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Benefits of Celebrating Racial Diversity for American Society

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It is due to these matters that it is important to expand on how these various influences can take their part in creating a questionable environment, that is considered controversial and sensitive to discuss, which is also directed against those who have been seeking citizenship within such an environment. Profound issues exist in American society against its own citizens which in turn and application could also be extendable to those people of similar groups and social labeling who are progressively aspiring to obtain citizenship within the same. Black citizens and those who are not having to endure many hardships and experiences due to the racism and bigotry of other people. Perspectives would change and enlightenment would occur to make a better environment for all. It is possible that many of the more endowed whites whom have been both socially and economically more advantaged than black Americans tend to remain unjustifiably misinformed and possibly afraid of the unknowns dealing with different race and culture which they don't know how to process or understand. This understated and undefined fear would be another factor on why said ignorance and bigotry persists in certain segments and areas within the American white side of society. Forms of social practices, controls, and education would need to be established to foster and enhance general public understanding towards the peoples of non-native cultures or ethnicities, for better measures of social integration, and the complete eradication of the adverse. Establishing a positive social standpoint and understanding is the benefiting factor at combating social dissonance and social hinderances within an elite society. Implicit elements factoring into the idea that there are so many seemingly established racial influences within American culture, comes from the reality that there are so many distinct groups of people from different walks of life that carry their own ideologies cultural roots, religious practices, and other ethnic factors which then other groups of people not of part of this melting pot whether white or not carry the same level of ignorance, disdain and confusion against these people out of fear and lack of a better educated understanding. Racism acts as an afflicting factor on those who want to maintain the same level of recognition and practicability of their citizenship as everyone else. It systematically denies certain groups or classes of people there inherit rights and freedoms, which is something that goes against a better doctrine within the United States' founding principles and jurisprudence. Much consideration by all citizens both public and government must be incorporated into advancing to positive agendas of social justice, social reforms, and towards their total equality in promoting bountifully peaceful and healthy lifestyles for everyone, including all citizens to commonly enjoy without egregious differences or abuses being deployed.

In contrast to the negative realities that are ever present in American society surrounding racial influences on American citizenship, there are certainly even more positive and proactively enhancing reasons why racial influence on American citizenship has positive beneficial impacts. As a counterbalancing factor people are able to share their ethnical background and cultural roots with other groups of people thus, forming new offshoots and hybrids of cultural bases, where different people coming from different walks of life are able to have a beneficially mutual understanding, consideration, and respect for one another. Positive racial differences in citizenry allows for a higher rate of diversified creativity, whether it is through relationships, languages, arts, music, or culinary prowess. Together citizens are able to grow together socially and advance as a society on a greater level of understanding. Bigotry, ignorance and adversity becomes eradicated, then gives way to intellectualism, compassion, and the supreme benevolence of humanity. The essence of American culture and convergence towards diverse attitudes begins when these different groups of people come together and coexist in harmony irrespective of their cultural or ethnic backgrounds. These people become endowed and enlightened thus, further adding to the value of their communities and social networks, absent of the negative contrasts and constructs of elements discussed earlier in this section.

A free society that allows the group of multicultural networks of groups of people to exist without constraints, allows room for growth academically, intellectually, and even to their own economy. The unhindered growth academically expands the value and worth of a citizenry both at home and abroad. Intellectually new styles and forms of human expression become apparent though music, arts and general culture, innovation is allowed to take shape. Economically because everyone is being stimulated and influenced by the different ethnic and racial divisions within the cultures, advantages are built to in market places domestically and internationally thus promoting the positive financial growth and worth of the overall country as actively seen in America. New ideas and perspectives therefore become ever more abundant in allowing citizenry to become more open minded, flexible, and tolerant and a stabilize society that is free from the harmfulness of oppression, persecution, and suffering against the peoples as designed and intended by the protections of their American Bill of Rights and the U.S Constitution of the United States.

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It starts to become apparent how civilization can progress forward and benefit greatly through the positive influencing factors associated with racial diversity and inclusion. Racial influences on American citizenship can be a positive and motivating factor for all citizens so long as adverse aspects of racism and bigotry cease to exist. A part of the American dream is based on the citizens of the same country building a sense of unity, camaraderie, and national pride amongst each other. it is about expanding the national identity and fostering lasting relationships within the country for the better of all peoples.

Influential factors on American Culture whether dealing with factors that are either beneficial or malignant, consistently alters or combines many different contrasts, styles, and approaches which make up the cultural richness and mix of the American society. It is due to the different racial influences in America that we see in extreme vibrancy and flavorfulness in the American style, arts, culture, music as well as mundane American activities. Upon observation of the way Americans live life and collaborate with each other, the level of creativity and inspiration that comes from it is so profound. Such culture and creativity stemming from the American ingenuity and freedom of thought which is affected by various racial influences highlights both the best and worst parts about the American culture and gives testimony to the greatness of the positives in contemporary American society. The toleration and acceptance of different peoples from across vast spectrums of backgrounds has to be paramount, paramount and the only primary goal towards the positive growth in both a stable environment and society as well. America is supposed to maintain being progressive in thought and ideology as a frontrunner on the world stage to promote freedom and human rights. However, the fact that race has always been a major issue in the united states against ‘minorities’. Despite its acknowledgement that racial distinctions are in direct violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Supreme Court continues to uphold the myth that people can be divided along racial lines.

In conclusion, the ideology of Color-Blind Racism goes hand in hand with both systemic racism and racial diversity as outcomes of various rules and acts, ‘Brown vs Board of Education 1954, Civil Rights Act and Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965’ being a primary example, that was established throughout 20th century in the United States. Color blindness is detrimental to the American diversity, differences in ethnicity and society. If Americans truly identified themselves as being colorless then, their real beliefs would be further distorted, and systemic racism would cease to be perpetuated. Color blindness and racial diversity have both an important impact on opportunities, education and income in many aspects. If you don't see color, you will not succeed to understand the present story which is for many non-White people a process of inequality. For some reason. I contend that it is easier for Americans to identify themselves as colorblind than to recognize differences that make them uncomfortable. That is easier to manage, especially in schools where they may be without information and guidance to have difficult race conversations. I also believe that the change from a Color-blind to a Brave against the crowd ideology takes courage and training. When Americans want to fight against discrimination in their nations and begin a wave of change, they should start in the schools with a radicalization of children and teachers. All students in the United States needs someone who has the leadership ability to guide this change. Last but not least, I support the fact that celebrating diversity and acknowledging language, culture and race will strengthen the social foundations of U.S. citizenship in a positive light.

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