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Best Way to Achieve a Goal Essay

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In engineering particularly I feel as though students develop theoretical knowledge surrounding engineering concepts however there is a difference between an engineering issue on a piece of paper compared to a real-life scenario. Students at university are guided in how to make specific solutions to specific problems however, real-life engineering issues are not so linear and straightforward. I would be interested in experiencing more real-life engineering situations that require me to analyze and develop a solution so I can be more competent and confident as a future engineer.

This goal is difficult to make sure that it has been fulfilled. In order to achieve this goal, I will need to be put in real-world engineering situations during my internships that will develop my problem-solving abilities. During my future internship if I feel as though I am not being put into scenarios where I can learn and think of effective solutions in order to reach this goal I will request to be given responsibilities that will allow this or worst case scenario I will find a new internship. Another way to ensure I learn this skill is by observing well-experienced engineers and how they cultivate solutions.

I will ensure that most of my time at my internship is spent surrounded by experienced engineers that are skilled in finding effective solutions to engineering problems. I believe this would be the most effective way of fulfilling this goal as they will teach me what mistakes to avoid and how they have learned from them. I will also gain perspective from a seasoned engineer.

The best way to measure this goal would be to list certain scenarios where I had encountered an engineering-related problem and how I was able to analyze the situation and what solution or method I implemented to mitigate the problem. Alongside this, I will include what the other engineers I work with had come up with so I could take that on board for future scenarios.

I believe that this goal will further improve my proficiency as an engineer by learning how to implement different engineering software to complete a job or to improve the efficiency of that job. I am not concerned about mastering this skill set, but having a diverse range of experience in the types of programs civil engineers will use in the field and gain familiarity with. I think teaching myself these skills or from future internship experience, it will increase my employability as a graduate engineer.

Firstly, I will need to research and enquire with experienced civil engineers to decipher what programs they use in their company, and then over time, I will ask to be involved in using these programs during my internship. As I become more competent in using one of the programs, I will ask my employer if I could gain experience in using a different one. This will allow me to have a range of program abilities.

To determine what software and development tools the company I intern at uses I will just need to ask my colleagues and supervisor. Whilst initiating a conversation about the tools it would be helpful to decipher what programs would be the most beneficial for me to learn and prioritize using those. I will then need to talk to my supervisor about allowing me to do various job tasks so I can make use of the different software for different responsibilities.

This goal can be measured by listing the programs and experience I had gained from using them. While this is conceptual knowledge I will be able to rank my skill ability and knowledge of each program. If I am unable to numerically, mathematically, or computationally be able to predict performance using these programs I have been unsuccessful.

As I would like to work as a Structural Engineer post my degree I will need to gain the required experience now using systems and processes so that I will be more employable and be an ideal option in my future employers’ perspective in comparison to other graduates for this type of position.

To achieve this goal I will have to improve my AutoCAD abilities and learn how to make structural diagrams for buildings that I intend to design. I am quite capable of using AutoCAD, but I would need to work alongside a structural engineer so I can learn more complex techniques and ask questions in areas I require help. I will need to develop my skills using this program in my spare time so that I am more efficient at work.

The best way to reach this goal would be by doing thorough research of potential internships to work at and what ones focus on structural/ AutoCAD work. I would need to discuss with the employer during the interview and ask about the tasks that I would like to be doing and what level of exposure I would have to AutoCAD. This is crucial because if I am not exposed to the responsibilities and roles that were discussed during the interview I will be able to document that in my performance review.

I have already developed a reasonable amount of progress when it comes to this goal, post internship I would like to have a highly developed skillset using AutoCAD and whatever supplementary program the company uses and understand and meet engineering/industry standards when it comes to designing structures. I will be able to know if I have proficiently developed this skill further if I am confident in my AutoCAD abilities and won’t need guidance from other staff members. In order to present I have attained this level of development, I will have documented copies of my designs.

Once I graduate as an engineer I would like to work in an innovative position as a structural/design engineer. This will involve continual research into the development of new technologies and designs. If I can reach this goal throughout my internship, I will have gained enough research experience making me more valuable as a graduate engineer for design positions. In conjunction with improving my research abilities, I may be able to implement the knowledge I gain in upcoming engineering projects.

If I am successful at finding a suitable job to fulfill this target, I am certain I will be able to complete this goal. If I feel that I am not being able to develop this skill during the internship, I will organize to meet with my supervisor and discuss the tasks that I have been given and how I can change my future tasks to be more research-based.

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The best way to reach this goal would be by doing thorough research of potential internships to work at and what ones focus on research and developing new engineering possibilities. I can ensure this by searching for jobs early on so I am able to be choosey with which jobs I select. I can also call up companies and decipher whether their values align with mine and what ones will help me to reach my educational goals. I will also gain an understanding of what my role would be like in the position.

