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Benefits Of Gardening/Planting A Seed

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These days, Gardening is playing a very important role. For kids it’s a new hobby where getting clothes dirty won’t bother there mothers and for others, playing the role of saving the mother earth. Yes, having a garden in your home can actually help reduce the green house effect and can promote healthy air in sorroundings. Though it is also becoming a hobby for few people. It is true that planting a seed can help you calm your mind and check your temper level. Growing a plant in your garden is just like a mother with a tad. It also requires all the attention and proper care.

On the other hand it is also helping people turn into a locavores. People often start eating more vegetables than non-garderners hence promoting a wellness. Study shows that a person who is eating more vegetables than meat is more energetic, its brain is more active, Consuming more fruits and vegetables helps you build a strong immune system. is said to be more happy and has no depression. When a garderner chooses to go organic then he/she are reducing the exposure to the pesticides and chemicals used to grow products. gardening not only provide fresh fruits and vegetable in your table but it also have various health benefits :-


Now get ready to post all those sunkissed pictures in your social media because gardening provides you a good vitamin D shot which helps you to increase the level of calcium in your body, which benefits your bones and immune system. It is also said that a sunlight can improve your glow of your face. A direct sunlight can kill all the germs and bacteria in your skin promoting slowing down of aging. Old age people can get adequate Vitamin D. But don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses for your eyes


A new research has said that gardening can promote brain development and healthy brain functioning. Studies has shown that it can lower the risk of dementia by 36%. It has proven that physical exercises including gardening can help reduce dementia in upcoming years.


According to the studies in netherlands, cited by CNN, two groups were divided and were assigned with stressful task. After that one group was sent outside for gardening and another group inside to read. The gardening group reported with good mood and lower cortisol level than those who were reading inside.This study tells that gardening can help calm a person and can lower the stress. A physical activity including gardening can help cheer up moods and helps to fight anxiety issues.

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Some people have social phobia, hence being alone all the time puts them under depression. Community gardens can be a fun way for person to engagewith others providing benefits to neighborhoods. Community gardens are situated in city parks, school properties, churches and cummunity centers. Their simple aim is to promote gardening as well as encouraging people to do it more and meet like-minded garderners, make new friends and socialize with them.

Tips and tricks for gardening before you plant a seed.

Just imagine your garden is a gym where gardening tools are your equipements.

  1. Do a warm up exercise, make your body flexible, do some situps and incorporate endurance.
  2. Amplify your movements to increase the range of motion
  3. Using both the hands can help you use muscles from both the sides. Helps you decrease pressure on one side of your body.
  4. Using a manual tool rather than electric one actually helps you to use more of your muscle and burn some calories
  5. A good walk around your garden center to pick up supplies can help you devote more time in it.

Gardening is not only about growing a new plant or saving the environment from the green house gases. It also saves a human soul from getting stressed about things, anxiety, loneliness and last but not the least being unfit. Gardening is both science and art, mixed well to give a human hope, presence of mind and clarity in his/her life.

Before you get excited doing gardening and stuff, check this cool website . This company is helping our world to be eco friendly by making products which are reusable. They make papers made up of cotton which have live seeds in it. After using the paper, soak it in the water for 2 days and put it in a flower pot in the direct sun light and pour water daily. Wait for few days and watch it grow as a plant.

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