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Throughout the earth’s existence humanity has questioned the validity of God’s presence. In the Judeo-Christian religion, there are numerous stories in the Old and New Testament dedicated to enhancing our relationship with God. In both Testaments, God reveals Himself to His followers and shows them how to live a life of faith. These biblical stories help teach humanity to comprehend what religion is and how it relates to our inner self. To question a personal belief with God is not...
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This was an entry made in the International Journal of Ethics, Vol. 25 No. 2 in January 1915 by a renowned British philosopher, writer, political activist, mathematician, and social critic Bertrand Russell OM FRS. It had been six months since World War 1 had broken out when the article was published. Being a pacifist himself, Russell wrote this article addressing not only Britain but the whole world, convincing them that war cannot be justified and is not the way for...
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Paraphrasing of “A Brief History of Time” In Stephen Hawking’s book A Brief History of Time, the first three chapters are primarily used to garner interest from the reader in the awesome scientific investigation of the cosmos and modern physics. This is done through the use of historical relevance and an explanation of where current theories of the universe originated or was adapted from. The first chapter discusses the famous turtle conversation had by Bertrand Russell and a member of...
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Imagine you are in the room and you see the things over their like window, bed, table, flower vase and such other things and you have your own perception about all that things and maybe the person after you come in the room see all the same things but with a different point of view then you. To be more specific we choose a table in the room and to be seen visually it will look a hard table with...
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Analysing controversy: All that I know I must know because I derived it from my sense Introduction This essay aims to examine the controversy i.e., “All that I know I must know because I derived it from my senses” by relating it further to the perspectives of Bertrand Russell (supporter) and Rene Descartes (opposition). By reviewing both sides of this controversy, a logical and rational explanation could be founded which is also the aim of this essay. Any controversy could...
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The manifestation of war in a society evokes mixed reactions and effects among individuals. War affects the lives of many innocent people within the nation, as illustrated by various studies. When individuals go to war, their lives are at stake, and some do not come out alive. Bertrand Russell wrote an engaging text on the future of man amid the increased conflicts. In his philosophy, Russell highlights the historical development of the hydrogen bomb, which is a 1000 times superior...
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Bertrand Russell, british philosopher, is one of the greatest philosophers of the twentieth century. He is both a brilliant mathematician, a logician and a resolut moralist. He popularized the philosophy and was a left-wing political militant , close to socialism. Bertrand Russell was also a prolific writer. His bibliography is impressive. Throughout his life, Bertrand Russell has demonstrated an extraordinary lucidity and an implacable logic. He was, above all, a man who had the courage of his convictions. Not only...
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Bertrand Russell, whose name shines like a star in the world of philosophy and literature, was a great British philosopher of the 20th century. He was a multi-dimensional personality and his repute had many aspects. He was a scientist, philosopher, mathematician and a humanist. His thoughts and works have left indelible imprints on the intellectual history of the modern world. With his keen and sensitive vision, he observed every aspect and every color of life and practically took part in...
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