This goal can simply be measured by either stating I did or didn’t achieve this goal by finding an internship where I can apply current research papers to develop engineering project opportunities. If I am able to do this I can state that I have achieved this goal. With greater exposure and practice in implementing practical usage of research papers, I will develop a more advanced skill. This is all dependent on the type of exposure I receive to this during my internship. In order to portray how I have developed this skill, I will have documentation of how I was able to implement research papers to meet client demands.

The ultimate goal I would like to gain from the internship would be the ability to adapt theoretical knowledge developed at university into real-world engineering scenarios. This is my most valued goal as skill co-depends on knowledge when it comes to being a skilled engineer. I will also be able to better learn concepts if I have the practical experience to relate the theory.

In conjunction with being one of my more important goals, it is also quite difficult to plan and achieve. I believe the best way to achieve this would be to observe senior engineers as they would have developed the skill to a very high level. I can take notes and try to implement their methodology into my work. I would be hoping to work alongside engineers that have strongly developed skills in discipline fundamentals and abstraction when evaluating systems.

Achieving this goal will require spending quite a large amount of time alongside the senior engineers and shadowing them for a portion of my internship. I will need to put together questions to improve on my weak areas and accumulate more knowledge that I haven’t been previously exposed to. If I am doing individual work later on I will approach the other engineers and ask for their advice or perspective on the work I’m doing.

This goal can’t be measured numerically, however, the best way to measure this would be to implement a system on mini-milestones and a compilation of questions and answers I have accumulated throughout my internship. I will also measure this goal by recording my learning relevant to applying mathematics, abstraction, and fundamentals of the discipline in order to design, analyze, and operate. This could be shown through shadowing senior engineers or presenting my own work.

I look forward to developing these skills as this discipline has been my prime interest. I wish the pursue my career in this field and gain experience. If I am able to gain structural engineering experience in my internship this will allow me to develop a larger understanding of the practical engineering involved in the structural engineering industry. Having industry experience in this field will project me ahead of other graduates who are trying to get into the same field.

If I am able to achieve this goal I will require an internship that is focused on structural engineering. I will need a mentor that is a structural engineer who can teach me how to work in that type of environment. In adjacent to this I will need to be given a role that is dependent on working alongside and discussing with other engineers structural design and concepts. Lastly, I will need to put in extra work outside of my internship to make sure I have good fundamental knowledge prior to working on a project.

This is an ambitious goal for me as getting a structural engineering internship is quite competitive and I will have to apply to many positions in hopes of securing one. I believe I can increase my chances by networking with people and joining the Lucy Mentoring Program that UTS offers so I can find a well-suited structural internship. I would likewise look into what these companies are looking for in their prospective interns, whether it be grades or extracurricular activities, and aim to reach these goals. I also believe starting my search for a job early on will allow me to be choosey about what job will better allow me to achieve my goals.

I think the best way to determine whether I have achieved this goal would be to enter a discussion with structural engineers and gauge whether I can keep up with them with my theoretical knowledge of structural engineering. Another way would be my ability to teach someone else structural engineering concepts and how well I have grasped the idea of this field of engineering that I could relay the information. To justify that I have reached this goal I would show evidence of the experience that I had developed at my internship and cases where I was able to use that knowledge on projects.

I believe that I have sufficiently developed my interpersonal skills both at university and in my previous internship. However, I think that my communication skills can still be further developed in high-stress situations, public speaking, meeting with clients, and instructing sub-contractors. In high-intensity situations like those, I do panic and feel uneasy and may not be able to adequately communicate points as well as I would like to.

In order to reach this goal, I will need to be exposed to the high-pressure situations that I have listed. These are highly probable situations that I will encounter in an engineering situation, and I won’t need to search for this high-intensity environment as it would come naturally in the engineering field. Most of these high-stress scenarios occur at the beginning of internships when you are unfamiliar with the job and are still finding your footing in the company. It will be a good test to see how I respond to this in my next internship.

These situations are very common during engineering internships so I won’t need an elaborate plan to fulfill this goal other than securing an internship where I am given an adequate amount of responsibility. If I am feeling confident in my internship and want to further develop my interpersonal skills I will suggest to my supervisor to let me present in meetings or organize meetings on topics I think need to be discussed on projects.

I will be able to determine whether I have successfully fulfilled this goal judging by my ability to confidently convey my points in these high-pressure scenarios. Another good way to test if I have improved my interpersonal skills would be to pay attention to how nervous I am entering a similar scenario. This would be a good test of my confidence levels and how well I can convey my thoughts without being overcome with nerves. I am hoping to reach both of these indicators of attainment in order to justify that I have completed this goal. I will also reflect on those scenarios and assess how I felt and performed during them.

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