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Benefits of Having a Pet

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Domestication of animals occurred years ago, and since then it has almost become a human tradition to most, to have own a household pet. It is quite well-known that there are many beneficial aspects to owning a pet. Not only is it very entertaining to have a pet but they also teach you become a more compassionate. It is also very common for people to consider their pets as a part of the family, almost like a sibling or child. I unfortunately have not had a permanent pet in my life, but I have surely come across many strays that I took care of as if they are my own. I can confirm that during that time, I always looked forward to spending time with the animal. A pet does not necessarily have to be a traditional animal like a cat, dog, hamster, fish, etc., to make you happy. As odd as it sounds, I have been providing food to a family of crows that has been visiting me for years now. I have seen almost three generations since I fed the first crow. Though they are stray, they seem to have created a bond, and they somehow manage to communicate to let me know that they are hungry. Thus, I believe that by having a pet in your life can help contribute to the happiness as well, and they can even provide assistance to the ill and socially isolated.

Having a pet is a literal walk in the park, especially if you have a dog. Owning a pet is surely quite a task, almost like taking care of a baby. A forever baby. You will have to provide them with your undivided attention. But providing them with all this attention, does have a positive impact on your health as well. Exercise is unintentionally a daily task, whether you like it or not. This in turn is good for the wellbeing and health of both, the pet and the owner.

Having a pet in the house, is basically another mouth to feed. The expenses of having another being in the house are quite high. And while compared to those who do not have pets, the savings are less. However, the joy and laughter the pets provide are high compared to those without animals. The newer and current generations have a different perspective on having children. I personally have seen a lot of people on social media platforms who say and agree that they do not plan on having children in the future. But instead, they want to have a family with pets. Again, I do not see anything wrong with it, especially since the human population is already high and like I mentioned earlier, having a pet is the same as having a child but it is almost without the stress and education loans.

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It is a known fact that once you get a pet, they become the center of attention. These very pets also make you interact with people you probably would not if it were not for them. I have seen pet owners bond over the fact they have a pet, or that their pet goes to the same vet, uses the same product, or has the same name. Almost anything and everything will make pet owners communicate with those around them. This is another positive aspect to having a pet. They make you more social and help you create relationships and bond with others. It is due to this reason that I think pets can also help with rehabilitating those in need.

Prisoners are known to have a tough exterior and interior, and nobody would have guessed that something as simple and delicate as an animal would be the thing that softened them. Nowadays prisons have started to implement new ways to rehabilitate inmates. Pets seem to be the ones lending a helping hand. Inmates are taught to look after themselves and their pets. Through this, they create relationships and bond with each other. Prisoners almost transform in to new people with the help of their furry friends. Safety precautions are taken before inmates receive pets, to make sure that the animal is not in any trouble. Reports suggest that pets that have been given to even the most aggressive have calmed down and there has been a significant and visible change in their demeanor. A lot of animal shelters are taking part in these programs by providing inmates with pets and some of them can actually be adopted as well! This form of rehabilitation is so much better than the currently common ways. Prison life changes but not only the inmates but the staff that is working as well.

Pets are so much more than just household pets nowadays. They have much more value. But some may actually go against this and say that pets are more of a burden than relief. I personally think it depends on person to person. A person must be confident enough to have a pet and should be ready for an instant change in their life. To me, the advantages to having a pet outweighs the disadvantages. Pets do not only provide their owners with happiness, but they also are able to have a positive effect on them.

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