourself to another person as we all have different aptitudes however we should learn from their mistakes as we all have some kind of weakness in one another.
  3. Always be optimistic about criticism, take it as a learning experience and use it as a weapon which will help us cultivate the brain removing every negative thought and help us process information better. Also have that extra determination, if someone is one step forward we should be two or maybe more steps forward and always take risks as its always worth it making you bolder in your decisions in near future.


Getting motivated if a good sign but to actually perform it is very hard. Some examples are:

  1. Taking a challenge is not an easy task it takes a lot of struggle and determination to complete it, due to these factors most people give up and think it’s not worth their time. Moreover, some tasks are extremely hard and people think that wont be able to complete those again giving up in the process.
  2. Some people do not put in enough effort to overcome their problems and as a result leave it discouraged and run away from their tasks affecting their goals
  3. There are some people who cannot take criticism and get disheartened easily which damages their progress along with feeling threatened by other peoples success. This altogether have a huge impact on people who are struggling with their tasks.


Growth mindset if an important asset and is available to every person which is up to them to avail it. Having a growth mindset creates a powerful passion for learning as Carol Dweck says that why should we waste time in proving how good we are rather we should be getting better at learning. Moreover, having a strong resolve or being persistent even though you are going through tough times is a trademark of growth mindset. Whoever achieves this, he/she gets the natural byproduct of all these things which is success.

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